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Did Captain Lou Albano come in first on the WWE.com list of top managers?WWE.com has put out a brand new Top 25 list on my favorite subject, pro wrestling managers. The list ranks the Top 25 WWE Managers that like most lists compiled by the WWE, will leave you scratching your head.

Now I am not going to get all crazy and start ranting and raving like some fans who take these lists very seriously. I don’t. It is always important to keep in mind who compiled this list and of course, the WWE will always try and revise wrestling history. Also keep in mind that this is a list of WWE managers and not pro wrestling managers.

One of my all time favorite pro wrestling managers tops the list. WWE Hall of Fame manager Bobby “The Brain” Heenan comes in at number one. In terms of storylines and success in the WWE, I can’t a whole lot of other managers that had as much impact over their tenure. The only other manager I could see making a case for number one is the guy that actually came in at number four.

My favorite all-time manager, Captain Lou Albano comes in at a disappointing fourth behind Jimmy Hart and “Classy” Freddie Blassie. Now if I were going to take this list seriously I would write a four page blog on why this is a huge travesty and Albano is better than Blassie, Hart, and arguably Heenan. But I won’t. I will say this. Albano managed more champions than any other manager in the history of the WWE if you combine intercontinental, world, and tag team. Not too mention, I don’t think there was a manager who drew more money for the WWE thanks to his promos than the old Captain.

Sensational Sherri Martel comes in at number five. I don’t mean any disrespect to Sherri, but five? I may be missing something but she only managed two guys during her tenure, and only had one title under tutelage. I think the pairing of her and Randy Savage was one of the best ever, but I wouldn’t put her above the Grand Wizard, Paul Bearer, and even Slick.

One of my all time favorite characters, the Grand Wizard comes in at number 6. He managed world, tag team, and intercontinental champions so I don’t have a problem with the ranking. Paul Bearer and Arnold Skaaland follow him. I don’t know if I would put Bearer in the top ten since he only managed three wrestlers in his entire tenure, but his guys did win a lot of gold.

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Old friends to the WWE Jim Cornette and Paul Heyman appear on the list. Both guys have world championships to brag about and certainly belong on a WWE list. Cornette comes in at 9 while Heyman comes in at a distant 12. The only injustice there is seeing Mr. Fuji and Sunny ranked between them. Miss Elizabeth comes in at 13 which is something debatable if you really take this list seriously.

The bottom of the list is fun because at this point the WWE is really reaching. The late Sir Oliver Humperdink comes in at number 20 which may be a little generous considering the Kahuna’s short WWE tenure. Michael Hayes comes in at 23, followed by Marlena at 24, and the Genius Lanny Poffo at 25. What about the Coach?

Two interesting names left off this list are Johnny V and Roddy Piper. Johnny Valiant was a big part of my childhood as a manager to the Dream Team and certainly deserved to be on the list ahead of people like Michael Hayes, Armando Estrada, and even the late Oliver Humperdink. Piper came into the WWE as a manager to David Schultz and Paul Orndorff. None of his “charges” won belts, but I would have expected to see the WWE throw him a bone.

Once again keep in mind this is a WWE list. Past lists have included former greats like Gary Hart and J.J. Dillon but they never managed in the WWE. If the list included managers outside of the WWE, I’d be shocked to see them off the list.

The list is a reminder of how much fun wrestling managers were when I was a kid. They had big mouths, big personalities, and were the focal points of some of the biggest feuds in WWE history. If there is one complaint I’ll make after reading the list it is that we don’t have managers in the WWE today (at least like the ones I grew up with). Bring back the managers!

The complete list of Top 25 WWE Managers according to WWE.com.

25. The Genius
24. Marlena
23. Michael Hayes
22. Armando Estrada
21. Teddy Long
20. Sir Oliver Humperdink
19. Stephanie McMahon
18. Harvey Whippleman
17. The Million Dollar Man
16. Slick
15. Vickie Guerrero
14. Paul Ellering
13. Miss Elizabeth
12. Paul Heyman
11. Sunny
10. Mr. Fuji
9. Jim Cornette
8. Arnold Skaaland
7. Paul Bearer
6. The Grand Wizard
5. Sensational Sherri
4. Capt. Lou Albano
3. “Classy” Freddie Blassie
2. Jimmy Hart
1. Bobby Heenan

Do you agree with the list? Where does your favorite manager rank? Leave a comment and let us know.

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