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A Philosophical Look at WWE Booking

Jim RossAfter talking to one of my friends online about why I don’t watch Friday Night Smackdown on My Network TV and him telling me why he doesn’t watch WWE Superstars on WGN America, we started to discuss what we would do if we each had “the book” to be in control of WWE programming and everything that comes in with it. This is the outcome of the conversation, at least on my end, with me putting some thinking involved with my answers and an explanation on why I want it the way if I were in control of “the book,” and what direction I would like to take it.


If you were around during my original run on Camel Clutch Blog [dot] com, I did a piece on why I want the draft to end. To be honest, I feel like the draft doesn’t have its flavor like it had for the first couple of years; well, after its first year with Flair controlling Raw and McMahon controlling Smackdown. One of my favorite main event matches happened that night, where newly won Undisputed WWF Champion Triple H defended and retained the title against the ex champ Chris Jericho and “ex wife” Stephanie McMahon.

In my possible world, I would end the draft. I would have all the stars appear on Raw, Smackdown, and Superstars, but showcase certain stars on each show. For example, the main event on Raw would consist on the main eventers. On Smackdown, it would be mid-carders to upper level mid-carders who aren’t yet fully main eventers. I’m sure you can see where I’m going with Superstars. That would be, like stated, what I would love to see happen.


It is nice having the World Heavyweight Championship around with the WWE Championship, but I feel like whatever World title is on Smackdown, it isn’t held up to like the title on Raw. For instance, when the battles with HHH and HBK, HHH and Goldberg, HHH and Benoit on Raw for the World Heavyweight title, it seemed like that title was held up higher than the WWE title on Smackdown. And when the titles switched shows a couple of times, we easily noticed that, whatever title is on Raw is the top World title.

In this possible world, I would put the two titles up in an Elimination Chamber, winner taking the Undisputed WWE title, and after a couple of months, drop the “Undisputed” name of the title. I say keep the WWE title around because the WWE title has been around the WWE longer than the World Heavyweight title. For the Elimination Chamber match, it would be the top two contenders for both World Heavyweight and WWE titles, just in case if WWE Creative would want the new Undisputed WWE Champ not be one of the current champs, for the new champ would have two top contenders chasing him.


My idea behind this goes along with unifying the World Championships together. I don’t need to go into much detail with this for the Intercontinental Championship and the United States Championship, but I feel the same for this title. Maybe not decide it in a Elimination Chamber, maybe in a Championship Scramble match would be kind of neat.


I don’t know about you, but for me, I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired of the whole new concept pay-per-views! I’m even sick of having more than 12 pay-per-views a year; having 12 was much, depending on the year! For me, having 13 to 14 ppv’s a year or however many WWE does these days are too much. It seems like once a ppv ends, a new one is around the corner in 3 weeks. Also with the new concept ppv’s, like TLC, Hell in a Cell, etc., I find it stupid because a ppv shouldn’t be built around a gimmick match!

In my possible world, I would drop the ppv’s down to four a year, SummerSlam, Survivor Series, the Royal Rumble, and WrestleMania. And once a month in between the four ppv’s do a Saturday Night’s Main Event special, maybe a two to three hour special on NBC, or even USA, to help build storylines and have title defenses on. Have the Saturday Night’s Main Event’s be a mix of the old-school version of itself and NWA/WCW’s Clash of Champions specials.


The voice of the WWE for almost two decades was old ole JR, Jim Ross. Not bringing him back, even part time as one of the announcers for the pay-per-views, I feel is absolutely stupid! For me, if I watch old school WWF tapes, Gorilla Monsoon’s the voice I place with the WWF old school, and for the ‘90’s and the 2000’s, it’s JR. I understand WWE wanting to put new guys over on screen (or for this matter, off screen), but come on, not letting him come back because of health issues? At least put JR back with Todd Grisham to help build Grisham to taking over JR’s spot as the new voice of the WWE. I’m sure a lot of you would rather have Todd over Michael Cole.

In my possible world, I would have Jim Ross doing the play-by-play for at least the four ppv’s and the Saturday Night Main Event specials. Let me guess, with Gary “Stupid” Lawler? Nope. The guy I would pair JR with would be John “Bradshaw” Layfield! That’s an announce team I would love to hear call an event, or even just a match. I think JBL was awesome when he was the color commentator over on Friday Night Smackdown with Michael Cole for about a year. JBL brought something different to the audio of the WWE, and that’s a heel color man. With JR as the face play-by-play dude, JBL would be a great pairing for JR.


I am sure you guys may be tired of reading my “in my possible world” lines, but if I had control of the book in the World Wrestling Entertainment, those are the major things I would do. I would also try to add more wrestling into the shows and less entertainment crap we’ve came to expect now from Mr. McMahon and the WWE. That’s my opinion, and you readers don’t have to like it if you don’t want, that’s one great thing about this site, CCB.com. But I am Eric Darsie from Minnesota, until next time.

Check out more of Eric’s blogs at http://jericholic2009.blogspot.com.

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