WWE Week In Review: 03/08-14/2010


Chris JerichoTo be dead honest with you guys, it’s been hard for me to remember what happened this past week for WWE television. After giving it some thought, the only thing I enjoyed was the whole Mr McMahon versus John Cena match from last week.

Why would I like the match where McMahon didn’t do much and had several superstars come in and beat up Cena, just for McMahon can pick up an easy victory? I’ve always been a fan of seeing McMahon get in the ring and having a match. Yes, granted his matches aren’t the best, but how many bosses do you know who’ll do what his/her employees do on a nightly bases?

[adinserter block=”1″]Other than that, I don’t think last week in the WWE was worthwhile to note. Like said, I don’t think there was nothing special from last week.

Then on Smackdown this past week when Chris Jericho brought back the Highlight Reel on Smackdown, he had Edge on as a guest. This made me smile.

Jericho is one of the best talkers, ever, and Edge is pretty good on the mic himself. Edge brought up that he’s going to spear Jericho at WrestleMania and win the World Heavyweight Championship. When it came down to it, at the end of the night, Jericho had the last laugh. When Edge went for a spear, Jericho hit him with the World Heavyweight Championship, grabbed a mic, and started to chant “spear!”

Check out the Highlight Reel. A really good segment.

But all-in-all, I thought this week was kind of boring. If it wasn’t for the McMahon/Cena match, and the Highlight real from this past week, I probably wouldn’t have done a week in review article. This is Eric Darsie from Minnesota, goodbye!

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