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Kevin Nash returned to the Royal Rumble as DieselThe 2011 Royal Rumble may go down in history as having the “Crowd Pops Heard ‘Round the World”. News leaked over the weekend that former World Champions Booker T & Kevin Nash would be in the Rumble match. The mention of the names was a nice bit of nostalgia for those of us that grew up watching during the war between the WWF & WCW. What I saw last night, even though news leaked of their appearing, truly shocked me.

Nexus had cleared the ring of all competitors when all of a sudden, the all too familiar WCW entrance music of Booker T blared in Boston. Booker T, who looked to be in great shape, quickly unloaded on all members of the faction to a great ovation from the crowd, even popping them with the Spinaroonie. Unfortunately, his time in the Rumble was short lived and he was eliminated by the Nexus. Though the time was short, it was fun to see Booker back in a WWE ring again.

Then came the reaction that quite possibly blew the roof off the TD Garden. We all knew it was a matter of time before the arrival of Kevin Nash. I was expecting “The Silver Fox” or “Big Sexy”. I was even hoping to hear the entrance music of the nWo one more time. I NEVER expected to hear the sound of an 18 wheeler starting up or seeing the return of “Big Daddy Cool” Diesel. As soon as I heard the music hit, saw the old ring attire, and even saw how much younger Nash looked than when I saw him last, I jumped off my couch roaring in adulation with the crowd in Boston.

I went back to a time when Diesel was the bodyguard of future WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels & found myself grinning like the Cheshire Cat. When Diesel hit the ring & began clearing house, I found myself cheering more, eventually applauding when John Cena got a fist full of Nash to the jaw. And then came the DEAFENING “LET’S GO DIESEL” chant from the crowd. Men had their name chanted in the match, but NOBODY got a reaction coming close to that. Diesel found himself being eliminated by Corre leader Wade Barrett, staring down the Big Show on his way to the back (possible WrestleMania 27 tease?), & received a standing ovation from the crowd.

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The questions I pose are these. The first being this: WWE, were you listening? There is a very good chance your fan base would LOVE to see these two guys back and would welcome them with open arms. The second being: Is there money to be made in bringing back Booker T & Kevin Nash?

Booker T was eliminated from the Royal Rumble by the Nexus. Storyline wise, John Cena and now Randy Orton (who was cost the WWE Title at the Rumble by CM Punk & Nexus) could find an ally against the faction by teaming with Booker T to take on the group. Diesel was eliminated by a member of the Corre, which has been targeting the biggest stars on SmackDown…most notably the Big Show. Diesel & Show are no strangers to each other, having feuded against each other and have been stablemates together in both WCW’s & WWE’s incarnations of the nWo.

A match between Nash vs. Show may draw, but the teaming of Nash vs. Show against the Corre, possibly as a 2011 incarnation of nWo, could significantly increase fan interest in a time when WWE is reported to be in a financial slump. With WrestleMania being in the backyard of the old WCW this year, matches at WrestleMania featuring these guys certainly should not be out of the realm of possibility. The walk down memory lane may even bring back the dollars of fans who haven’t watched in some time. Bringing back Booker T & Kevin Nash, for the short term or final run in WWE, couldn’t be that much of a bad thing. They get one final time to shine while helping to get over the future of the company along the way.

If the surprises at the Royal Rumble are an indication of what the stops along “The Road to WrestleMania” will be like, then it is going to be a very very interesting ride.

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