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WWE Capitol Punishment Results – Cena Retains, Orton Gets Revenge

WWE Capitol Punishment 2011 rolls into Washington DC this SundayDid John Cena extract revenge for the little Jimmies? Could Christian and Randy Orton steal another show? Will Booker T ever shut up? Let’s go down to ringside and find out as WWE Capitol Punishment 2011 is live from Washington D.C..

The following is my ongoing blog and Capitol Punishment play by play of the night’s pay per view.

Dolph Zigger vs. Kofi Kingston kicks off the show for the US title. They start out with some chain wrestling, Kofi sticking with a headlock. Dolph kicks him in the gut and grabs one of his own. The announcers have twice mentioned Dolph’s two non title wins in a matter of 2 minutes. Okay, we get it.

The guys botch up a spot as Kofi goes for Trouble in Paradise and Dolph winds up dropping him with a Hot Shot, although it was pretty messy. Dolph isn’t having a good couple of weeks. Kofi goes for a backslide, Dolph counters with a beautiful standing dropkick and a pin, Kofi kicks out.

The King and Michael Cole argue over how great Vickie looks. The King shouldn’t be making many fat jokes, have you seen his man boobs? The guys slow down and Dolph grabs a modified camel clutch. Another botched spot as Kofi misses a pinning attempt. Dolph counters and grabs a German suplex for two.

Dolph slows it down with an arm bar. The crowd is super hot for Kofi. Dolph grabs a sleeper hold which Kofi counters with a jaw breaker. The announcers put over Shawn Michaels’ influence on Kofi, well everything but the botched spots.

[adinserter block=”2″]The WWE U.S. champion hits Dolph off the second rope with some kind of splash to the back. It looked like yes, you guessed it, another botched spot. Even Michael Cole comments that he’s never seen it before which is code for botched.

Kofi counters Trouble in Paradise with an S.O.S. for a two count. Great spot! Kofi counters the Zig Zag, goes for another cover, real close three count but only two. If not for the sloppy spots this would be a great match.

Kofi hits a cross body press after blocking a Superplex for a two-count. Kofi got a ton of air on the body press. Booker says, “15-20 feet in the air.”Kofi goes for another S.O.S., but Dolph catches him in a sleeper hold. The sleeper hold is over, fans pop for it like it is a devastating finisher. Dolph misses Trouble in Paradise, and Kofi winds up draped on the second rope. Vickie scratches the eyes and Dolph Ziggler grabs a sleeper hold. Dolph pushes off the ropes for leverage and puts Kofi to sleep to win the title.

The finish also looked botched and a little sloppy. The finish seemed to come out of nowhere and the announcers were confused. This would have been a great match but it was one of the sloppiest matches I have seen in a long time on a WWE pay per view. I don’t know who was in the right or wrong but it was pretty sloppy. It is a shame because otherwise, it was a real hot match. The crowd loved it and Dolph really has the sleeper hold over as a legit finisher to the WWE audience.

R-Truth walking around the back with a WWE belt on his shoulder. Truth is looking for a party. He approaches Eve who says she doesn’t know who he is anymore. Truth agrees and says that nobody knows who he is anymore. Truth says he is going to dedicate this victory to all of the little Jimmies and Jennies. Truth has some fans in the house tonight.

The Miz did his typical promo and said that Alex Riley was only good for carrying his briefcase.

From closer to second match of the night, here comes The Miz. The Miz vs. Alex Riley is up next. The King putting over the ovation for Alex Riley which must sound louder live because it didn’t sound very impressive here at home.

Miz and Riley start off in the middle of the ring and the match turns into an immediate brawl. Riley punching Miz, the ref pushes Riley off and the Miz catches him with a Yakuza Kick. The Miz now nailing Riley with knee strikes that would make Anderson Silva proud.

Lawler and Cole are really annoying here with the arguing back and forth. I get it, but I don’t need it for an entire match. The Miz in control and hits a real cool Sayama style DDT in the center of the ring for a two count. The Miz is now stomping away on Riley and showing off that goofy look of his. Michael Cole says the ref should stop the match because Riley is being embarrassed.

Riley reverses and hits a few shoulder blocks on The Miz but is reversed once again. The crowd for this match and the previous match are night and day. They were way more into the opener than this one. Guess what? Nobody is still buying The Miz nor caring. Sorry Miz-amaniacs.

Both men are back in the ring. The Miz is in Riley’s face and mocking him. Riley hits a wild punch that also looks pretty botched, especially with the way the announcers reacted. The Miz now with a reverse chinlock on Riley in the middle of the ring. The Miz hits a scorpion death drop for two and looks frustrated. Hey, it can’t be any worse than what happened at Over the Limit with Cena right?

