WWE Battleground 2013: Taking the Good From a Bad Situation


“Just when you think you know the answers, I change the questions.” – Rowdy Roddy Piper.

[adinserter block=”1″]In the case of “WWE Battleground,” Piper might indeed have had the right idea. How can a new pay-per-view that should be sold as the precursor to “Hell in a Cell” come up so lame at this moment?

I thought this show had potential (yeah, like Chris Masters, Val Venis and Bastion Booger). This event coming up in less than a week is appearing more and more to be a major fail, which is not good for the WWE in its attempt to continue to sell what Triple H is cooking up to the company’s fan base.

Remember – It’s what is good for business.

When I began writing this column, the one thing I wanted to do was create some excitement. After seeing the Rhodes brothers in the ring and the fact they will face The Shield for the WWE Tag Team Titles, I liked the idea and the concept. What I did not like was idea of Dusty Rhodes being in their corner, only because is now appears all three men will be out of a job, or there is a major swerve coming (Cody joining HHH and his goons?).

And something has to happen in the Divas match – something that becomes jaw-dropping. I think there is potential for a Daniel Bryan/John Cena match down the line with the Bellas in opposite corners based on what I saw tonight. Twin rivalries can be gruesome.

I know since I am a twin.

But this is Buffalo we are talking about. Why not have Tamina in AJ Lee’s corner and Beth Phoenix come out of nowhere to be in the Bellas’ corner? Just a thought.

There is good foundation here for some solid matches. Don’t get me wrong. Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton will tear the roof off the building. What happens with outside interference will only add to it (hopefully, this does not involve Brie Bella). In this instance, the title must change hands for good for the month in between Battleground and Hell in a Cell. My theory is this, which presents a whole new can of worms opening.

Bryan beats Randy Orton, which infuriates Triple H and Stephanie. It eventually leads to Bryan and HHH in the ring at Hell in a Cell for the WWE Title. What better way for the COO of the WWE to control the title than to wear it?

The CM Punk/Paul Heyman/Ryback angle is so good right now. Give me three hours of that chutzpah and I am pretty good.

The key to this feud is now a matter of revenge and how Ryback is now so over as a “bully” it works so well. Does CM Punk beat the bully? I don’t think so, yet. The build is good and the mental games are as good as anything we used to see from Vince McMahon in the “Attitude Era.”

Hell in a Cell is where Punk should end this feud once and for all.

[adinserter block=”2″]Ultimately, changes will be needed. The company blew it again when they decided Dolph Ziggler would open the show against Damien Sandow – leaving Dean Ambrose without a dance partner. Kofi Kingston and Curtis Axel could be a solid match as well, but it really means nothing.

Oh, and by the way – what happened to Wade Barrett? Shouldn’t he be involved in all this angle business? Guess it is another thing the WWE has botched up royally.

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  1. Here is a better finish Orton continues to berates when she comes to ringside and then she causes a Bryan DQ the belt cannot be won on DQ so guess what no champ after this PPV..

    Lets get all the PPV mad at the WWE for this lame offering. Refunds for everybody !!!!!

  2. Here is my two cents on how this plays out:

    There is massive interference in the Orton/Bryan match which causes a disputed ending. The ref gets bumped and then The Shield come in and destroy Bryan. Orton goes for the pin as the ref comes to but Bryan kicks out. Then the good guys come down and run off The Shield. In all the confusion, Miz comes down and knocks out Orton. Bryan gets the pin and wins the title.

    The next night, Triple H says the Bryan won illegally because of interference and strips him again. This sets up Hell in a Cell where there can be no interference. And to ensure no crooked referee this time, Triple H will graciously appoint himself special referee.


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