WWE TLC 2010 Flashback: Edge Wins 10th Title, John Cena Gets Revenge

WWE TLC 2010
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Originally published December 20, 2010 – WWE TLC 2010 is in the books and the results aren’t to surprising for studious WWE fans that have followed the company closely in 2010. Edge winning hiss 10th WWE world title and what is likely the end of the best WWE feud of 2010 are what TLC 2010 will be remembered for.

In arguably the biggest story of the night, John Cena made a triumphant return and showed no ring rust after being laid off for almost a full month! Cena defeated WWE Nexus leader Wade Barrett in a Chairs Match via Attitude Adjustment on the chairs. The way the scene ended after the match it appeared as if the feud was over. Barrett was buried under dozens of chairs as the show went off the air.

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I am real disappointed in how the Wade Barrett and Nexus vs. John Cena angle played out. The start of the angle was one of the best WWE RAW moments in years. The idea of playing it out with the stip they laid out at Survivor Series was just great. But to abandon the stip before the next event and end the feud immediately thereafter is a real bummer. There was some serious potential here to turn Cena heel or at least keep him a member of Nexus until WrestleMania. Unfortunately it will be business as usual instead for the WWE and John Cena.

Edge won his 10th WWE world championship, his sixth WWE world heavyweight title which is a record by defeating Kane, Alberto Del Rio, and Rey Mysterio in a brutal TLC Match. In my opinion this was the best match of the night. Edge climbed to the top and grabbed the belt after all three men were laid out. Hopefully this will finally end the Edge vs. Kane feud which unlike the Cena vs. Nexus feud has been extremely disappointing.

I really love the job that the WWE is doing with Alberto Del Rio. His character is fresh and they haven’t had him lose yet in a way that will hurt his long term credibility. The feud with Del Rio vs. Mysterio is also one of the more exciting aspects of the WWE right now. I expect huge things out of Alberto Del Rio in 2011 from the WWE.

In the WWE title match you probably didn’t care about, The Miz retained the WWE championship by defeating Randy Orton with a bit of a screwjob in a Tables Match. Once again you have a world champion here that hasn’t even beaten anyone and will continue to be seen as a paper champion ala: CM Punk 2007. The finish saw The Miz shove Alex Riley into Randy Orton who fell off of the ring apron through a table, thus ending the match. I will say this. This was probably the best Randy Orton match I have seen in a long time but then again that isn’t saying a whole lot.

John Morrison defeated Sheamus in a Ladder Match to become the No. 1 contender for the WWE championship. This was a great match and almost reminded me of watching The Rock vs. Triple H at SummerSlam 1998 thinking I was watching future WWE headliners. The result makes The Miz vs. John Morrison for the WWE championship at the Royal Rumble, a battle of former tag team partners. I like the idea of the fresh main event, but still not buying The Miz altogether.

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The last few months of Sheamus’ WWE career have been disappointing. Sheamus went from being on top of the world as the WWE superstar that put out Triple H to constantly losing on television and failing to win big matches on pay per view. I am not sure if he is in the dog house or it is just coincidence, but it appears that the WWE is purposely trying to squash the momentum Sheamus had going. Considering that the end result of the Triple H feud will likely be Hunter going over, you have to wonder why the WWE would purposely try and kill off one of the hottest acts they had at the start of 2010.

Full 2010 WWE TLC PPV results
Edge defeated Kane, Rey Mysterio and Alberto Del Rio
John Cena defeated Wade Barrett (Chairs Match)
WWE Champion The Miz defeated Randy Orton (Tables Match)
John Morrison defeated Sheamus (Ladder Match)
WWE Tag Team Champions Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov defeated Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel (Disqualification)
Divas Champion Natalya and Beth Phoenix defeated Team Lay-Cool (Divas Tag Team Tables Match)
Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler defeated Kofi Kingston and Jack Swagger (Triple Threat Ladder Match)

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