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WWE Battleground 2014 Predictions and Preview

On Sunday July 20th, WWE present Battleground, a random pay-per-view by name, but on paper could be a slobberknocker.

It seems like WrestleMania with all of these singles matches happening at Battleground. However, WWE is just doing an excellent job building multiple feuds and story lines. Here I will breakdown each match on the card in what looks to be a very interesting list of matches.

Kickoff Match: Naomi vs. Cameron

[adinserter block=”1″]This kickoff match may not excite you, but it is the perfect one for Battleground. The former Funkadactyls have finally split after weeks of Cameron teasing a heel turn. She should not be wrestling, but she is definitely best off on the dark side. Hopefully, Naomi wins the match. However, I also hope to see Cameron become a valet for someone. Her heelish attitude would work so well on the sidelines. Just keep her OUT of the ring.

Winner: Naomi

Intercontinental Championship Battle Royal

The battle royal for the vacant Intercontinental title is an interesting one since there are twenty participants. However, only a few should be considered legitimate possibilities to win. Cesaro and Bo Dallas are up and coming stars who could win. The Miz just returned for hiatus with a new gimmick that WWE could choose to push. However, my pick is the United States Champion Sheamus. WWE has hinted at the possibility of unifying the two mid card titles and this seems like the best time to do it. WWE has already merged the two world titles. There is no need for two mid card titles. Look for Sheamus to win a title yet again in a battle royal.

Winner: Sheamus wins and unifies the United States and Intercontinental titles

WWE Tag Team Championship: The Usos (C) vs. The Wyatt Family

The tag team division is not what it used to be. This feud has gone on long enough. The Usos are still very much over with the WWE Universe as their merchandise keeps growing. However, the Wyatt Family is a force that needs to win eventually. They don’t need title necessarily, but they can’t keep losing to the Usos. Interestingly enough this is a 2 out of 3 falls match. Therefore, look for each team to earn a fall before the third and deciding one. This one is hard to predict as I don’t think Harper and Rowan need the titles as much as the Usos do, but at some point the titles have to change hands.

Winners: The Wyatt Family’s Luke Harper and Erick Rowan become NEW tag team champions (I will continue to predict this until it happens)

WWE Divas Championship: AJ Lee (C) vs. Paige

Unlike the tag team title feud, the Divas title situation is one that I hope does not end anytime soon. AJ Lee made her return and in crazy fashion defeated Paige for the title. The scenario was similar to how Paige won the title. Paige made her debut and ended up challenging AJ for the title and winning. AJ returns and ends up challenging Paige and wins. Now they finally meet one on one on pay-per-view (or the Network).

However, I am really enjoying what AJ and Paige are doing. Pretending to be good friends, but someone has to snap. I think AJ has to win here, which would allow Paige to snap and attack AJ. Thus, the feud continues to SummerSlam.

Winner: AJ Lee retains

Jack Swagger vs. Rusev

A very intriguing non-title singles match will occur between the Real American Jack Swagger and the Bulgarian Brute Rusev. This has been a very entertaining feud that has Swagger as a face for the first time in his WWE career. It is certainly strange seeing Zeb Colter as a face, but it works. This is another one that is difficult to predict. On one hand, America needs to fight back and win. On the other hand, Rusev is a newcomer who WWE sees as a part of their future. Perhaps Rusev wins this one and Swagger wins the next?

Winner: Rusev

Chris Jericho vs. Bray Wyatt

Another non-title singles match occurs at Battleground when Y2J Chris Jericho goes face to face against the mysterious Bray Wyatt. While their promos have been excellent (they are two of the best on the mic), the feud does not interest me all that much. It seems like another case of Chris Jericho putting over a young star and Wyatt defeating a seasoned veteran. Yes, it’s great for Wyatt and this match will be good, but at some point Wyatt should be in the main event, right?

Winner: Bray Wyatt

Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins

The final non-title singles match of the night belongs to two former members of the Shield in Dean Ambrose and Mr. Money in the Bank Seth Rollins. This should be another excellent match that should not end at Battleground. These two should square off again at SummerSlam, perhaps for the Money in the Bank briefcase. Assuming that happens, Ambrose should win at Battleground so Rollins can win and keep the briefcase at SummerSlam.

Winner: Dean Ambrose

WWE World Heavyweight Championship: John Cena (C) vs. Randy Orton vs. Roman Reigns vs. Kane

The WWE World Heavyweight title fatal four way match would be more interesting if WWE fans didn’t know the main event set for SummerSlam. With John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar already known to be for the title in August, one can only assume that Cena will retain in this match. However, this match will not just be about the title. With Cena taken care of at SummerSlam, look for Reigns and Orton to formulate their August match. Therefore, Kane will most likely take the pin.

[adinserter block=”2″]Winner: John Cena retains

What are your thoughts on my predictions for WWE Battleground? Share your thoughts and predictions in the comment section below.

Seth Guttenplan is a math and computer technology teacher for special education students in New Jersey. In his free time, Seth writes about wrestling for Camel Clutch Blog and SEScoops. Follow Seth on twitter @sethgutt

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Seth Guttenplan
Seth Guttenplan is a math and computer technology teacher for special education students in New Jersey. In his free time, Seth writes about wrestling for Camel Clutch Blog and SEScoops. Follow Seth on twitter @sethgutt


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