The Miz comes off the top with a double axe handle. Oh no, how will CM Punk pay tribute to the Macho Man tonight? Riley now in a Tree of Woe. Miz charges and Riley moves away from the baseball slide. The Miz is favoring his leg. Riley hits the spear and goes to town with punches. Riley hits a spinebuster for two in the center of the ring. Riley is feeling it!

Both guys outside of the ring now. Riley throws The Miz into the announcer’s table. Michael Cole is yelling at him. Riley pulls Cole out from behind the table and the Miz catches him off guard. Back in the ring the Miz goes to hit Riley with the brief case, but the ref stops him. Riley then catches Miz with a sit out implant DDT and pins Miz. Lawler says that Riley just did the unthinkable. He sure did, I didn’t expect this good of a match from these two.

Sgt. Slaughter in the back with a Barack Obama impersonator. Sgt. Slaughter, Washington DC, oh okay I get it. Obama explains his new health care plan to Slaughter. Vickie Guerrero then interrupts the “President” and sings “Happy Father’s Day” to “Obama” playing off of the Marilyn Monroe-JFK deal. Nothing like staying current with your humor.

Alberto Del Rio vs. the Big Show. Ricardo Rodriguez is not out to introduce him. Del Rio really needs to decisively beat the Big Show here if he is going to be taken seriously going into the Cena feud. The Big Show ambushes Del Rio from behind as he is walking to the ring. Great start!

The Big Show is chopping Del Rio at ringside and swinging him into the barrier. Show is incensed! Mark Henry now ambushes Show. Henry throws Show over the announcer’s table. Very cool spot you’ll probably see replayed a dozen times. Henry powerslams Show with the World’s Strongest Slam through the table. So much for Del Rio going over with the decisive win.

I do like the action so far. Different from what you usually see on a WWE undercard match. Henry comes back and attacks the leg of Show that Del Rio ran over with this car. Booker says you can’t blame Henry for what happened on SmackDown. Please no Henry-Show feud, please no Henry-Show feud, please no Henry-Show feud.

The ref now checking on Show but hasn’t counted him out just yet. The ref finally starts the count. Show slides into the ring. The ref begging Show not to wrestle. Show has Del Rio in the corner and chops up Alberto. Show goes for a choke slam but Del Rio kicks the knee. Del Rio goes to town on the knee with kicks and clips the knee.

Show finally recovers and catches Del Rio for a chokeslam. He nails it but his leg gives out at the same time. Del Rio rolls out of the ring. Del Rio comes back in the ring, Show catches him, but Alberto again kicks the knee. Del Rio goes to work on the arm but Show powers out and slams Del Rio, again with the knee giving out.

Del Rio fakes catches Show in a cross leg breaker or what would be called a kneebar if this were a UFC show. Show gets a rope break. Show stands up using the ropes and then buckles. Show can’t walk, his knee just keeps buckling. The ref says that he can’t defend himself and he’s calling it. I can’t ever recall a ref calling a WWE match because the other guy couldn’t “defend himself” but that’s how it goes.

Once again you have a guy in Alberto Del Rio heading into a big program with John Cena who can’t get a clean win over a top babyface. This is exactly what happened with The Miz before he won the WWE championship which is why nobody ever took him seriously. It is unbelievable! Would it have killed them to put Del Rio over the Big show clean going into a title feud with Cena? The WWE booking when it comes to getting guys ready for Cena just flat out sucks in 2011!

Wade Barrett is up next walking through the arena with a microphone cutting a promo on the United States with references to Anthony Weiner, the education system, and the typical fodder. Barrett is in the ring now cutting a promo on Ezekiel Jackson. Barrett promises to beat Jackson. Oh man, Ezekiel is going over for the intercontinental title tonight. Man, Jackson is like the second coming of Ahmed Johnson without the earrings.

Booker calls Barrett a “modern day Steve Regal.” Mr. Electricity? Jackson goes for an early cover but Barrett kicks out. Barrett hits Jackson with punches, Jackson picks him up for a torture rack but Barrett slides out.

Barrett catches Jackson with a big kick into the corner. Jackson fights back but is caught with a side slam. Barrett slows it down and grabs a chinlock on Jackson. The crowd chants “USA”, isn’t Jackson from South Africa? The fans break into a “We want Ryder” chant. Trust me, that won’t help him fans.

