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WWE Can Do Better

As a singer/guitarist in a punk rock band (Mick Foley cheap plug, facebook.com/DetroitPerfect), I’m a firm believer in the DIY (do it yourself) aesthetic. On, Stone Cold Steve Austin’s podcast, Vince McMahon went on about, wrestlers having to grab for the brass ring, that no one was hungry enough (except for a select few, including, Bray Wyatt and, Dean Ambrose), or as he himself may have put it during the pre-PG, Attitude Era, the grapefruits.

[adinserter block=”2″]Well I for one can think of at least one guy who did just that, and was burried for his efforts. That of course being one, Zack Ryder. The man was at the point, where he said, screw it, they’re not using me, so, I’ll do something to change that (his highly successful, YouTube show, Z! True Long Island Story), either it gets me over, or they’ll fire me. Well, guess what? It got over. Over Huge! Fans (excuse me, WWE Universe) across the globe, were chanting his name. When he appeared, they popped. Popped Huge! And what do they do? They bury the guy. Sure, he was given, the US title, for a cup of coffee. But, he was mainly cast as, John Cena’s little buddy, and, put in hokey angles with, Kane and ,Eve. Then, they make him move his, YouTube show, over to their, YouTube channel, and, water it down to a shell of its former self.

So, Vince, you can go on and on, until you’re blue in the face about, brass rings. The fact of the matter is you’re going to push who you want to push.The people want, Daniel Bryan, not, Roman Reigns.

What, happened, Vince? Stone Cold Steve Austin, wasn’t 300 lbs, and jacked to the gills. And yet, from what I hear, he did pretty damn well for himself. You stuck him in a horrible gimmick (the Ringmaster), and he said to hell with this, grabbed the bull (one may say, the brahma bull, sorry, I couldn’t help myself) by the horns, and got over on his own, without “the machine” behind him.

Since, I’ve gotten myself so hot, not only are you not giving the fans what they want, you’re no longer letting the heels be heels. I understand, that you are a publicly traded company. I understand, that there are sponsors to adhere to. But, come on. No more touching of, the refs. No more ball shots. No more, playing, the chicken shit. In effect, no more, heels.

The promos. Everything is way over-scripted. For the guys that can talk, why not just give them bullet points, and let them convey, whaever point it is that they’re trying to get across on they’re own, rather than just reciting lines, someone else wrote for them. Bring back managers! You’d think this would be a given, given the success of, Paul Heyman, and to a smaller degree, a very underrated, Zeb Coulter. Obviously, not everyone is going to be able to cut it as a great promo, whether it be nerves, or just plain lack of charisma. So, I’ll say it again. Bring back managers!

[adinserter block=”1″]Just so everyone is aware, I’m not totally bitter. There are some things I agree with (granted not much, see I’m already bitter again). I think it was one the best ideas, the company has ever had, in doing away with the steel chair head shots. Although, I personally think it adds drama, and can be used for special purposes (such as the end of a feud), it’s definitely time to end the practice of blading. Health concerns, being the prime example, but I can also see as how it can come across as barbaric, in this day and age.

When it comes down to it, I’m a wrestling fan (not, sports entertainment). I just want to see it be the best it can be. I believe that along with jazz music, it’s one of the only true, American art forms. And, I hope, Zack Ryder, saved all that merch money.

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