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WWE: Bryan Injury, Punk Deal and Other Thoughts

How will the WWE deal with news that Daniel Bryan will need more surgery on his already surgically repaired neck that will still sideline the superstar indefinitely? The latest Daniel Bryan news has the WWE and its fans wondering when Bryan will get back in the ring.

[adinserter block=”1″]The former WrestleMania headliner went out with an injury this past summer. He ended up having a very low risk neck surgery that would allow him to get issues repaired. Surgeons found a few problems, but they were able to help Bryan with the issue. The problem was that this surgery seemed to cause Bryan an issue with his UCL.

The Ulnar Collateral Ligament is a big part of one’s arm. It helps us in picking things up, and when damaged, it can affect our strength and motion in our arm. The best and really only surgery to have for this issue is Tommy John Surgery. The surgery is popular among baseball pitchers who throw out their arm. Bryan had issues with his UCL more than he should have after the surgery so doctors, who didn’t want to put Bryan through another surgery, sent him to physical therapy where he had reportedly done well, according to his wife.

Bryan was, and to some extent, still is, the best thing to come along in the WWE in some time. Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt have all shown moments of greatness, which gives the company hope, but when it comes to the fans and their support of faces within the WWE, Bryan and his “YES!” mantra may be the biggest thing to come along since the days of Hulkamania and the bet character to make his appearance in a WWE ring since Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock.

Yes, that is my opinion.


While the WWE Universe (if that title is still used) deals with the news of Bryan, the WWE made an announcement that it had reached an agreement with CM Punk on merchandising of the former WWE superstar.

According to an Oct. 27 report from Wrestling Inc, CM Punk is back in the good graces of the WWE as the promotion has reached a deal with him and his legal team to sell merchandise bearing his name and likeness. The WWE has not released financial figures on the historic new agreement with Punk, and it should also be noted that Punk has not signed any kind of new performer contract to return to the ring.

Last month, the WWE pulled all CM Punk-themed merchandise from their online shop, after the former superstar served them with a 22-page letter from his legal team. The letter essentially asked the WWE to pay Punk for the royalties he felt he was owed for the merchandise the promotion sold with his name and likeness on it. In response, the WWE held a clearance sale on all Punk items, and then stopped selling his merchandise at all just a few days later.

Because this is a contract with Punk’s name on it, I am sure there is plenty of speculation as to what happens next. We really do not know. There is no word about anything else being discussed between the company and Punk. While his wife AJ Lee remains the center of the Divas Division and fans continually cheer his name in arenas, Punk appears to be enjoying life away from the ring.


When I heard about the traditional Survivor Series match to be held at the pay-per-view event, I was almost giddy like a school kid watching Saturday Night’s Main Event.

There is some real potential in this match.

[adinserter block=”2″]The company is still dealing with how to work with a small quantity of faces, almost if it was twisting in the wind. Currently, John Cena, Dean Ambrose and Dolph Ziggler the three main faces of the company at the present time. Bryan is hurt, Roman Reigns is recuperating from hernia surgery and the company has not brought in new talent to bridge the gap. Ryback came back last week and looks to be a face who could gain momentum again with the fans. He is not the answer – yet. Sheamus is now a mid-level talent who is being used ineffectively in a program with The Miz. Personally, I would love to see Damien Sandow get a push as a face.

I like the potential of Cena and Seth Rollins, but only if Cena puts Rollins over. The feud brewing between Dean Ambrose and Bray Wyatt will be nothing like we have seen before. But there is still a disconnection between the current feuds and how they build up to Cena saving the company in “Sting-like” fashion.

This is where someone like Punk or Bryan coming to the aid of Cena makes the most sense and would make for a killer pay-per-view.

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  1. I can just imagine Cena cutting a promo and then walking out for a few a while. Suddenly he reappears and has long hair and is all emo. That would be hilarious.

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