Barrett drops Jackson with a pump-handle slam for two. Barrett nails Jackson with stomps as Jackson slumps in the corner. Barrett misses a big boot to the corner. Jackson catches Barrett with several clotheslines. Jackson hits an avalanche in the corner. Barrett drops Jackson with the Wasteland. Barrett can only get a two count.

Barrett nailing Jackson with crossfaces. Jackson recovers and now catches Barrett with a series of bodyslams. Barrett is now caught in the Torture Rack and taps out. Jackson is the new WWE intercontinental champion. This actually wasn’t that bad. Not great, but not bad. Michael Cole says that Jackson told him that he wanted to win the belt for Father’s Day. Why would Jackson talk to Cole in the first place? So far for those keeping score we are 2-0 on WWE title matches tonight.

Jerry Lawler hits the ring and asks Jackson how it feels to be the new intercontinental champion. Jackson says it is the greatest day of his life. “This is awesome, it’s great!” Jackson says that he finally achieved independence from the Corre and Barrett. Jackson will bring the same legacy to the title that Santino Marella, Marc Mero, and Chyna brought to the title.

Santino Marella tries to show Barack Obama the cobra and is tackled by secret service.

Josh Matthews interviews CM Punk. Punk tells Matthews that Washington DC is the birth of the straight edged movement. Punk says he is a politician and swims with sharks. He says that he is not a liar, unlike Washington DC politicians. Punk calls Mysterio a liar. Punk says the only difference between them is that he will tell you that he is using you. Punk says after he beats Mysterio he is going to go on to do the most honest thing that the WWE universe has ever seen. Admit he stole all of KENTA’s moves?

Nexus has been banned from ringside. Cole brings up Punk’s win over Cena this past Monday. Punk first with the go behind waistlock. Punk and Mysterio put on a display of chain wrestling. Booker says that Rey was one of his hardest opponents. Rey kicking at Punk’s leg, Punk reverses with kicks to Rey, bodyslams Rey and goes for the pin.

Punk goes for another pin after a shoulder tackle. Punk now working on the arm. The crowd in DC loves CM Punk. He is the most over guy on the show so far. Mysterio hits a big standing dropkick setting Punk up for the 619. Punk moves but goes to the floor thanks to a baseball slide.

Punk catches Rey coming off the apron and dumps Mysterio onto the outside barrier. I think the outside barrier has been used in every match so far tonight. Punk rolls Mysterio back into the ring and gets a two count. Punk stomps Mysterio and goes for another pin, only gets 1. Michael Cole says that Punk is keeping this a “ground and pound” game.

Punk has Mysterio in a bow and arrow submission. Rey Mysterio gets out and falls on top of Punk for a cover. Punk goes back on the attack and hits a few more covers to no avail. Punk puts Rey in a body scissors in the center of the ring (Booker asks King what it is). Rey gets out but Punk catches Rey with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Punk goes back to the bodyscissors. Punk in the Captain America tights by the way.

Rey gets out and hits a hurracanrana on Punk, Punk moves out of the way of a 619 and counters Rey. Punk with some knee strikes and now grabs an abdominal stretch on Rey. The psychology here is Punk constantly working over the back and mid section of Mysterio. Mysterio finally gets out but is selling the punishment on the ground.

Mysterio goes for a moonsault block but Punk kicks his legs out. Punk gets another two count on Mysterio. Punk on the floor. Rey hits a beautiful Asai moonsault off of the second rope to Punk on the floor. Mysterio rolls Punk back inside the ring. Mysterio enters via the top rope with a diving headbutt of sorts for a two count.

Punk rolls through a cross body block and gets a two count. The action has really picked up with lots of near falls. This is turning into a hell of a match! Rey going to the top rope, Punk punches him in the back and follows him up. Punk with a back Suplex from the top rope for two.

Punk hits a shining wizard into the corner. Rey hits a 619 and Punk falls to the floor. Rey comes off the top with a splash. Punk gets the knees up, two count for Punk and a lot of frustration. Punk calls for the Go to Sleep. Rey reverses it but is nailed with a roundhouse kick. Rey goes for the 619 but Punk hits the 619 instead. Punk gets the win! The crowd loved this one and Punk.

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Randy Orton is out first for the SmackDown main-event. The announcers are putting over that Orton may not be 100% from the concussion. It’s kind of weird to see the champion out first, especially when he is a babyface. Booker says that a loss could ruin Christian’s career. The crowd loves Orton.

Orton drops Christian right away and goes to town with punches. Orton punching Christian in the corner. Orton hits Christian with a clothesline and stomps the challenger. Christian reverses with a kick and a punch. Lawler again says that Orton probably has lingering effects from the concussion.

