WWE Champions Match Announced For TLC 2013 Main-Event


The WWE only has 19 days to get ready for Tables, Ladders, and Chairs 2013 and they aren’t wasting time. The company announced a big main-event which could shake up the WWE championship landscape going into 2014.

In a predictable move, the WWE announced that WWE world heavyweight champion John Cena vs. WWE champion Randy Orton would headline the upcoming TLC 2013 event. Both belts will be at stake, hung above the ring, in a TLC match. Is this a championship unification match? Well you decide.

[adinserter block=”1″]The word unification was never used on television. Although it was certainly teased by John Cena when he said there should be one champion. If you break down the match, there could certainly be a winner without a unification. Technically Cena or Orton could grab their own belts thus winning the match, yet not unifying the titles. My hunch is that is where this thing is going.

However, if you read the WWE.com website it is made clear that there will be one man holding both belts. Once again the word “unified” is never mentioned but the article does state that one guy will hold both belts. “The watershed contest will leave one Superstar in possession of both World Titles, a feat that has never been accomplished since the World Heavyweight Title was introduced in September 2002.

The idea of the two brand champions wrestling each other is nothing new or even special. I seem to recall seeing the champion vs. champion matches on RAW at least once a year. The idea of Cena and Orton wrestling each other is certainly nothing unique. I wonder if the company hasn’t truly decided what they are going to do yet, thus leaving it open? Again the world “unified” has never been mentioned, at least to my knowledge.

Quite frankly I think the whole idea here is to give the WWE championship back to John Cena without beating Randy Orton. I think the finish of the match here has Cena with the WWE title and Orton with the WHC as opposed to one guy holding both belts. This gives Cena back the “A” belt in plenty of time before WrestleMania while Orton isn’t necessarily hurt in the process. I would be surprised to see one champion.

Honestly I still don’t understand what the stipulation is. Do you have to just grab one belt to win? Do you have to grab both belts to win? I am not alone. I posed the question on Twitter and nobody had a definitive answer. I can’t remember this much ambiguity ever regarding the stipulation of a WWE main-event. I can’t imagine that it is a good thing to have your entire audience unclear of exactly what it is you are trying to sell.

I see a lot of people ragging on the idea of another Cena vs. Orton feud. I may not like it but I certainly understand it from a business perspective. They are two of their biggest stars, maybe the two biggest depending upon how you see CM Punk. It is the only real big match they have right now to make. There is absolutely nothing you could do with either one other than a turn at this point.

It has to be disappointing in a sense that the company is giving this way on what is essentially a B-pay per view. On paper this should be a huge main-event, maybe even worth of a headline spot on WrestleMania. Yet at the end of the day the interest is so low in the product right now that they can’t even fully cash in on what should be one of their biggest matches in years.

[adinserter block=”2″]Now on the subject of a unified champion, I think it is time. I think the two titles water down the product and let’s face it. Cena is the first WWE WHC in a while who was bigger as a star than the WWE champion. I see the benefit of having two champions as well. What does a unified champion say about the future of SmackDown? Let’s all remember that this is the same company that delivered screw jobs on several championship matches this year. Just because you have both champions putting their titles on the line doesn’t mean that you will necessarily get a definitive winner.

That can’t be a good thing either.

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