WWE 2K14 Video Game Review


[adinserter block=”1″]Ever since SmackDown Just Bring it in 2000, I have gone to the shop at release and bought the WWE Games, and they have definitely improved over the years, and on 1st November I went to the shopping center again and picked up the new WWE Game,WWE2K14, here are the ups and downs about the game and my take on the game


  • 30 Years Of WrestleMania Mode
  • a great way to relive the moments from WrestleMania, and if you are new to watching WWE, then it has the video packages to take you through the build of each match and how it lead up to their match up at WrestleMania, There is over 100 Unlockables as well that you unlock within this mode and this is just a truly great mode!
  • The Streak Mode
  • In The Streak Mode, you have the option to defend the streak, or defeat the Undertakers streak, if you choose defend, then it is like a Slobber Knocker match where the match is gauntlet style, and until someone pins you down to the canvas for a 3 count or makes you submit, then you keep defeating the superstars, we will get to the downside of that later on, and if you choose to Defend The Streak, this is no ordinary Undertaker, this is The Undertaker at WrestleMania, he can choke slam you out of nowhere when he is on the mat, or lock you in the hells Gate from the mat and make you submit, and he can even go to the extent of dimming the lights and appearing behind you, like I said, this is Undertaker at WrestleMania, this is no ordinary Undertaker!
  • WWE Universe Mode
  • They have made some fine improvements to WWE Universe Mode, basically in WWE 13 the game did most of the Universe for you, well in WWE2K14, this is your Universe, again they have bought some features back from WWE 13 which was fantastic like creating your own show on any day and customizing the shows, but this time when you create a show,y ou can choose how many matches you want in the show, for Major the minimum is 5 and the maximum is 7 and for minor shows the minimum is 3 matches and the maximum is 7,so that is a cool feature, and my favorite 2 things in WWE Universe mode this year is the rivalry manager which on Raw, SmackDown and any other major show, you can choose a single match between 2 superstars or even a tag team you can make them pit against them in a short rivalry which is 4 weeks, a medium rivalry which is 8 weeks or a long rivalry which is 12 weeks! And the other really good feature in Universe Mode this year is been able to do King Of The Ring on a major or PPV Show! Last year I needed this,but I needed to keep record of it on a piece of paper(and then lost it!) So I am really glad that this is in the game!


  • Online Mode
  • Now it goes onto Online really quickly, but actually finding a match to play or creating your own session can sometimes be very difficult!
  • But this is the only downside to the game!

[adinserter block=”2″]What is the score?

  • Now the review score that I give this game is a 9.1/10!

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