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Chris JerichoHello readers! As some time I thought of doing an article, or articles, giving out “awards,” but instead, I thought that I would do a 2010 predictions piece, because I always love reading other people’s ideas for the incoming year. So I guess this is what I just described, a 2010 predictions piece because I love reading a prediction piece!

I feel like the year 2010 will be the year of three newer superstars in the WWE. Which three? Current United States Heavyweight Champion, the Miz, the current Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion Drew McIntyre, and current WWE Heavyweight Champion, Sheamus. And also for another superstar, which shouldn’t be a surprise, Chris Jericho!

Is 2010 the year of the Miz?

[adinserter block=”1″]Maybe, just maybe, could be the year for Mike Mizanin. Why would I say that? This man showed his skills as a tag team performer with John Morrison at the end of last year and the beginning of this year, and for the most part, showed his single skills on Monday Night Raw.

Even though he was buried with his feud with John Cena right away, I feel the Miz came back after he finally won the United States Championship. I feel like this helped him tons. Why? I feel like with the United States title, the Miz is finally being taken as a singles competitor and are forced to see him every Monday night on Raw. I do feel like it’s a shame if he isn’t on the pay-per-view line-up, because this man has a lot to offer.

I believe that this year is the year of the Miz. I believe that this man will get a couple of WWE or World Heavyweight title shots, and maybe, would be a World champ when 2010 is where 2009 is at, wrapping up. Would that happen? We have to wait and see. Could this help draw in new viewers and bring back some old? It would. The Miz has a lot to offer, and I feel like 2010 is the year that the Miz will be a main eventer and will become World Champion before 2010 is done!

Will 2010 be dominated by Drew McIntyre?

[adinserter block=”2″]This man I don’t know too much about. Which could be taken as a good thing, but this man showed why he is McMahon’s personal choice to be World Champion some day, and if McMahon wants him as World Champion, he will be World Champion.

But I feel like at the Survivor Series 2009, Drew McIntyre was able to show off what he could do in the traditional Survivor Series elimination match where he, the Miz (team Captain), and Sheamus, were sole survivors. Both Sheamus and McIntyre got two victories each. I feel with such, this man was rolling in to win a singles title shortly thereafter.

And such did happen. McIntyre won the Intercontinental Heavyweight title from John Morrison. I feel that McIntyre will be dominating the mid-card and holding the Intercontinental Heavyweight title for the better part of 2010, and 2010 will be the breakout year for Drew McIntyre. Will he be in the main event by the end of the year? I think that may be a stretch, but if he keeps up the showing he’s been doing in the last month, it will happen soon.

2010 the year of the Irish Warrior, Sheamus?

The Celtic Warrior shocked everyone when he put then WWE Heavyweight Champion John Cena through a table at WWE TLC on December 13th, 2009, and one person he surprised was I. I never thought this man will hold a singles title, more less a World title by the end of this year, how he debuted on June 30th, 2009 on ECW on SyFy.

This man, on the December 14th edition of Raw, won the Slammy for the Breakthrough Superstar of 2009. As well as being Triple H’s workout buddy, I feel that had something to do with this guy getting the push that he got. Does he deserve it? He is talented in the ring. And at least the title is off of Cena. I will admit, I would rather see Cena as a challenger to a new guy over a new guy facing Cena for the title and getting buried. So for once, thank you Triple H.

But no one can take anything away from Sheamus. His character is new for the business today and if done right, his man could be the WWE Champion for a good part of 2010. And maybe this man could walk into WrestleMania XXVI as WWE Champion. But either way, Sheamus is walking into 2010 as WWE Champion, and could very well be on top for a long, long time!

Will 2010 be the year where Triple H quits holding him down…Chris Jericho!

An underrated superstar that I’ve been singing the praises for a long time is Chris Jericho. To keep mater short and sweet, this man is the first Chris Jericho. Currently, a five-time World Champ, a nine-time Intercontinental Champ, held the undisputed tag titles for the better part of the year with the Big Show. Held the European and the Hardcore titles before. And a guy that was held down by Triple H for, like, ever.

But I feel like in 2010, this guy will get the main event push that I feel like he deserves. I hope that this guy gets a longer World title run, longer meaning longer than six months, for the fact that he’s been held down for years because of backstage politics of Triple H.

Pushing that behind and into the past, Chris Jericho is no joke. 2010 will be the year of the honest man. 2010 will be heavily dominated by Chris Jericho in the main event scene, and will be heavily dominated by Chris Jericho as World Champion!


As a result, and putting my crystal ball down, these are the men I fell like will breakout and shine this coming year in 2010. Let’s keep our eyes on these men. 2010 will be the top stars come the end of December next year. This is Eric Darsie from Minnesota, packing up his crystal ball for next year, goodbye, and have a great new year!

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