WWE Champ Seth Rollins Is Something To Get Excited About


Over 60,000 fans stood on their feet in San Francisco while hundreds of thousands watched at home as Seth Rollins won the WWE world championship. It is only fair to applaud the WWE for getting this one right and giving the right guy the right ball at the right time.

Seth Rollins cashed in his Money in the Bank contract at WrestleMania to the surprise of many. It wasn’t as if Rollins cashing in wasn’t predicted. It certainly was. But cashing in the way he did and interjecting himself into the main-event was a shocker to most. In the end it was a stroke of genius as the WWE has a very bright future in 2015 with Rollins in the championship position.

[adinserter block=”1″]I loved Brock Lesnar as WWE world champion. I know the part-time schedule got old for some but I loved the intrigue and mystique he brought back to the title. I thought his run was booked arguably stronger than any champion in WWE history and the investment paid off by WrestleMania 31. That said, the time had come to move on and write a new chapter with a new champion.

Rollins winning the title brings a breath of fresh air to the championship picture that was badly needed. Rollins as WWE champion opens up a whole lot of new possibilities for title matches. A quick look at the landscape offers up enough variety to carry Rollins through WrestleMania 32. Let’s take a look at some of the scenarios we can look forward to during the Seth Rollins era.

Randy Orton – Orton will be up first for Rollins. After seeing what these two did at WrestleMania I can’t wait to see what they can do with more time in a headlining situation. I loved their chemistry and the story makes a ton of sense. I don’t need to see these guys wrestling through July but a two match series is something to get excited about.

Roman Reigns – The obvious money match here is with Reigns. Reigns was screwed and will be on the warpath. Sticking Orton in first gives the WWE time to repackage Reigns and let him get some momentum back before the big match. Unfortunately their matches have been a bit disappointing, but that could always change as both guys progress in main-events.

Dean Ambrose – Looking back at the terrible Hell in a Cell finish between Ambrose and Rollins now paints a clearer picture. Their feud never ended and it would almost seem natural for these guys to pick back up in the title picture. Ambrose becoming the never-ending nightmare for Rollins could be a lot of fun. I could easily see a scenario where Ambrose wins Money in the Bank and taunts Rollins for awhile leading up to a big showdown towards the end of the year.

Daniel Bryan – Who isn’t interested in seeing what Bryan and Rollins can do in the main-event? How do you get past any Bryan backlash next year at the Royal Rumble? You stick him in the WWE world title match the month before and at the Rumble. I think these guys have the potential to provide a classic series of matches under the right circumstances. I hope we see it before Rollins’ reign ends.

[adinserter block=”2″]Brock Lesnar – Talk about a money match! I think you have your SummerSlam main-event right here. Could they hold off a rematch until WrestleMania 32? I don’t know but if they could I can almost guarantee you that it’d be quite a spectacle. These guys have had great chemistry in the limited time they have worked together. I love the possibilities.

Throw in other potential matches with John Cena, Rusev, and even Dolph Ziggler and you have a booking plan for Rollins that can go well into next year. It’s been a long time since the pro wrestling had a great chicken sh*t world champion. Rollins could be that guy in the vein of Ric Flair who while cowardly, always wrestled his tail off and seemed unbeatable yet very beatable at times. Rollins can be that guy and that is something to get very excited about.

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  1. Funny that you made that comparison to Flair, I was thinking the same thing. On Monday when he hit Lesner with that kick and lesner brushed it off like it didn’t happen reminded me of the Flair vs Sting, Flair Vs Nikita and Flair vs Luger days. When the big strong guys just seem to absorb whatever Flair threw at them, but at the end of the match he always found a way to win. (by hook or crook, as Heenan use to say) I agree, it will be nice to see Seth as champion, however, I err on the side of caution a bit here. As hard as the WWE worked to bring some prestige back to the belt with Lesner, you don’t want undo it and have him wrestling every Monday night either. Its always good to know who the Champ is, but some hands off time is necessary. I think.

    • As a fan who remembers what it was like before a weekly cable show I totally agree, Not seeing the champ every week made the title reign must more interesting.

      • People tend to not agree with me because at 44 I’m considered one of these old fogies when it comes to pro wrestling. This need for instance gratification is getting a bit ridicules, like any good story telling there needs to be time to build it and make it fun. That what drew us all in the very first time we watched it. Or later when things were good. “There is absolutely no way Sting can stand tall against the NWO, oh wait that’s not Sting its a look alike and so is that one and that one, except I don’t think the one Buff Bagwell just hit isn’t. OHH MY GOD!!!!!” Oh boy, I can’t wait until next week. Problem is I don’t feel like that anymore, next week was answered tonight, A whole 3 hours or back and forth pictures and video of what happened 20 minutes ago….

        • Its defiantly a different era. Often times my blogs are coming from the minority perspective as well. I am 35 and have an old school mentality as well. I have young boys which has helped me adapt. The instant gratification is not satisfying.

  2. Could not agree more. I cheered like crazy when he came out as I was starting to get upset thinking they were gonna give it to Rerigns. I hate Rollins and always want to see him get beat. So I think him with the belt is going to be awesome.


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