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WWE Battleground 2013 Predictions and Preview

This Sunday WWE presents the first Battleground pay-per-view live from Buffalo, New York. Unfortunately, Buffalo is way too far for me to attend this one. At the same time, I wouldn’t be particularly interested in attending this event. WWE does not need to have two pay-per-view events in one month. They will present Hell in a Cell at the end of October. Also, what is the meaning behind Battleground? It’s not a gimmick pay-per-view, nor does it seem to be a big deal.

Regardless, as I do for each and every pay-per-view, I will break down each match and share my prediction. SPOILER ALERT: Please keep in mind that the card may have changed due to events occurring on Smackdown. If you don’t want to learn about those changes before Smackdown, then please return after the show.

Pre-Show: Dolph Ziggler vs. Damien Sandow

[adinserter block=”1″]For the first time in months, the kickoff or pre-show match does not involve any champions. It does involve Mr. Money in the Bank Damien Sandow though. You could argue championship matches do not belong on the pre-show and I will agree with you.

At the same time, it makes this match pretty meaningless. Ziggler and Sandow have been losing a lot more recently than winning. This at least makes the match somewhat interesting. Sandow should win due to being the case holder, but Ziggler is a former MITB winner himself.

Prediction: Damien Sandow

Cody Rhodes and Goldust vs. WWE Tag Team Champions Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns

Knowing that the tag team titles are not on the line makes even more confident that Cody Rhodes and Goldust are going to win this match. On top of this, the stipulation that if the Rhodes lose, they will never work in WWE again makes it even more obvious. Though WWE always fires and brings back superstars, I don’t think they are doing that here.

I would have preferred to see the tag titles on the line though. It would make the outcome a little less obvious. Plus, I would love to see the Rhodes brothers as the tag team champions. Maybe at some point in the future.

Prediction: Cody Rhodes and Goldust

WWE Divas Championship: AJ Lee © vs. Brie Bella

Although I think Natalya should have been in this match, I understand why Brie is challenging AJ for the Divas title. As a recently engaged person myself, I understand WWE wanting to capitalize on the event and Total Divas.

Could Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella be two happy married champions in WWE? It’s totally possible.

However, I would still like to see Natalya eventually contend for the title against AJ so I don’t think we will see a title change just yet.

Prediction: AJ Lee retains Divas Championship

WWE Intercontinental Championship: Curtis Axel © vs. R-Truth

In the first Smackdown announced match for Battleground, Curtis Axel defends the Intercontinental title against R-Truth. These two have only been feuding over the last week or two, but at the same time, it didn’t need to be a long feud. Truth is a glorified jobber and he should not be Intercontinental Champion.

Prediction: Curtis Axel retains Intercontinental Championship

Bray Wyatt vs. Kofi Kingston

In the second Smackdown announced match for Battleground, Bray Wyatt will square off against another glorified jobber in Kofi Kingston. It seems as though this match is only set up to give Wyatt another pay-per-view match and win. The Wyatt Family has so much potential, but I am waiting for them to do something more meaningful than a Kofi Kingston match.

Prediction: Bray Wyatt

CM Punk vs. Ryback

Last October, a heel CM Punk faced off against a face Ryback at Hell in a Cell. Almost one year later, the roles have reversed. Paul Heyman will now be in Ryback’s corner. While many people are enjoying this feud, I can’t help but think how pointless Punk’s feuds have been since losing the WWE title.

I am really enjoying the partnership of Ryback and Heyman so I expect this feud to continue, but what is it ultimately leading to? How will it ultimately end? That’s what I am not sure of at this point.

Prediction: Ryback

World Heavyweight Championship: Alberto Del Rio © vs. Rob Van Dam (Hardcore Rules)

Another pay-per-view, another boring Alberto Del Rio World Heavyweight Championship match. I will give credit to WWE here though. They have tried very hard to make Rob Van Dam seem like a legitimate threat to Del Rio’s title. One way they did this was by making it a hardcore rules match. Though I am not sure why they chose the terminology of Hardcore over Extreme, perhaps Ricardo Rodriguez will get involved.

The only way this match will be memorable is if Ricardo turns on RVD or if Sandow cashes in. Otherwise, another Del Boring outcome.

Prediction: Alberto Del Rio retains World Heavyweight Championship

WWE Championship: Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton

[adinserter block=”2″]WWE will crown a new WWE Champion as Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton square off for the vacant title. I like the inclusion of Brie Bella in this feud. It helps make Orton look more sadistic and changes up the redundancy we were seeing each week on Raw and Smackdown.

I still can’t see Bryan starting his long reign as champion here though. That is unless WWE chooses to put someone else in Orton’s spot. That seems unlikely right now. Last month, I didn’t see the referee swerve coming and I am sure that whatever happens at the end of this match on Sunday will be a surprise as well.

Prediction: Randy Orton wins the WWE Championship

I am most excited for the Rhodes brother match as I can’t recall them ever teaming in a WWE match. Plus, the potential for them to be future tag team champions. This pay-per-view seems unnecessary so I just hope we are in for some surprises and twists and turns.

Do you agree or disagree with my predictions for WWE Battleground 2013? What are your predictions? Please share in the comment section below.

Seth Guttenplan is the owner of GuTTWrenchPowerBlog. When Seth is not writing about wrestling, he is a Special Education teacher in New Jersey. To read more from Seth, follow him on twitter ( @sethgutt ) and visit

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Seth Guttenplan
Seth Guttenplan is a math and computer technology teacher for special education students in New Jersey. In his free time, Seth writes about wrestling for Camel Clutch Blog and SEScoops. Follow Seth on twitter @sethgutt



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