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WWE Clash of Champions: Why Triple H Must Explain His Actions Sunday Night

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Picking a winner in Sunday’s main event at Clash of Champions is much like choosing which Presidential candidate you support. Everyone has their own opinion as to who should win the Universal Heavyweight Title match between Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins. The major problem that exists with this match – which should be solid on every level – is how WWE resolves or ties together the conflict between Triple H and Rollins, and still promotes Owens as a strong champion in the process.

Judging from Monday night’s show on Raw, I’m not sure how everything plays out, but I am sure I worry this pay-per-view will have some major bumps to deal with Sunday night. The mere fact the red team is giving as much attention to Roman Reigns and Rusev in their United States Title Match as they are to the Universal Heavyweight Title makes me believe there is no decisive way the McMahons want the main event to end – which could mean a very short reign for Owens and a program at Survivor Series with Rollins, Reigns, potentially Dean Ambrose as a Shield reunion with control of the red brand on the line. For a company that wanted separate but equal status for both Raw and Smackdown Live, both brands might need each other to make sure the next major conjoined pay-per-view is a success on every level.

Leave it to the company to leave a few stitches unsewn and there to be a bit of hemorrhaging because of a lack of planning on both brand’s parts.

Ultimately, WWE needs to get to a point where Triple H and Rollins get in the ring and beat the hell out of each other. Whether that is a build up to the Royal Rumble or WrestleMania 33 is anyone’s guess. If you take the approach of it being a major headliner, then it remains on the table until April of next year. If you see it as a cliffhanger type match that has many ramifications to it, then maybe it is a TLC match or Royal Rumble main event. In any case, it needs to happen to solve the mystery we all want to know about – “Why did it happen in the first place?”

If you read wrestling cheat sheets and believe in rumors, then Triple H shows up Sunday night to confront Rollins. If you err on the side of caution, then Owens drops the Universal Title because of poor ratings. Evidently, even in his new role as anti-hero babyface, Rollins is a bigger draw. What I don’t want to see is the Universal Title thrown around like a hot potato as the company has done in the past – not knowing how to promote a champion not named John Cena.

He’s on the blue team now, it’s time to move on.

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Wouldn’t it be great if Owens won the title on Sunday night and Triple H marches out another wrestler he supports, say BROCK LESNAR? Wouldn’t that throw gasoline on a smoldering fire? What if Triple H dumps his former student and his new pupil all in the same night? That would certainly get us all talking. Of course, that won’t happen. But I do see Rollins winning on Sunday, afterward being confronted by the COO of WWE. And of course, we all would have to wait until Monday night to figure all of this out. If Rollins and Owens do trade the belt back and forth, can it end in a three-match series with Owens the victor and Triple H as his mentor in a new bad ass clique of NXT stars?

That too would see like a grand plan, but highly unlikely.

So while I have rambled on about why this main event makes no sense for now and Rollins and Owens are fighting for a title that Triple H is the evil genius behind, we still don’t know how Rollins and the mentor will clash. Furthermore, we may not know on Sunday night, either, which will drive us all insane and wondering if there will be closure to this angle at some point, or will it just fall apart like other angles in the past.

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