WWE 2013 Royal Rumble Predictions: 10 Surprise Entrants


One of the most fun parts of the WWE Royal Rumble is the surprises. WWE fans are generally treated to a legend or returning superstar. Let’s make some predictions and take a look at some possible surprises in this year’s match.

[adinserter block=”1″]Last year’s Rumble surprise entrants were quite a disappointment compared to the 2011 Rumble which saw Kevin Nash and Booker T return to the WWE as surprise Rumblers. Early reports are that this year’s Rumble could see more surprises than fans saw last year. I can only go up from Michael Cole can’t it?

I wanted to take a quick look at some surprise entrants for the 2013 Rumble. I tried to keep my choices limited to guys that could actually return to the Rumble as opposed to make nonsensical picks. Someone who is under a contract elsewhere or medically unable to perform won’t make the list. So with that said, let’s make some predictions and try and narrow down the list of possible surprise WWE Rumble participants.

Tommy Dreamer – The Hardcore icon recently returned to his old stomping grounds of Philadelphia for a recent RAW event. I have heard rumors that Dreamer has already been signed for the match so this prediction may be a bit of a cheat. The return makes sense and while I wouldn’t expect him to win, I would expect a fun showing from the former ECW champion.

Matt Hardy – I went out on a limb and predicted Hardy would come back last year and was surprised that he didn’t. I don’t think this year’s prediction is that bold in that a return makes a lot of sense. Matt still has a lot of fans out there and while relations didn’t end well between Hardy and the WWE, Matt has turned his life around over the last year. He’s done a fantastic job of taking care of himself in and out of the ring and I’d love to see him rewarded for all of his hard work with a Rumble appearance.

Kaval – Here is where I start to go out on a limb a little bit. Recent reports indicate that Low Ki’s status in New Japan Pro Wrestling is up in the air. While Kaval’s run in the WWE would certainly go down as a disappointment, I think there is a change in philosophy right now regarding guys like him. The WWE has been much more aggressive in going after talented guys on the independents regardless of size. It would not shock me to see him make a return if not at the Rumble, by WrestleMania.

MVP – Montel Vontavious Porter is a guy that often comes up when we talk about returning WWE superstars on the CCB. MVP has reportedly been flirting with a WWE return in recent months. While he has said in the past that he’d never go back, he certainly seems a lot more open to it these days. I think he’d get a nice response coming back and he could certainly add more depth to the undercard.

Shelton Benjamin – Benjamin is another guy like Kaval and MVP who has been rumored to be heading back to the WWE. Benjamin recently asked to be released from his ROH contract so he could negotiate with the WWE. Even if it is for one night, Benjamin is exciting and could provide some really exciting moments in this year’s Rumble if he comes back. No word on whether he’ll be back with or without his mother.

John Morrison – John Morrison has dropped off the radar since leaving the WWE a few months ago after the two failed to come to terms on a new deal. If you remember, it was in the 2011 Rumble when Morrison put on a one-man stunt show that brought the house down. This is his niche and I think for one night, the WWE brings him back and lets the Rock Star go wild.

Dusty Rhodes – Here is where we get into the fun legends. Dusty is still a big part of the WWE behind the scenes in creative. I think it would be a fun moment to see Dusty have some kind of standoff with the Rhodes Scholars. All Dusty has to do is a few wiggles and an elbow and people will be happy. I don’t know about you but I’d love to see the Dream back for one night.

[adinserter block=”2″]Vader – Vader made a huge impression when he came back last year and squashed Heath Slater on Monday Night RAW. Vader is old but he can still move and the fans absolutely loved him. The WWE reportedly very impressed with his performance and crowd reaction. How fun would it be to see him come out while 3MB are in the ring?

The New Age Outlaws – Here are your final two surprises. The Outlaws recently hit the road and wrestled on a WWE house show. Both guys are working behind the scenes for the WWE so at least Road Dogg will be around to begin with. I can’t imagine them being in long but I am sure they’d bring the house down once they walked out the curtain.

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    • Not going to happen… WWE will not touch Hardy with a ten foot pole. His drug problems over the past couple years, coupled with the fact that he really upset people in upper management means he'll never get rehired. Let's go over what he did to get himself fired… Insulted people in upper management… Showed Mysterio without his mask on… Finally broke into a production truck…

      Also Shelton Benjamin isn't returning to WWE any day soon. He reformed his tag team with Haas in ROH, and turned down a contract offer with WWE several weeks ago. I think Benjamin is content with tag team wrestling, and he performs better when coupled with Haas anyways.

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