WWE 2014 Elimination Chamber Results: Orton Retains, Wyatts Win


The WWE closed out its pre-network pay per view era with the Elimination Chamber 2014. The show will be remembered for one of the all-time greatest six-man tag team matches in WWE history. While the WWE world title match will get the headlines, the classic between The Shield and the Wyatts was the real story of this event.

[adinserter block=”1″]The Shield vs. The Wyatts was one of the most fun matches the WWE has booked in a long time. The anticipation leading up to the lock up was tremendous. Fans were chanting “This is awesome!” before they did a thing. The match lived up to all expectations and more in my opinion. It was a fantastic match, full of action, with not nearly as much brawling as you would have expected. Ambrose and Rollins were taken out and it was a three-on-one with Reigns on the bad side. Reigns powered out of Sister Abigail and gave Bray the Samoan Drop. Reigns dropped a few of them with Superman punches, but got caught with a Sister Abigail for the pin. This likely sets up Ambrose dumping Reigns from the group for taking the pin.

I can’t say enough great things about this match. It may have been the greatest six-man tag team match in WWE history. Everything clicked and the psychology was just downright brilliant. It is going to be hard to top this for Match of the Year. The match didn’t slow down for a second and the crowd really helped turn this one into a classic. If you didn’t catch the show I’d highly recommend ordering the replay for this match alone. It was fantastic.

One thing I should note is that this was probably the last time we will ever see The Shield team up together as a unit on pay per view, well at least this unit. Roman Reigns is expected to split and undergo a big singles push. What The Shield have done over the last year has been highly underrated and understated. I can’t recall seeing a unit like this have so many consistently very good-great matches in a long time in the WWE. I think we are all losing on this split because no matter how big of a star Reigns becomes, we are all losing out on Shield six-mans. Their run will probably never be fully appreciated since it was short but damn was a great one. It also would have been nice to see the Shield and Wyatt clan feud for another few weeks. A final note on this is that I have little doubt about Roman Reigns being the big babyface star they expect after watching this match.

Randy Orton retained the WWE world championship eliminating Daniel Bryan to win the match. I would call it an average Elimination Chamber match as it wasn’t bad but it wasn’t nearly as exciting as chamber matches in recent past. Orton was the final man to enter the match. Orton was cornered by four men at one point and retreated into a pod and locked himself in. It was pretty funny. Sheamus used a Brogue Kick to break the pod and get to Orton. Cesaro gave Orton a Giant Swing with about 30 rotations. The match started off slow but really started to pick up after Orton had been in for about five minutes. Christian splashed Sheamus from the top of the pod for the first elimination. Daniel Bryan took out Christian shortly thereafter with a flying knee. Cesaro gave Cena a German Suplex while Cena had Bryan over his head. Cena gave Cesaro an AA to the outside on top of the glass. Cena pulled him back in and tapped him out quickly to an STF. Cena had Orton in the STF when the Wyatts cut the power. The Wyatts were in the chamber once the lights came back on. The announcers played if off that they didn’t know if the Wyatts were targeting Cena or Bryan. Bray took out Cena with Sister Abigail. Orton covered Cena for the pin. Kane came down and ordered the Wyatts to the back. Bryan nailed Kane with a flying knee off of the top rope. Bryan had Orton pinned after a knee but Kane grabbed the official as he was counting. Bryan turned around to attack Kane and was RKO’d. Bryan kicked out and the place went crazy! Kane nailed Bryan who turned around into another RKO for the loss.

Batista defeated Alberto Del Rio as expected. The only reason I am mentioning it is because he was brutalized once again by the WWE crowd. They just don’t like him. It’s bad timing for the guy. He is coming back at a time where the fans want something different, not something from the past. I do think he can turn it around with a big heel run if they decide to pull the trigger on it in 2014. Chris Jericho was a flop when he returned in 2007 and turned it around in 2008. Circumstances were different but he needs to do something. It is going to be an ugly scene in New Orleans at this rate.

It appears things are still on track for WrestleMania with Batista vs. Orton and Cena vs. Bray Wyatt. Bryan has been rumored to be wrestling Triple H but it sure looks like they are going with a battle of Team Hell No. So not a whole lot of changes tonight and while the results were predictable, the six-man made this a must-see in my opinion.

[adinserter block=”2″]Full WWE 2014 Elimination Chamber results & winners…
Randy Orton defeated Daniel Bryan, Sheamus, John Cena, Christian, and Cesaro to win the Elimination Chamber and retain the WWE world title
Batista defeated Alberto Del Rio
Cameron defeated AJ Lee via DQ
The Wyatts defeated The Shield
Titus O’Neil defeated Darren Young
New Age Outlaws defeated the Usos to retain the WWE tag team titles
Big E. defeated Jack Swagger to retain the WWE I-C title
The Rhodes brothers defeated Curtis Axel and Ryback

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