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WWE: Bill Goldberg Set for 2017 Royal Rumble Match

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Having conquered, the beast incarnate Brock Lesnar in less than 2 minutes. Goldberg is set compete in the 2017 royal rumble match as he hunts for one last reign as a WWE world champion.

The ‘Iconic’ Goldberg asserted to the WWE universe that his return to the ring at Survivor Series against Brock Lesnar, which he won in unbelievable fashion, would be his last inside the squared circle.

Although, it was revealed on Monday’s installment of RAW by Goldberg himself, that he was offered an opportunity by RAW commissioner Stephanie McMahon that his WWE return could be extended with a potential world championship run included. As he was offered an entrance in the annual royal rumble match, early 2017.

Therefore, Goldberg will guarantee himself a title shot at Wrestlemania 33, if he is to win the Royal Rumble match in San Antonio, Texas on January 29, which happens to be 13 years since his last entry in the multi-man, over the top rope bout.

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In that year, the ‘myth’ entered the match as the 30th entrant giving him the best odds. He may have managed to eliminate 3 superstars including Charlie Haas and Billy Gunn, however after only withstanding 2 minutes and 7 seconds of the match was eliminated by Kurt Angle following a brutal attack from Lesnar, the man he would go onto to defeat at Wrestlemania 20.

But how would Goldberg fair in the upcoming Royal Rumble?

In his prime, Goldberg had a reputation of getting the job done quickly as he matches were never very long. With his longest ever match citing at 14 minutes 57 seconds against Triple H, at Unforgiven 2003, in which he won the World Heavyweight championship.

However, others protested that the ‘animals’ short matches were due to his physicality and lack of stamina. Now, Goldberg is 49-years old it is obvious that he will be lacking the capabilities he once had. Subsequently, this may have been why WWE booked his Survivor Series return as such a short, but dominant match.

Therefore, it is likely Goldberg will enter late in match, possibly in the 30th spot like his only appearance in a rumble match back in 2004. Thus, of him not being able to compete for as long is most current superstars. As if Goldberg was to be booked the 2017 Royal Rumble winner his appearance will be expected to be short, but memorable.

What rivalries could potentially spur at the Royal Rumble for Goldberg?

An extension of the ‘Goldberg v Lesnar’ would be an obvious, yet exiting prospect at the Royal Rumble. As it’s hard to imagine that Brock doesn’t want to finally serve vengeance onto Goldberg and the Royal Rumble match gives many opportunities to re-light the already heated rivalry.

In fact, there have already been rumors reported that WWE bookers are planning the third installment of the rivalry as they’re planning on the two beasts meeting again at Wrestlemania 33. WWE could do this by having Brock as a surprise entrant in the Rumble match and have him enact revenge on Goldberg, or have Lesnar interfere in the match cheaply costing Goldberg a match against the world champion, which would both set up a third encounter.

Additionally, WWE could book Goldberg to win the 30-man bout and go on to challenge the WWE universal champion at Wrestlemania 33. Even so, both the Rock and Lesnar in recent times have returned to company and enjoyed spells as the world champion, and Goldberg could easily join them by winning the rumble.

Also, with WWE booking Goldberg so dominantly at Survivor Series against Lesnar, is there actually anyone on the current roster who could realistically eliminate the powerhouse.

Finally, WWE could use the opportunity of turning over a future star of the company from NXT against the legend at Wrestlemania, which would give Goldberg a fresh feud but also use him to promote WWE’s future.

A debuting Samoa Joe could make a surprise entrance in the rumble match and eventually eliminate Goldberg in epic fashion. This would accomplish finally pushing Samoa Joe up to the main roster, but also put him over straight away as a top heel by feuding with Goldberg. Therefore, whether he was to win or lose, Samoa Joe would quickly get established as a main eventer, but a win could heavily benefit his future career as the man who gave Goldberg his first clean loss.

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