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WWE 2K16 Video Game Review…So Far

Over the past week, I’ve spent time playing the recently released WWE game, 2K16. I’ve tried almost all of the game modes within the game and got an understanding of how the game works. Here, I’m going to break down the game into sections and say what I think about each bit before giving an overview feel of the game so far.

[adinserter block=”1″]Characters – The roster is understandably very good. It is the biggest roster ever and has a range of characters from today and in the past. I like the idea of being able to play with different versions of the characters too. A lot of people were very annoyed at the exclusion of the four horsewomen, but it didn’t bother me as much as I can’t say I would spent too much time playing with divas on the game. What does bother me is the current Divas Champion and the current United States Champion are both missing from the game. I think that is just poor planning. From the time the cut off for superstars to be included up until release, I don’t think championships should change hand in real life, maybe the exception of one. It doesn’t feel great when I load the game up and have to change the champions just to make the game feel new.

Match Types – The match types are good this year. Ranging from cage matches to iron man matches, the choices are there to change it up all the time. A few additional and rare matches such as Buried Alive matches or backstage brawls would be fun to have in the match but in terms of the matches representing the real life matches, I’m more than happy with what’s available. My only real issue is the exclusion every year of the traditional Survivor Series match. I don’t know whether this is because the game wouldn’t run smoothly with so many superstars in the ring at one point, but this match is one I’ve been waiting on for years in both story modes and even exhibition.

Creation – After all the problems with creation last year, it’s really good again this year. For starters, building divas and arenas and championships are fun to do with many, many options. It really gives you a chance to make the universe yours. But, for me, most importantly is the building a superstar for career mode, and that creation feature is just as good. There are so many options to kit up your character and really have him how you want him. Furthermore, the community creations are already looking brilliant. Fantastic versions of Sasha Banks, Bayley, Braun Strowman and even Jushin ‘Thunder’ Liger are already available. This year, creation is really good in the game.

Online – I’ve only played a handful of single matches online so far but I had no problems in those matches. Games run smoothly and I either won or lost just like I would in any match on the game. Only additional comment I would add would be it would be nice to have a tournament such as a King of the Ring available to just add a tiny bit more to the game.

Universe Mode – This game mode reminds of the General Manager mode from a Smackdown vs. Raw game a few years back, around about 2007 I think. With that mode, you had to book big matches and stories and keep the attention of the audience or they will go to the other show and you will lose out. I thought that was a brilliant game mode and it was enjoyable. This game mode just doesn’t have any excitement. Sure, you can change the matches and put dream matches together. But I could just do that in exhibition mode. I can put Sting and the Undertaker in a match at Wrestlemania and pretend my dream match happened.

On this game mode, to book a card for a show, I have to edit the participants in each match, and when I do so, I have to then go straight into this match. For me personally, I would love to book a whole card in advance and have it there ready to go into. With sites such as YouTube and Twitch prominent, I’m surprised this isn’t already on the game, because I’m sure it would be a good watch seeing how someone would book WWE if they were in charge. I think there is something to be done with this game mode, but this year it just feels like a glorified exhibition mode.

Career Mode – For me, this is the mode that has the most potential within the game. You have the chance to take your custom superstar, start at the bottom of NXT and climb championship rankings all the way up to eventually become the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Sounds good. So why does it feel so poor? For starters, the feuds you are in become incredibly repetitive. I entered a feud with Tyler Breeze on NXT and was told I was facing him at the next TakeOver event. Before I got to the TakeOver event, I had faced Breeze twice already on NXT. There was no excitement here, only me playing against Breeze over and over again. Secondly, during my time on the main roster, I entered a feud with Sting and beat him on an episode of Smackdown. Now surely characters such as Sting, and Brock Lesnar, and The Undertaker, should be special characters that you have to build your way to fighting and they only appear at special events. But no, on this game, you only have to interfere in a match they are fighting on Smackdown against Fandango and you have your match. A real story could be made out of fighting a name like that.

