New WWE 2014 Hall Of Fame Rumors


The WWE Hall of Fame will induct several new stars on April 5 in New Orleans, LA. The Ultimate Warrior and Jake Roberts are confirmed but a new report reveals a few names that are set to join them on WrestleMania weekend.

[adinserter block=”1″]Dave Meltzer breaks down the latest Hall of Fame rumors in his latest edition of The Wrestling Observer. While we already have two headliners confirmed in the Snake and the Warrior, Meltzer reports that there will be a third headliner. According to Meltzer, “There is said to be a third star of the caliber of Warrior and Jake Roberts.”

So who could it be? We could only speculate right now since Meltzer is keeping his lips sealed. Sting is the obvious choice here. Sting makes sense due to his New Orleans roots working for Bill Watts early in his career. Meltzer speculates that Sting won’t go in until San Jose in 2015 so he is likely out. Bill Goldberg is another guy that comes to mind yet he has no connection with New Orleans. Randy Savage is probably not going in as anything but a headliner. The n.W.o. or Degeneration X maybe?

Meltzer does report that Paul Bearer is scheduled to go into the Hall this year. I don’t think anyone would argue with this choice. The big question here is who inducts him? I would suspect that The Undertaker would make the most sense but he doesn’t break character in public. Kane is a logical backup and will probably be the one to do the honors if I had to place a bet.

Meltzer reports that the WWE are really working hard at trying to get Mr. T into the Hall. According to Meltzer, Mr. T has turned them down in the past. I have heard rumors that the entire first main-event was going to be inducted at one point. Mr. T is another logical choice to me. I would presume that Hulk Hogan would induct T with someone else doing the Warrior honors if this comes to fruition.

Lita is another rumored name in the piece. Again I don’t know who could argue her spot in the Hall of Fame. I would suspect that Trish Stratus would be the one to do the honors although it could go to Stephanie McMahon once again. Lita makes a fine addition to the women’s wing of the Hall in my opinion.

[adinserter block=”2″]I would love to see guys like the Rock and Roll Express, Barry Windham (I know he is in within a group), Big Bossman, Brian Pillman, and even the Midnight Express with Jim Cornette get a spot in the Hall. The Rock and Roll Express and the Midnight group would work with the New Orleans connection. Mike Rotunda may get a spot since he has been a company guy for awhile. Otherwise I am kind of stumped with the rest of this year’s class.

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  1. what about the likes of the steiner brothers?? Legends like Dino Bravo?? Greg Valentine?? Honky Tonk Man?? WCCW stars like Chris Adams, The Freebirds?? Greg Gagne?? Davey Boy Smith?? British Bulldogs?? Hercules?? Nikita Koloff??

  2. Undertaker doesn't break character in public? Didn't you see his confrontation with Lesnar a few years ago? He sure wasn't being the Deadman. He normally (or never) attends the Hall of Fame ceremony. But since he owes his career to Mr. Bearer, I think he would happily attend and induct his good friend.


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