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WWE 24 Seth Rollins: Redesign, Rebuild, Reclaim Review

When I heard last week on Monday night RAW that WWE’s new ‘WWE 24’ documentary was on Seth Rollins’ road to recovery I was very intrigued to say the least. I am super excited that he’s finally returned that I couldn’t wait to jump on to WWE shop and pre order his brand new Redesign, Rebuild, Reclaim t shirt. More on that phrase as I give my full thoughts on what was a fantastically crafted documentary.

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The film goes far beyond Rollins’ rehabilitation phase as it takes a look back at his childhood and life back home in Iowa. The wrestling promotion he started as a teenager performing on his front yard. And sharing his memory on the time he wrestled the phenomenal AJ Styles and how thats inspired Rolllins to give back to the business in the form of his own wrestling school.

Rollins reflects on the past six months and how shocked he was when he fell through with a serious knee injury at a Dublin live event. After a massive 2015, wrestling at his peak night in night out, injuries was the last thing on his mind. However, he soon realised nobody is invincible and it could all end in a heartbeat.

Surgery went well for Rollins according to doctors and straight away we get a glimpse of how passionate Rollins is to get back as soon as humanly possible. After awaking from surgery it’s made clear how emotional he is towards the business. When he claims he doesn’t care who the champion is that he will return, reclaim and do something special. You just can’t not believe in the words his saying, so much truth, so much belief.

After closing last year’s WrestleMania with the championship, it’s made quite clear early on that Seth won’t be apart of Wrestlemaina 32, something he believes he helped build, which really hit him hard. I couldn’t help but feel sympathy for him and his commitment and passion for the business.

Rollins speaks openly about his motto to Redesign, Rebuild, Reclaim which were his initial feelings when coming to terms of the extent of his injury. Rollins doesn’t want to just return to WWE he wants to continue to evolve and bring an exciting edge to his character, he really wants to be the best in the company again.

The first months of Rollins rehabilitation phase seemed agonizing, slow and boring. The process wasn’t easy as Seth was coming to grips of the reality of his injury, being away from the tour and the ring.

Rollins spent some time at home with his dog playing video games. This brought out the normal side of his life outside wrestling. He was able to just zone out at home with friends and escape his rehab for a while.

It was no surprise to me that Rollins’ was a very talented kid from baseball to basketball and of course loved wrestling from an early age. Some great clips were shown of him as a young kid wrestling in his living room with an Ultimate Warriors figure.

Rollins started wrestling on a trampoline and then started filming his own shows in his front yard of Buffalo. That Reminded me a lot like how CM Punk got started in wrestling as they both had a similar path to the WWE.

I laughed at the story about nicking some Rob Van Dam shirts back in the day, and found his old basement very interesting and he spoke about adolescences including wrestling odes to Al Snow.

A fascinating story about wrestling AJ Styles came into play, Styles new from that match that the talent and potential Seth possessed was something unique and special. Styles paid for Seth’s meal afterwards which truly touched him, a simply sentiment that won Rollins over as he gained even more respect towards his idol.

Rollins spends time at his wrestling school and sees it as a platform to give back to the business mentioning that AJ’s meal may have influenced it.

Daniel Bryan’s retirement was a prime example of how important it is for Seth to appreciate what you have. Wrestling similar styles to Bryan shows that you have to enjoy every moment, because you never no when your last match may come.

Cesaro, who was also on the shelf with a shoulder injury keep close tabs with Rollins during his rehabilitation phase. Seth was put through a ‘biodex’ test that measures his endurance. Rollins looked to be in excruciating distress as he kicked through as hard as he can. Results showed him he was still 20% away from full fitness but progress had been made.

Rollins’ confidence grew as the months went by with his goal always being Wrestlemania 32. Not being able to compete at the event just tore through him inside. The biggest weekend of the year just couldn’t end soon enough. His un-doubtable passion for Wrestlemania was exemplified in the pain on his face but John Cena guaranteed he will be back on the grand stage for years to come.

As Wrestlemania festivities came to a close, Rollins could finally continue on his journey at the business en of his rehab. He wasn’t shy on his goal to be back at the top of the company and made it perfectly clear he doesn’t want to be another guy on the roster.

Finally, the former WWE Champion makes it to the performance centre and he can just smell his return is near. Getting back in the ring made him nervous especially falling on his knee. Reclaiming his confidence in himself and is knee was all he needed to make sure he’s 100% ready for his return.

Day 195 arrives and Rollins is long road to recovery hits the pinnacle. The doctor is ready to clear him and you feel a sense of relief and proud of the hard work he’s put himself through both physically and mentally to get back to peak condition.

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Rollins returns after the main event of Extreme Rules, sprinting out just as quick as his money in the bank cash in. You could feel the rush and the electricity of the moment through Rollins’ expression getting a sense that his hard work has payed off, as he now embarks on his ambition to become “the best ever”.

Rollins assures us that his 8 month title reign was the old “Seth Rollins,” and now he has mentally and physically redesigned, rebuilt and he will reclaim.

If you haven’t already, check out the documentary on the network and if your a Rollins fan it’s a must. Great insight of the rigours of recovery and the emotional feelings and thoughts of Seth Rollins journey back to the WWE ring.

What were your thoughts on the documentary? Tweet me @Sherron__Watson or leave a comment down below!

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