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WWE 2012 Elimination Chamber Predictions – The SmackDown Chamber Winner

2012 Elimination ChamberThe 2012 WWE Elimination Chamber pay per view may be one of the most intriguing of the year. With a surprise Royal Rumble 2012 winner already in the books, anything can happen in the SmackDown WWE world championship Elimination Chamber match.

The Elimination Chamber matches and pay per views can be hit and miss. While most are misses in my opinion, last year’s was one of my favorite WWE events of 2011. Last year;s SmackDown chamber match was one of my top picks for Match of the Year. It was just outstanding! This year’s match has just as much potential, if not more.

I thought I’d have some fun and take a look at the chances that each top prospect has of winning the WWE championship match using Vegas odds. Of course take these odds for what you will as I had Sheamus listed as a 50-1 long shot of winning this year’s Royal Rumble. Nobody ever accused me of being a savvy handicapper.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Chamber match, six guys will compete inside of an enclosed cage. The match is wrestled under elimination rules and anyone can be pinned in the end to decide a new WWE champion. The match does not end until five men are eliminated by pin or submission.

Of course things can and likely will change from now until the event in terms of injuries, card placement, and even champions. With that said, let’s place some WWE bets!

Daniel Bryan vs. Wade Barrett vs. The Big Show vs. Cody Rhodes vs. The Great Khali vs. Randy Orton for the WWE world heavyweight championship

Daniel Bryan – My first inclination was to go with Randy Orton, yet Bryan seems to make the most sense. Right now Bryan’s gimmick is that he is barely winning his matches and retaining his championship. The Elimination Chamber match sets up a number of scenarios which allow that to continue. I like Bryan retaining and going on to WrestleMania 28 to rematch Sheamus, but only this time for the WWE world heavyweight championship.

Odds: Even

Randy Orton – Orton was my choice to win the Royal Rumble and as you know by now, I couldn’t have been more wrong. I just get the feeling that something big is brewing with Orton for WrestleMania 28, bigger than a grudge match with Wade Barrett. It would certainly not shock me to see Orton win the match, but I just think Bryan makes the most sense. Plus, his previous matches with Sheamus didn’t exactly set the world on fire. I’ll give him good odds, but if I were a betting man I’d probably still go with the current champion.

Odds: +115

Wade Barrett – Finally, the WWE are giving Barrett the push that so many of us have been waiting for over the last year. Barrett is back to being pushed as a top guy and is probably hotter than he has been since his feud with John Cena. Barrett winning would be interesting, but would Vincent Kennedy McMahon really okay a Barrett vs. Sheamus match for a world championship at WrestleMania 28? It wouldn’t completely shock me like seeing R-Truth win the RAW match, but it certainly is not expected.

Odds: +386

Cody Rhodes – If Show’s WrestleMania 28 match wasn’t already leaked, I’d give him the worst odds of anyone in the match. That isn’t to say that I am not a fan because I do like his work, but the reality is that Cody Rhodes is booked to be a mid to high-mid carder for life. At times I think he can be overrated and yet other times he’ll pull a match out that puts him right back on the map. I think he’ll have a strong showing but there is very little chance he goes to Miami with the brand championship around his waist.

Odds: +725

The Great Khali – Khali is a late addition to the match, resulting in Mark Henry’s temporary leave of absence. Khali is back, he is fresh, and normally that means a renewed super push. However, I can’t imagine even Vince McMahon as demented as he can be at times, green lighting Khali vs. Sheamus for a major WWE championship at WrestleMania. No Mercy or Vengeance, absolutely, but not the biggest show of the year! I can’t say I’d be completely surprised to see him win because size does matter to the boss, yet I just don’t see it right now.

Odds: +777

The Big Show – If this were a month ago, I’d give the giant great odds of wrestling for the championship at WrestleMania 28. Unfortunately the word has gotten out that Show is already booked to wrestle former NBA megastar Shaq in Miami. Could the WWE really make that a WWE world heavyweight championship match? Quite honestly I think they should, but that would leave Sheamus out in the cold. I’d expect to see Kofi winning the RAW match before watching Show have his hand raised at the Elimination Chamber event.

Odds: +913

Elimination Chamber 2012

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