Orton catches Christian with a Thesz press and punches away at the challenger. Orton goes for a cover after a shoulder tackle and grabs a headlock. Orton keeps going back to the headlock. Christian gets out of it with several knee strikes and a forearm to the back. Christian misses a dropkick off of the second rope. Christian throws Orton out of the ring. Christian hits a baseball slide on Orton who is on the floor.

The announcers all think that Orton is slower. I think we are going to see a title change tonight. They are certainly setting up the excuse or the idea that even a less than 100% Orton can beat Christian. The guys are back in the ring and Orton is on the corner turnbuckle punching away. Orton clotheslines Christian who goes over the top to the floor. Orton follows and rams Christian’s head into the apron. Christian reverses and nails Orton head-first into the steel steps and the announcers point out that Orton takes another head shot.

Booker is very verbose here, easy big man. Christian stomping on Orton back inside of the ring. This is a good match but it’s much different from their others since there is a clear hero and villain here. Christian drops Orton with a reverse neckbreaker for a two count. Christian twisting Orton’s neck and slowing down the action for a few minutes with the submission hold.

Orton reverses Christian from the turnbuckle into a really cool rollup. Christian is back in control with punches. Orton selling the concussion by rolling his eyes back. Orton reverses and tosses Christian into the corner. Orton is having a hard time standing up. Orton catches Christian with a back drop. Orton is now in the zone and going nuts on Christian with forearms to the chest. Booker says that Randy is not himself. Just tell us he is losing and get it over with.

Orton off the ropes with clotheslines and a quick powerslam. The Viper is coiling! Orton hits a belly to belly suplex for two. Christian counters the action and goes back to punches. Orton is selling these punches like he just got hit by Mike Tyson. Orton headbutts Christian and is selling it like he is hurt. Orton goes upstairs for a Superplex. Christian kicks out at 2 ½. Orton is selling the impact on his head. Orton and Christian now trading punches in the center of the ring. Christian blocks an RKO but Orton instead drops Christian from an over the shoulder backbreaker.

Orton is getting into the zone! The Viper has come alive. Christian counters the RKO with a reverse neckbreaker for two. I thought it was over until the announcers said, “new champion!” Christian psyches himself up for the spear. Orton leapfrogs Christian, goes for an RKO, Christian gets out, hits the spear, 2 ½ and Orton kicks out. This match is another gem.

Orton hits a standing dropkick. Christian kicks Orton in the back of the head and jumps down from the top, Orton ducks under. Orton hits an RKO from out of nowhere and gets the three count. Christian’s foot is underneath the ropes. So yes, even a 75% Orton coming off a concussion can beat Christian, although his foot was underneath the ropes. If Christian didn’t beat him here, he’s never getting the title. Anyway, another great match and match of the night once again.

Christian is complaining that he had his foot underneath the ropes. Orton sizing up Christian. Orton nails Christian with the belt as he turns around. The announcers tell us that Orton has paid back Christian. Michael Cole says, “Well he got another title shot.” A rare great line from Cole.This was a great match, slightly better than Punk vs. Mysterio in my opinion.

We have an hour left and only 1 match. Are R-Truth and Cena REALLY going 45-60 minutes?

Nope. We are getting a bonus match instead. Jack Swagger vs. Evan Bourne will get the extra spot tonight. Swagger goes to the mat with Evan Bourne and picks up for some kind of slam. Swagger goes to work on Bourne with a hammerlock. Bourne spins out of it and winds up taking Swagger down with a hurracanrana and a dropkick.

Bourne is all over the place flipping and flopping, but Swagger catches Bourne and drops him in a stomach breaker, a move I haven’t seen used since Sgt. Slaughter. Swagger now dropping elbows into Bourne’s rib cage. Lawler says to Cole, “thanks to you I didn’t even get a call from my son on Father’s Day.”

Swagger tosses Bourne into the corner. Swagger is just squashing Bourne. Zach Ryder, welcome to your future. Swagger with a step over toe hold on Bourne. Bourne finally hits another rana on Swagger. Bourne goes to work with a series of kicks. Swagger brushes them off and bodyslams Bourne. Swagger goes for a second Vader Bomb but gets a pair of knees.

I love Evan Bourne but I’m bored. Swagger catches Bourne with a Yakuza kick. Bourne catches Jack Swagger with a DDT off the top rope for a two count. A two count on a DDT from the top rope! Are you kidding me? Bourne goes for a shooting star press but lands on his feet instead. Swagger catches Bourne, goes for an ankle lock, Bourne reverses it into a rollup and gets the 1-2-3 for the win. Wow, that surprised me. This match was a total squash on Bourne up to that point.

