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WWE 2K16 Video Game and Beyond Wishlist

WWE 2K15 was a bit of a disappointment for me this year. A plethora of modes and creation tools were scratched or limited throughout the time I owned the game. However the new realistic gameplay and simply stunning graphics kept it from becoming the biggest jobber of the series. This wish list will involve a lot of modes I’d like to see back, pitching some new modes and features, and improving some aspects I believe 2k made a good start on. While this is very much wishful thinking, and might not happen in this game or ever, it’s still fun to see what would be cool to see in this series.

Enhancements to My Career

The NBA 2K series has dominated the basketball videogame market; and one huge reason is the highly acclaimed My Career mode. In recent years they’ve added cut scenes (while sometimes receptive) makes you connect with your player more than ever. You can even select responses to media questions, your agent and teammates. That was a major detail missing in WWE 2K15 My Career mode. The most interaction I had was with Vickie Guerrero telling me she didn’t have anything for me this week. Cuts scenes were limited to Bill Demott telling me I won a contract and The Shield attacking me. Something that should be added is having storylines with cut scenes, and choices that can change the outcomes to each rivalry I endure. It would make going through NXT much less tedious. While I had good matches with many of the Superstars on the roster; it never felt that important. Wrestling fans are drawn to the sport in large part due to the storylines being portrayed in the ring. The SmackDown vs. Raw season modes were always a favorite of mine. While the stories were for the most part following a very linear script; you still got to learn about so many of the characters of the WWE. I see fans wanting a reboot of SmackDown Shut Your Mouth or Here Comes the Pain career modes. I don’t blame them. I would love being able to roam around backstage with the graphics that we are so spoiled over these days. One way we could create a rivalry is by talking smack to someone in the back. And after we have a series of matches the game could even remember us still being rivals. Eventually even go back to it just to revisit or maybe let bygones be bygones and become a tag team. 2K could also expand things further with choosing to be face or heel. The only real way to get the heel bar up in 2K15 was by getting DQs. Using the ropes for leverage meant nothing, as was going to a referee 4 count, and other various heel tactics. If you chose to do those things it should start to incorporate your character into being a heel for rivalries, and possibly get bigger heat for attacking someone backstage. Hell maybe even have a choice to switch heel or face mid storyline to swerve the WWE Universe. There are some other issues I’d like to see addressed, but if 2K can deliver on making captivating storylines; that would be a big step in the right direction.

My Ring

NBA 2K also has a fun feature called My Park. You and millions of other players run around various blacktops and gyms to set up pickup games. You can even make your own squad with your friends to see how you fare with the rest of the community. I think a cool unique way to start up online matches for the WWE franchise would be having an online free roam. Let’s call it My Ring for now. In My Ring I imagine being able train in the performance center; explore a vast majority of arenas, maybe even put some new locations where players can just hit each other with weapons because why not? We would be able to test out new moves, get more acquainted with the game, and maybe create some chaos with other members of the WWE Universe. If you want to start a match with just members of the WWE roster; you can do that on another menu. My Ring should be heavily involved on your My Career Star; or even characters you download off Community Creations.

Create an Entrance Reboot

WWE 2K15 might as well have gotten rid of Create an Entrance. There were only a handful of superstars and diva entrances to choose from; and unlike previous versions you couldn’t splice up different parts of entrances together. I loved being able to have my superstar talking on the phone like Zach Ryder, to all of a sudden have a kendo stick in my hand, and then top it all off with throwing my arms to the ground and Kane’s flames burst on the turnbuckles. It made online play so much more fun. My friends and I would love to show each other what sort of ridiculous or badass things we could make our characters do. Creativity is a driving force in wrestling; and with only scraps to use this year it will be great to have a feast of entrances to have at our disposal.

