WWE 2017 Recap and Awards

Braun Strownman Brock Lesnar

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Greetings and Happy New Year! It’s been a long time since I’ve written an article for the CCB blog. The passing of mother early in 2017, adjusting to being a full time dad, and figuring out the next step of my career have sidetracked my abilities to write articles on a timely occasion. But it’s a new year and a new me. Despite the craziness that is my personal life I managed to keep in the loop of the WWE to dole out my awards and thoughts for 2017. Read, review, and see if you agree with me. If not, that’s ok. Here we go!

Wrestler of the Year: Braun Strowman – No one made as much noise (literally & figuratively) like this guy in 2017; especially in the second half of the year. He made an impact on the main event stage without winning a title. He took Roman Reigns to the brink of destruction while manhandling Brock Lesnar at Summerslam. Winning a title has to inevitable for Strowman.

Most Improved Wrestler: Alexa Bliss – Some of you may do a double take on my selection but consider how much her persona and wrestling skills have improved since moving over to the Raw roster. She was somewhat atrocious in her Smackdown days and early in her feud with Bayley. Today she’s better on the mic while acting like the coward heel literally escaping at times as the champion. Bliss will lost her title eventually; maybe Asuka by Wrestlemania at the latest but you have to give kudos to Bliss.

Tag Team of the Year: Cesaro & Sheamus – I love this team from the get go from trying to get along to becoming the top heel tag team. Let’s hope they continue to remain a tag team in 2018 before returning to singles action.

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Pleasant Surprise of 2017: Jinder Mahal – “What?” is what I know you’re saying with this pick. Yes, Jinder Mahal. Hear me out on this one. I’m not the only one back a long time ago wondering how a big guy like Mahal keeps jobbing on a weekly basis. Whosever idea it was to give him a title run in 2017 was smart. He’s what JBL was years ago. The difference being Mahal having the Singh Brothers (And the Great Khali once) to interfere to help retain his title. I think the smart move would be to move Mahal to the Raw roster after Wrestlemania. That will help his gimmick grow while adding another name to the title picture.

The Black & Blue Award: The Singh Brothers – Have you ever seen two guys take hard bumps like these two to help Mahal retain the Smackdown title? Not recently. I hope they get paid well for all those bumps.

Disappointment of 2017: Austin Aries – Not by any fault of his own but more of the way he was booked. He was a big fan favorite but always lost to Neville to the point where he got frustrated and left the WWE. This is one where the WWE Brass should have listened to the fans and at least given Aries the title around his waist once or twice. Instead, Aries is gone, Neville left which leads to my next category.

The “I Don’t Get It” Award: Enzo Amore – For the only reason that he can talk on the mic I don’t see any other reason people like him. I usually change the channel when he comes on. Unfortunately for me, it looks like he may be holding onto the Cruiserweight title for a while now that Nia Jax is involved in a storyline with Amore. If only Big Cass could return sooner from his injury to continue his beat down on Ezno.

Feud of the Year: Tie between Roman Reigns/Braun Strowman & the New Day/Usos – The feud between Reigns and Strowman was nuts. It went where we never thought it would go. Just when you thought the beat down was over Strowman kept coming back because “I’m not finished with you”. On the other side, Reigns shined in the end but it was one of the more violent feuds since the ECW days. The New Day/Usos feud was flat out entertaining to the point that the tag team title was secondary.

Best Gimmick Change: The Usos – Changing from their ritual dance entrance to the bad ass attitude was genius. I like them better as a heel. Hope it stays that way.

Best Heel: Samoa Joe – Speaking of bad ass, he’s mean and a nuisance to anyone he wrestles. Wrapping up 2017 injuring Dean Ambrose was great way to cap off his heel year. Interestingly enough, Joe’s given all three members of The Shield lots of headaches. After Strowman, Samoa Joe should be a title holder sometime in 2018.
So bring it on 2018! I’m ready to tap my fingers back onto the keyboard with more articles enjoying another year of WWE action. See ya soon….

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