Justin Roberts announces the Barack Obama lookalike. Wow talk about stalling. I wonder if someone went home early of if they got scared off by what a great show this was turning into and decided to put an end to it. Yeah I agree.

Obama giving some kind of speech as the crowd responds with, “What?” Obama put over John Cena who was received with thunderous boos. Obama finishes, starts to walk away, when Booker T gets up and asks him to come back to the ring. Booker asks Barack to do the spinaroonie. What the f*ck is going on here? Up until about ten minutes ago this show was great. Not anymore.

[adinserter block=”1″]Kudos to the WWE for killing over 30 minutes of time between the Orton and Cena match and doing everything in its power to put a halt to this great pay per view. The crowd is about 60-40 pro Cena thanks to the little Jimmies in the house. Looks like a 20-25 minute match for Super Cena tonight.

Truth stalling early after a couple of collar and elbow tieups by going to the floor. Truth finally catches Cena with an elbow. Truth punching away at Cena in the corner. Truth choking Cena with his boot. Cena catches Truth a bulldog. Truth ducks a Cena punch and hits the floor to stall once again.

Cena goes for an Attitude Adjustment early. Truth counters and sits out with a face buster. Truth gets a two count. Truth again with boots to Cena into the corner. Truth catches Cena with a leg lariat for a short cover. Truth drops Cena with a right hand in the middle of the ring. Truth drops the leg on Cena after some show boating for a two count. The crowd is really into the match.

Cena punches his way out but is caught with a corkscrew flying elbow from Truth. Booker takes credit for inventing that move. Truth charges into the corner and nails Cena with a forearm and gets a two count. Truth mocks Cena with the “you can’t see me” hand and drops him with another punch.

Cena reverses things and clotheslines Truth’s neck on the top rope. Cena charges Truth but is caught by a clothesline from Truth to counter. Truth is now choking Cena. Lawler mentions that the name of the move needs to be changed because the kids today have never seen a clothesline. Hey, he’s right!

Truth continuing to pound away on Cena with punches, kicks, and forearms. Truth drops Cena with a hip lock for a near fall. Truth now grabs a reverse naked chinlock on the champion. Truth switches it up and goes for a bodyscissors. I guess the match agent missed Punk’s match. Cena rolls out and goes for an STF. Truth escapes and hits what has to be the 50th clothesline of the match. Change it up guys.

Truth suplexes Cena for a two count. Cena moves out of the way of a Truth leg drop. Cena now up for the shoulder tackles and blue thunder driver. Cena signaling for the Five Knuckle Shuffle and hits it. Truth escapes the Attitude Adjustment and winds up sitting out with some kind of jawbreaker for two.

Truth misses a charge into the turnbuckle and Cena catches him with the STF. Truth gets a rope break. Truth kicks Cena in the knee and hits a beautiful scissor kick for two. King Booker says he invented that move as well. Truth goes up top and hits a crossbody, but Cena catches him and rolls through. Truth gets out of it and drops him.

Cena rolls out of the ring. Truth is walking around ringside looking for a fan to harass. Truth grabs a Cena hat off of a fan and his drink. The fan throws the drink in Truth’s face. Truth goes back in the ring. Cena catches Truth with an Attitude Adjustment for the three count and the win. Truth is pinned wearing the hat.

I am not real sure where you go from here with Truth. He more or less got pinned clean in the midst of one of the best heel pushes the company has had in a long time. I suppose they will rematch at Money in the Bank but it is pretty pointless with the way the match ended tonight. If you are a fan of Truth’s heel run like I was, it was pretty disappointing him to see him go down like that in his first WWE title match.

Overall this was probably the best pay per view of the year. Orton vs. Christian, Punk vs. Mysterio, and even Kofi vs. Ziggler were three of the better matches you will find all year on a WWE show. It is rare to get two great matches on a WWE pay per view, but getting three was just a real treat. Unfortunately the typical WWE shenanigans at the end of the night with the Obama impersonator will probably leave a black eye on an otherwise pretty solid pay per view.

Full WWE 2011 Capitol Punishment results
John Cena defeated R-Truth
Randy Orton defeated Christian
Evan Bourne defeated Jack Swagger
Alex Riley defeated The Miz
Alberto Del Rio defeated Big Show
Ezekiel Jackson defeated Wade Barrett for the WWE intercontinental championship
Dolph Ziggler defeated Kofi Kingston for the U.S. championship
CM Punk defeated Rey Mysterio

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