My Stable

This feature would be incorporated not only in My Ring, but also the online play in general. Imagine you and your friends’ characters walking down to the ring in a cohesive unique entrance. You may have matching gear you spent hours on making. The tag team moves are made especially for your playing style. Your stable can become the most feared team in My Ring. I would like to see this in the upcoming game. Stables are a true joy to watch in wrestling. While playing matches online with friends is fun; it’s never felt complete. Being able to make a team with your friends would keep us invested in WWE 2K16 and beyond. The camaraderie amongst your group would make the gaming experience much more enjoyable. Not only could we climb up the leaderboards, but maybe even compete for some tournaments as well.

Online Tournaments

WWE has provided it’s wrestlers with an excessive amount of tournaments to do battle in. So why not let the WWE Universe go to war in WWE 2K16? I see there being weekly tournaments or monthly. Let’s have tournaments for every active WWE Belt. Screw that we can fight for retired belts, or maybe a made up one. Maybe the ranking system weighs in on what titles you can go after. There can be tournaments for only created wrestlers, and then one where you can pick your favorite superstar or diva. Having these tournaments would keep fans wanting to conquer their opponents for bragging rights; especially if we could have our My Stables do battle. Now what happens when you win a belt? I’d say that you get to defend your title against whoever wins the tournament for your respective championship. They are usually defended on the monthly PPVS so this would make sense. If you defend your title successfully you may have the chance to go after higher ranking belts. If you decide to defend your belt again the next week or month and retain; you can jump ahead to another title. Having fresh modes like this will keep fans logging in an abundance of hours, because who doesn’t love having some bragging rights?

Online Career Mode

While the single player My Career is fun; think of all the pandemonium we can cause by adding our comrades into the mix. Madden, NBA 2K, the NHL series and other sports franchises thrive off having a mode where you can play multiple seasons with your friends, in quest of winning the championship. In WWE Online Career Mode we can pick either created stars or the current stars to purse a multitude of years in becoming the ultimate WWE Superstar or diva. I mean how cool would it be to have a rivalry with your friends, and having a cool storyline to follow it? I can just picture myself cashing in Money in the Bank on a friend who is the current WWE World Heavyweight Champion. If that wouldn’t keep you on your toes, I don’t know what else will. This would be a very hard mode to really perfect. As I’ve mentioned before wrestling is very different from other sports. Not that its’ just pre-determined, but there is so much more to do than just playing your game for the week like Madden. Yes you can do trades and free agency, but you just play your game and see who has the best record. Wins and losses matter in wrestling, but so does your in-ring performance, promos, and connection to the crowd. The question is whether or not you have storylines be linear or very open ended? I feel that if we want the single player experience having an ensemble of options, the online version should be no different. I think each show we compete on can have the same feel as we see on Television in real life. We can open the show with the fancy pyro and videos. After that we could have options of attacking our rival, have the opening match, or somehow have a promo battle. Getting that true WWE production feel would for sure pull us in to play this mode nonstop.

GM Mode

Ah yes, the ever entertaining Be A GM Mode. I can’t even begin to remember how many years of my life I played the SmackDown vs Raw 07 version. Not to mention the fact that I watch my favorite YouTube group newLEGACYinc book their crazy shows on SVR 06. Even though Raw and SmackDown are not separate brands anymore; that’s ok. Because if GM Mode returns we can split up the roster however we want. We can also make it available to be played online. Yes you can still book shows with friends via streaming, but why not make it easier? We can also have a way to re write history by playing as WCW, WWF, or ECW. One thing missing from this I believe is once again showing storylines. In SVR 07 you could hire writers that made certain storylines to try and get over with the audience. Add cut scenes to those said storylines and bam! We have an even deeper experience into this already chaotic mode. The goal of this mode as always would be to have the biggest ratings for you after WrestleMania. You can set it up to have every ppv be for any brand, or keep it so that the big 4 are the only times that you go head to head with your fellow GMs.

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Cory Bender
Cory Bender has been a wrestling fan since he was a mere 10 year old boy. Although he never watched an actual event until he was 14 years old. He learned about the many WWE characters through the old SmackDown VS RAW video games; and was hooked from there on. He is in the midst of publishing a poem collection that involves his wrestling addiction. Be sure to follow him Twitter for his nonstop opinions on wrestling.


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