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WWE Best of RAW and SmackDown 2011 DVD Review

Best-of-Raw-Smackdown_2011-BluWhile WWE puts out some great “Best of” sets of varying types, ones like this and the “Best WWE PPV Matches of 2011” are hard to get excited about. Chances are, you’ve seen practically everything that’s on this DVD at least once, and if not, you’ve more than likely read about it online, here at CCB or at any other number of wrestling sites. Other WWE DVD sets are fun because of the documentary pieces, as well as older matches that you may have never seen, or at least haven’t seen in quite a long time. Obviously, you’re not going to get anything like that on this one.

However, that’s not to say The Best of RAW and SmackDown 2011. Can’t be an enjoyable one. Despite 2011 being somewhat of a lackluster year for pro wrestling, this collection is a perfect example of the moments and matches that were fun and enjoyable to watch.

The set spans from January 3rd-November 21st (again, much like the PPV DVD, the entire month of December is left off), and features 29 matches and 13 talking segments of varying types.

In that regard, all the best ones are included, such as Edge’s retirement speech, the return of the Rock, Alex Riley demolishing the Miz and the now-famous beginning of “The Summer of Punk”. The others are a mixed bag, depending on what kind of non-wrestling segments you enjoy watching. Stuff like the “Vote of No Confidence” and Vince McMahon being forced to step down as CEO didn’t do a whole hell of a lot for me, but you might enjoy reliving them.

[adinserter block=”2″]Overall, the match collection is relatively decent, although there are some really strange choices in here, ones that I wouldn’t consider “the best”. There are quite a few title matches on the set, but a lot of them are odd choices. Ones like Kofi Kingston/Wade Barrett for the IC title and The Miz/John Morrison for the WWE title make sense, as they were very good, enjoyable matches. At the same time, the set is sprinkled with odd matches most don’t remember like Cody Rhodes/Ezekiel Jackson for the IC title and the New Nexus/Air Boom for the Tag Team titles.

It’s just a very strange blend of matches that have been chosen, and some make absolutely zero sense since they weren’t very good in the first place. Fortunately, the matches are rounded out by some top quality stuff, such as the ones I mentioned, as well as a great Christian/Sin Cara match, Alberto Del Rio/Daniel Bryan and an absolutely awesome match between CM Punk and Dolph Ziggler at the very end of disc four.

While there is an overabundance of guys like John Cena and Randy Orton featured on the set, quite a few very deserving wrestlers get a good amount of face time here. Guys like Daniel Bryan, Christian, CM Punk, Dolph Ziggler, Cody Rhodes (who, despite awful promos, is starting to grow on me in regards to his in-ring work), R-Truth and Sheamus all get pretty ample time on here, which is definitely a bonus. The Divas division makes a total of one appearance on the entire set, not only showing how shallow the division is, but also how little Vince McMahon truly cares about his female employees. If I had made this set, I would have at least put an appearance by Kharma on here, but that’s me I guess. Oh, well, there’s always next year.

Overall, this set is really hit-or-miss. While you could do much worse (such as buy nearly any TNA DVD), there are definitely other sets out there you should focus spending your money on. If you’re a serious or diehard collector, go ahead and add this one to your collection. Otherwise, if you’re really interested in buying it but aren’t completely convinced, wait a little bit until the price goes down and snag it on a deal. If you can get it for around the $9.99-$12.99 mark, then definitely pick it up. If not, I’d probably say you’re paying too much. It’s not the worst set in the world by any means; I just don’t know if it’s worth normal full price, which is anywhere from $20-$30.


Falls Count Anywhere Match for the WWE Championship
The Miz vs. John Morrison
Raw – 3rd January, 2011

Intercontinental Championship Match
Dolph Ziggler vs. Kofi Kingston
SmackDown – 7th January, 2011

2-out-of-3 Falls Match
Rey Mysterio vs. Alberto Del Rio
SmackDown – 7th January, 2011

Divas Championship Match
Natalya vs. Melina
Raw – 24th January, 2011

The Miz vs. Daniel Bryan
Raw – 14th February, 2011

The Rock Returns to Raw
Raw – 14th February, 2011

John Cena Responds to The Rock
Raw – 21st February, 2011

The Championship Coronation of Dolph Ziggler
SmackDown – 18th February, 2011

A Stone Cold Referee
Raw – 7th March, 2011

“The Rock” Attacks John Cena?
Raw – 14th March, 2011

Steel Cage Match
Christian vs. Alberto Del Rio
SmackDown – 18th March, 2011

Intercontinental Championship Match
Kofi Kingston vs. Wade Barrett
SmackDown – 25th March, 2011

