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WWE Battleground: The Reason Roman Reigns Remains in the Main Event

I had never looked at the main event of Battleground and thought of it as a life-altering moment in WWE history. But taking a step back and seeing what the company has done to get to this point – where all three former members of The Shield are competing against each other at the same time – I see now how big this is.

Take everything away from the events of the past 10 or so days and what we have here is one of the best possible matches WWE has come up with in years. Taking Roman Reigns out of the equation would shatter this once in a lifetime opportunity, and it would destroy what has become three years in the making.

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In less than a month, WWE will once again become a two brand company. As my friend Chris explained to me, the chances of seeing this kind of match may be years away should anyone of the three – Reigns, Dean Ambrose or Seth Rollins – jumps to Smackdown and assumes the position of top dog on the stepchild program. For that reason alone, this is a match that must happen now.

As a fan growing up in the 1970s and 1980s, I never got to see Jack Brisco and Verne Gagne or Roddy Piper and Randy Savage or even Shawn Michaels and Arn Anderson. Those kind of dreams never become reality. This is one of those types of confrontations that was written about years ago when the idea of The Shield was first thought of.

Eric Bischoff would be so proud.

Taking this a step further, I would have loved to have seen Kerry Von Erich in his prime and Barry Windham before he became a member of the Four Horsemen. That’s another blog entirely of its own.

Given that Reigns is not able to promote the match like he should and that the McMahons have had to scramble a bit to come up with a “sellable” main event, Rollins’ parting shot at the suspended former three-time world champion shocked us all a bit – but it was worth every penny. The best thing both Rollins and Ambrose can do is poke at the “sleeping bear.”

I doubt when he is awakened he wins and regains the title, but this kind tactic will lead to a heel turn and make everyone who booed him on a nightly basis very happy.

If we are applauding WWE for the brand split in an effort to promote more competition and better matches, then this one has to be the final nail in the end of the old era we so despise.

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My only fear with this kind of situation is that Reigns will come back a few days before the pay-per-view and none of us are sure how the company will book him. They cannot expect him to pick up where he left off because too much time has passed. The fans will maul him once more and we all know that cannot be good for business. Neither would a situation where both AJ Styles and John Cena were being added to the main event. Give WWE credit for trying something new and giving fans two 5-star main event matches on Monday Night Raw.

Now that Reigns suspension has been talked about on television, there is no elephant in the ring. WWE can plan ahead with the ending it wants – hopefully with Ambrose retaining the title until SummerSlam where he should drop the strap to Rollins. How this all plays out is still up in the air. But at least I see the light in the dark woods. Reigns remaining viable isn’t really for his benefit. It’s for the ending of another chapter in the company’s history.

And the beginning of an era we all not only wanted, but we needed to move forward.

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