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WWE Championship Matches Still Don’t End Shows

CM PunkAs recently as Summerslam, we continue to not see the WWE Championship match end pay per views. WWE finds other storylines to showcase the main event of pay-per-views and even RAW some weeks instead of the WWE Championship. Many people may blame the popularity of John Cena, but at Summerslam, Cena was in the WWE Championship match and it still did not end the show.

[adinserter block=”2″]Let’s take a look at the matches that have ended pay-per-views since the last time it was the WWE Championship match. This month, Summerslam ended with Triple H and Brock Lesnar. I blame the fact that Triple H has a lot of power backstage in WWE and there have been rumors that he may be done, but I don’t think he is. In July, Money in the Bank ended with John Cena winning the WWE Championship MITB briefcase.

I will give the blame to the WWE favoring John Cena. In June, No Way Out ended again with John Cena, this time against Big Show. The stipulation involving Big Johnny had a lot to do with this being the last match, but I am going to blame the Cena lovers again. In May, Over the Limit ended with John Cena again against non-wrestler Big Johnny himself. Should we blame Cena lovers again? In late April, Extreme Rules ended with John Cena and Brock Lesnar.

I understand why WWE ended with this match because it was Brock’s return so I will let this one slide. Earlier in April, WrestleMania ended with John Cena and the Rock. I give WWE a break on this one too! I would’ve ended with that match as well. In February, Elimination Chamber ended with a match between John Cena and Kane. Why? I have no idea. In January, Royal Rumble ended with the rumble and that is how Royal Rumble should always end.

December 2011 was the last time the WWE Championship match ended the pay-per-view. Tables, Ladders and Chairs ended with CM Punk successfully defending the title against the Miz and Alberto Del Rio. Why did this match end the show? Maybe it was because John Cena was not on the card at all. Maybe it had to with the fact that Punk had just won the WWE Championship one month earlier at Survivor Series, so his popularity was its highest point. As much as people seem to get behind Punk, despite how popular he became after his infamous promo in June 2011, and despite that Punk has held the WWE Championship for ten months and counting, WWE continues to end pay-per-views with different matches.

Perhaps it is the love WWE has for John Cena and his popularity among children, plus the power that Triple H has since marrying Stephanie McMahon. However, maybe it is the lack of meaning that WWE has for its championships as a whole. Both Wrestlemania and No Way Out began with the World Heavyweight Championship match, including the eighteen second match at ‘Mania. Whatever the case or reason may be, WWE needs to prioritize their matches better and give their championships more value.

[adinserter block=”1″]What do you think? How should WWE be ending their shows? How much value do the championships in WWE really have?

Seth Guttenplan is the writer and editor of GuTTWrenchPowerBlog, a brand new WWE blog. Seth also writes for and SLTD Wrestling. When Seth is not writing about wrestling, he is a Special Education teacher in New Jersey. To read more from Seth, follow him on twitter ( @sethgutt ) and visit

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Seth Guttenplan
Seth Guttenplan is a math and computer technology teacher for special education students in New Jersey. In his free time, Seth writes about wrestling for Camel Clutch Blog and SEScoops. Follow Seth on twitter @sethgutt


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