Streak in Jeopardy?
Raw – 28th March, 2011


Edge Says Goodbye
SmackDown – 15th April, 2011

A New Side of R-Truth
Raw – 25th April, 2011

WWE Championship Match
John Cena vs. The Miz
Raw – 2nd May, 2011

World Heavyweight Championship Match
Christian vs. Randy Orton
SmackDown – 6th May, 2011

Riley’s Revenge
Raw – 23rd May, 2011

World Heavyweight Championship Match
Randy Orton vs. Sheamus with Christian as Special Guest Referee
SmackDown – 3rd June, 2011

6-Man Tag Team Elimination Match
John Cena, Randy Orton & Alex Riley vs. Christian, R-Truth & The Miz
Raw – 20th June, 2011

Daniel Bryan vs. Cody Rhodes
SmackDown – 24th June, 2011

CM Punk Speaks His Mind
Raw – 27th June, 2011

Christian vs. Sin Cara
SmackDown – 1st July, 2011

Mr. McMahon is Relieved of His Duties
Raw – 18th July, 2011


WWE Championship Match
Rey Mysterio vs. John Cena
Raw – 25th July, 2011

Intercontinental Championship Match
Ezekiel Jackson vs. Cody Rhodes
SmackDown – 12th August, 2011

Falls Count Anywhere Match
John Morrison vs. R-Truth
Raw – 15th August, 2011

Alberto Del Rio vs. Daniel Bryan
SmackDown – 19th August, 2011

WWE Tag Team Championship Match
David Otunga & Michael McGillicutty vs. Kofi Kingston & Evan Bourne
Raw – 22nd August, 2011

Steel Cage Match for the World Heavyweight Championship
Randy Orton vs. Christian
SmackDown – 30th August, 2011

Randy Orton vs. Cody Rhodes
SmackDown – 9th September, 2011

The Cutting Edge with Randy Orton & Mark Henry
SmackDown – 16th September, 2011

Mark Henry is Unleashed
Raw – 19th September, 2011

Special Challenge Match
Dolph Ziggler with Vickie Guerrero vs. Zack Ryder with Hugh Jackman
Raw – 19th September, 2011

Lumberjack Match
Mark Henry vs. Christian
SmackDown – 23rd September, 2011

CM Punk vs. Alberto Del Rio
Raw – 26th September, 2011


John Cena, CM Punk, Sheamus, Kofi Kingston, Evan Bourne & Mason Ryan vs.
Alberto Del Rio, Christian, Cody Rhodes, Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger & David Otunga
Raw – 3rd October, 2011

Vote of No Confidence
Raw – 3rd October, 2011

John Cena vs. Sheamus with Referee Triple H & Commentator CM Punk
Raw – 10th October, 2011

Mask vs. Mask
Sin Cara vs. Sin Cara
SmackDown from Mexico – 21st October, 2011

Street Fight
Randy Orton vs. Cody Rhodes
SmackDown – 4th November, 2011

World Heavyweight Championship Match
Mark Henry vs. Daniel Bryan
SmackDown – 4th November, 2011

Champion vs. Champion Match
CM Punk vs. Dolph Ziggler
Raw – 21st November, 2011


Last Man Standing Match for the World Heavyweight Championship
Edge vs. Kane
SmackDown – 7th January, 2011

Randy Orton vs. Dolph Ziggler
Raw – 17th January, 2011

John Cena vs. CM Punk
Raw – 17th January, 2011

[adinserter block=”1″]Undertaker & Triple H Stare Down
Raw – 21st February, 2011

John Cena Adjusts The Rock’s Attitude
Raw – 28th March, 2011

Save the Date: The Rock vs. John Cena
Raw – 4th April, 2011

Kane vs. Christian
SmackDown – 24th June, 2011

No Count Out Match
Evan Bourne vs. Sin Cara
Raw – 27th June, 2011

Tornado Tag Team Match
Rey Mysterio & Alex Riley vs. The Miz & Jack Swagger
Raw – 27th June, 2011

CM Punk’s Public Contract Negotiation
Raw – 11th July, 2011

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