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WWE 2016 Predictions & Assessments

It’s 2016! It’s a time of hope, resolutions, wishes, goals, and dreams will all come our way in the upcoming year. January 2016 begins the biggest four months of the year for the WWE with the Royal Rumble at the end of the month culminating to big one, WrestleMania 32 in Arlington, Texas. Right now we’re thinking who’ll win the Rumble? Who will main event WrestleMania? Will Roman Reigns still be WWE champ by then? Will Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones make himself a special guest referee in his own stadium? What happens for the remainder of the year?

2015 was a year of the usual crew dominating the main event level while a bunch of young prospects from NXT made their debuts in the WWE assuring wrestling fans that the future looks bright. I have no idea what will happen with the roster and what feuds will emerge or flame out over the coming year but I would like to give you my list of specific wrestlers and what my hopes are for them in 2016. It’s just my take but I wonder if you agree or disagree or think I’m nuts. Anything’s possible but I’m just giving my thoughts on the fly. There’s no particular order. I just typed the wrestlers that just entered in my head.

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Bray Wyatt – Over and over again he’s proven to be a top heel and can deliver in his matches. He deserves a WWE title shot and I hope he does so in 2016.

Brock Lesnar – Would be a great fresh feud with Wyatt aside from the obvious matchup against Roman Reigns. Aside from that, back to the usual pursuit of the WWE title.

Samoa Joe – This one fascinates me. It either works or the creative team screws it up big time. It’s a given he’s coming up to the WWE. It’s only a question of when and how high up does he go in his debut year?

Charlotte – Fascinated by her at first and not just because she’s Ric Flair’s daughter but a new face in the Divas division. But it faded out shortly after the Raw segment with Paige bringing up family.

Seth Rollins – It all depends how fast he recovers from his injury. Blessing in disguise as it finally gives Roman Reigns a tryout as champion. Rollins/Reigns is inevitable. Rollins needs to be kept away from The Authority because he’s shone the best that way.

John Cena – Like I hoped in a past article of mine making Cena a heel. I can dream.

Roman Reigns – Hopefully he doesn’t get booed at the Rumble and/or WrestleMania again.

Ric Flair – Continue as a manager and bring more wrestlers in his stable. Great on the mic, plays and dresses the part so well. He reminds me of managers from the 70’s and 80’s.

Neville – Can he please finally break out and break through? The crowd and I love him.

Kevin Owens – Keep pushing this guy! Owens is a rare talent with the combination of size, speed, agility, mic skills, and he’s a great heel. Attacking Dean Ambrose on a recent RAW could be a sign that WWE management may finally give him a push to main event status.

The Miz – I go back and forth on this one. Do I care about him? Does anyone care about him anymore?

Alberto Del Rio – Keep trying to push him as a top heel but not feeling it. All comes down to whether or not the fans embrace him.

League of Nations – Whoever thought of this group I have to give that person(s) credit. It’ll help Del Rio while the other three, Wade Barrett, Sheamus, and Rusev can continue to wreak some serious havoc in 2016. Keep the Authority out of it and let them be!

The Authority – I love Stephanie McMahon as the corporate bad girl following in his father’s footsteps very well. But just like Vince McMahon did back in the day, come back in doses rather that full time. Have faith in your roster and let them stand on their own. If you want to do what’s best for business and more importantly the fans, let the wrestlers take their respective course. You don’t have to hold their hands all the time.

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A.J. Styles – Newly signed to the WWE. Always been a fan of Styles. Should be exciting to see Styles finally make it to the WWE.

New Day – Love them! They can only get better. The only question I have is will they eventually become faces? Does it matter?

Finn Balor – This year’s version of Kevin Owens who can make an impact in the WWE. Seems like a given he’ll be in the WWE soon especially when he predicts winning the WWE title in 2016.

Cesaro & Dolph Ziggler – Memo to WWE Management: Stop dilly dallying and do something with these two guys!

Of course I can’t list the entire roster but I feel these are key players in 2016 and where they go will be interesting. Until then, Happy New Year! We’ll see how close or way off I am in my assessments as the year progresses.

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