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Flashback – WWE 2010 Draft Winners and Losers

Originally published in 2010 – Well what can I say… the 2010 WWE Draft didn’t really produce any big surprises with the draft picks. Although I believe in the end this draft helped a lot more people then hurt them.


John Morrison – I have to say I was shocked with this pick. On WWE Smackdown I was expecting to probably be in the hunt for Jack Swaggers’ world title, I guess that is not going to happen. I don’t know whether Morrison will stay stuck in the mid-card of Raw or challenge John Cena for the world title. I’d love to see a Cena and Morrison feud. But first I believe he’ll feud with the Miz or the U.S. Title.

R -Truth – With Truth I don’t really understand why he did not stay on Smackdown. I’m afraid he’ll get lost in the mix on Raw. I really don’t see him getting past a U.S. title reign. Unless creative comes up with something I don’t see this being a good pick -up for RAW. An interesting idea is have him keep his rapper gimmick and have Cena do all his rapping back from his early WWE days. Now that’s a way to keep him active on RAW. Will that happen I don’t think so, but hey it could happen.

Edge – I was shocked with this pick. I had Jericho going to Raw but not Edge. I did see Edge being the next person to challenge Jack Swagger for the world title. I think Edge could bring out a lot of good in Swagger which would benefit Swagger. With him being on RAW I see Edge still possibly feuding with Jericho. An interesting thought is Edge and John Cena teaming up against Chris Jericho and somebody else. But I guess with Edge turning heel (again, after 3 months of being face) I guess that will not happen.

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Chris Jericho – I knew this was going to happen! He will be feuding with Cena. I believe he will be the top heel with Batista probably leaving. With Edge turning heel I can see Cena and somebody else feuding against Jericho and Edge. Though I expect to see a PPV main event be John Cena vs. Jericho vs. Edge.

Great Khali – I really question why he still has a job? I know Vince likes his wrestlers big! My question is when the last time he wrestled. Last I remember was him being eliminated by Beth Phoenix in the Royal Rumble. No offense to Beth but why should you be in WWE if you were eliminated by a diva?

Zeke Jackson – From the little I saw this guy in ECW I was impressed with his wrestling skills, though the mic skills need a little bit of work. Once he gets back from his injury I see him being put on the mid -card.

Goldust – Why is he still in the company? Besides his pop Dusty being there. He’s only going to do the job and I would not be surprised to see him get his pink slip.

Hart Dynasty – I was ecstatic to see them win the Unified tag titles! I’m a big fan of the wrestling family dynasty’s. They include the Von Erich’s, Anoai family, and of course the Harts. I had doubts that without Bret we would not see much of them, but with Uncle Bret coming back it did them some good. Their biggest problem is they are a tag team which is not as important as it once was. Though I doubt Vince and creative will put a focus on tag team wrestling again. I truly hope so because I’m huge on this team and I’ve always been a fan of tag team wrestling. Can’t forget Natalya either, remember her being the person Michelle McCool beat to become the first diva’s champ. Hopefully we see a “true” womens wrestler become champion.


Kelly Kelly – With Mickie James being released I knew a face diva was going to be drafted to align with Beth Phoenix to battle with Team Laycool. In my opinion Kelly will really benefit with being drafted to Smackdown. On Raw she was constantly jobbing, and she was not considered a top face on Raw. Now on Smackdown she is the number 2 face.

Big Show – With Show I never know what to think what WWE will do with him. I think they will push him for a world title shot. From what I saw on the draft episode I think he’ll be a face. From how he talked to Teddy I think we’ll see him be face. I remember him being managed by Paul Heyman when he was GM. I expect something similar.

Kofi Kingston – I thought we were going to see Kofi being fighting for a World title on Raw. You would think feuding with Randy Orton would help somebody like Kofi. Well we all know how great creative does with some of these up and comers! Now that he’s on Smackdown we can possibly see him compete with Jack Swagger for the world title.

Christian – When ECW was cancelled and we knew they would move all of the superstars from ECW would go to Raw or Smackdown. I thought Christian would be a better fit on Smackdown, but of course he goes to Raw. Does that surprise me…. No! He deserves to be world champion. He would just be mid-carding on Raw. I’m glad to say he is now on Smackdown where I hope he gets a well deserved world title reign(s).

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Chavo Guerrero – WWE never knew how to use him. I wish he would just quit WWE. I feel bad for him because he is a great wrestler. I’m afraid to say WWE will pretty much do nothing with him, shame on you WWE.

Cody Rhodes – I knew this was going to happen! I feel it would be better for Cody to be separated from Ted DiBiase. I feel WWE likes DiBiase more than Rhodes. You can have DiBiase be the up and comer on Raw and have Rhodes do that same thing on Smackdown. This is another person who is a winner in the draft. Just wait and see.

Chris Masters – I don’t know why they rehired Masters, they have done nothing with him. Besides his pec dance he has done nothing. I expect the same on Smackdown.

Hornswoggle – Why is he still employed? Chavo Guerrero rep is being ruined by Woggle (My name for Hornswoggle.) He is here just for giggles and I’m not a fan of that. Pink Slip please!

Rosa Mendes – Now that she is on Smackdown she’ll be given the role Kelly Kelly had on Raw and that is job a lot. I expect to see loses against Beth Phoenix and Kelly Kelly and maybe even Tiffany. What else can I say, maybe a 3rd member of Team LayCool?

MVP – First off he should have never went to Raw in the first place, as a result his momentum was ruined and has not done that much. He was a success on Smackdown and I’m guessing he’ll return to that form again.

Full 2010 WWE Draft results from RAW…

1. Kelly Kelly was drafted to Smackdown.
2. Big Show was drafted to Smackdown.
3. John Morrison was drafted to Raw.
4. R -Truth was drafted to Raw.
5. Edge was drafted to Raw.
6. Kofi Kingston was drafted to Smackdown.
7. Christian was drafted to Smackdown.
8. Chris Jericho was drafted to Raw.

WWE Supplement Draft Results…
Cody Rhodes to Smackdown
Chavo Guerrero to Smackdown
Great Khali & Ranjin Singh to Raw
Natalya to Raw
Chris Masters to Smackdown
Ezekiel Jackson to Raw
Goldust to Raw
Hornswoggle to Smackdown
Rosa Mendes to Smackdown
David Hart Smith & Tyson Kidd to Raw
MVP to Smackdown

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  1. i cant believe tht the great khali is still in wwe the only thing he did was tht stupid kiss cam in the ring and tht took away alot of time for the other wrestlers .

    hornswoggle the only thing he can do is throw stuff at other wrestlers and he certainly cant wrestle. he only came t the wwe because of he " father" was in it.

    chavo guerrero is not a good wrestler he only came to the wwe after the death of eddie guerrero


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