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The Musical WWE Championship Chair

Triple H vs. John CenaFinally, I get my chance for the entire Internet to see my opinion and guess what I chose to do? Yup, that’s right. Complain. Yes, I am a Wrestling fan, why do you ask?

Either way, for my first article I thought about writing a blog on former pro wrestling announcer Mark Madden and why he’s a fat, wishes he was still in Wrestling, sad, pathetic, walrus of a beast and has no right calling anyone else fat or anything else of the sort.

But I thought to myself, “He really makes a tool out of himself anyway, why add to it right now? Just wait for him to do/say something REALLY ridiculous and go after him then.” Right. So, what was my 2nd option after not complaining about Madden? Well, the WWE PPV’s. Yes. The reason is for the WWE to have their monthly feuds. In 2009 we saw more title changes than Mark Madden changes his underwear. Don’t believe me?

[adinserter block=”2″]WWE Championship – IIIIIIIII
World Heavyweight Championship – IIIIIIII
ECW Championship – IIII
Unified Tag-Team Championships – IIII
Intercontinental Championship – IIIIIII
United States Championship – III
Women’s Championship – II
Diva’s Championship – III

Okay, to me, that seems like a lot. In total, 40 WWE title changes! 40! I know a few years ago during the “Attitude Era” they changed the Championships a lot as well but, that’s because Vince Russo thinks championships are props. Tool. I just think they’re doing it for shock sake now. They think that every time a championship changes, ratings will go up. Now, in some cases like Sheamus and his surprise win, yes, ratings did go up. [For the 1st half hour of RAW that week.]

And if anyone has taken notice [As I’m writing this.] The all Titles combined have changed almost 10 times already… and it’s February. What?

I know the Championships are scripted to change hands and that WWE and all of Professional Wrestling fixes the outcome of their matches, that’s been obviously for forever. But, when the NWA was around the World Heavyweight Championship MEANT something. Hell, even the WWWF/WWF Championship “meant” something. Not everyone in Wrestling has that dream anymore unfortunately.

Some are deliberately trying to use Wrestling as a stepping stone to do many other things for their “career”. What happened to when people wanted to be in Wrestling to actually WRESTLE?? I’m getting off track but, it’s all in the same vein really.

[adinserter block=”1″] I know it went over horribly the last time they tried it but, they need to give someone the Championship for an entire year. John Cena’s run at that time was VERY memorable. I may hate Cena’s “wrestling” ability but, Hogan’s is way worse and yet, in the 80’s we cheered him on.

That’s what the kids are doing with Cena now. But, I can remember how much anger was in his year long Championship run. They need to stop thinking like Vince Russo and remember, the person carrying your Championship carries the company.

They need to keep the Title on someone. 2009 was a horrible year when it came to Title changes. The WWE changed hands at 9 of the 14 PPV’s. C’mon…. To me, that’s just not right. Has the attention span of the American teenager really gotten that evasive? Maybe you need to re-think your audience Vinnie Mac.

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  1. Robert, I really like your piece. I agree with you that the titles are starting to be meaningless, and it's sad. I really love the WWE and World Heavyweight Championships, and it makes me sad that they are being exchanged like it's a one dollar bill.


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