And that’s what’s missing in this whole game mode. A story. Sure, you enter feuds and challenge for titles. But there is no real story. You can interfere during a match, or attack someone on the ramp as they approach a match, but that is it. I draw comparisons to older WWE game modes such as Road To Wrestlemania where the career mode was solely based on stories. You would get injured and have to find out who attacked you. You would have to find tag team partners to help you in a match. You would brawl backstage. It has something different each and every week, and although it ended all too early when you made it to Wrestlemania, it consisted of a story that had interest in it.

This year, no matter what title you go for, each story will be the same, just feuding with a different person. Furthermore, keeping The Authority happy on a weekly basis is a very weak attempt at including them in a story. Instead of this, you should really get to enter a story with them. If you don’t meet their expectations, they will punish you. Get yourself into a title match and all of a sudden they arrive and cost you that match. They beat you up every week so you are at a disadvantage in your matches. If they don’t have a working relationship with you, don’t let them speak to you and give you objectives. It just seems as poorly created as the whole game mode. It is a really disappointing attempt at something that could be really enjoyable.

Showcase mode – The game’s main selling mode. Showcase mode. Play as variations of Stone Cold and go through his career as he goes from a rookie in ECW to becoming the Texas Rattlesnake of WWE. A lot of effort has evidently gone into this mode, and if you’re a huge Stone Cold fan it is probably a great experience for you. But I just get the feeling that the game-makers were just lazy when they put in this game mode. Instead of making up stories to be involved in, they instead just allow you to play a pre-determined story game that, if you’re old enough, you already know exactly what is going to happen. The best way to make this game mode that bit better is have more than one superstar on each game.

Have Stone Cold’s story but have another too. Just this year, Roman Reigns went on a well-publicised journey culminating in a Wrestlemania moment against Brock Lesnar. Why not showcase his story from the Shield to that match and then add a little after that allows you to rise to the top, or even stopping Seth Rollins from cashing in and winning the title yourself? Having a legend showcase mode and a current superstar showcase would appeal to an older audience as well as the kids of today. A younger audience today aren’t going to be overly bothered about Stone Cold’s story. They want John Cena and Roman Reigns. The popular names today that they cheer for. Make the game about today as well as the past.

[adinserter block=”2″]Future DLC’S – I only really wanted to include this section because of one strange deception by the company. So firstly, there is the legends pack. I like this pack. I especially like having Lita and Trish Stratus on the game, and I personally can’t wait to play with Big Boss Man again. The 2015 Hall of Fame Showcase mode looks brilliant, with some great matches in there. That’ll be fun to play when that drops. The new moves pack is something that I will forever question why those moves aren’t in from the start, but I’m not too bothered about them because the moves on the game already are great as they are. And then there’s the Future Stars Pack. “Playable NXT Superstars: Samoa Joe, Diego, Fernando, Blake and Murphy.” NXT Superstars. Diego and Fernando. Unless I’ve missed something, Diego and Fernando are not NXT Superstars. They are Los Matadores, the tag team that have been on the main roster for a few years now. They’re hardly future superstars, but they definitely aren’t NXT, and it annoys me that they are lying about it to advertise it. I’m personally really looking forward to playing with Samoa Joe on a WWE game, and having Blake and Murphy on the game adds to a great choice of tag teams. And them three, well they are actually NXT stars as well.

Analysis – In terms of gameplay and characters available, it is a fun game with so many choices. Playing with friends again will be fun, and playing online will be too. In terms of story modes and individual playing, the game is very weak. Unless something huge drops within the first couple of months, I can see myself becoming very tired of the game very quickly and not even being around on the game when some of the DLC drops.

There’s my thoughts. Do you have the game? What have you made of it so far? What would you like to see added to the game to make it better? Comment below or contact me on twitter @carlo_george

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George Carlo
My name is George Carlo and I am nineteen years old. I have been following wrestling for over ten years and very rarely miss any of the main broadcast shows. My favorite superstars on the current roster are Bray Wyatt, Kevin Owens and Cesaro. My favorites of all time are The Undertaker, Stone Cold and Sting. I live in the UK so I don’t get to go to as many WWE events as I would like to, but I have been a few times when the company has toured here, most recently the episode of Monday Night Raw that was shown from London in May 2014. I also have a strong admiration for writing articles.


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