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WWE Week In Review: 01/25-01/31/2010

Chris JerichoNormally the week before the pay-per-view, I would discuss the “Go Home” week for the World Wrestling Entertainment. Some things did shock me this past week on the WWE television. Such things that did surprise me was Triple H and Shawn Michaels both having matches on Friday Night SmackDown, where Triple H fought CM Punk and Shawn Michaels fought Rey Mysterio.

The reason why it surprises me is because that Shawn Michaels has Wednesday mornings dedicated to his bible studies down in his hometown with his church. And whatever Triple H gets, he wants. But I won’t go on a rant about Triple H. As of writing this piece, the Royal Rumble hasn’t happened yet, but I kind of have a feeling that I will be ranting about Triple H after the Rumble. Be prepared for that and be ready for that.

For me, the biggest story has to come out of Kenton County, Kentucky. As most of you, I am sure, heard of already, either reading it here with Eric Gargiulo’s piece about it end of last week or elsewhere, Chris Jericho and “the Hurricane” Shane Helms got arrested for public intoxication.

[adinserter block=”1″]Matt Hardy was tied in with it, but was nowhere to be found, and reported by Dave Meltzer on one of the Wrestling Observer podcasts, it sounded like Matt Hardy tweeted about what happened, but it was deleted right away after it was posted. To pull a line from Michael Cole, and for my friends, to pull a line from myself, “Vintage Matt Hardy” for going on and tweeting about what happened. Maybe just maybe Matt Hardy should become the official spokesperson for

I feel like I cannot report anything more about what happened. Like stated above, as writing this piece, it is reported by Bryan Alvarez that the Hurricane is taken off of the Rumble match. That’s a major blow for the Hurricane. And he was reported to be’s Superstar of the Day, until the office got wind that what was reported, and he was taken off. Sorry for not having the day of which Hurricane was the Superstar of the Day.

I am disappointed in Jericho because this past Tuesday the fourth album of his band Fozzy came out. I will admit, Fozzy – Chasing the Grail is a jam packed album. I am in love with the album, I am a huge fan of the other three albums, “Fozzy,” “Happenstance,” and “All That Remains,” they all bring Fozzy to a different table which all consists of rock ‘n’ roll!

Looking past that point, Jericho is a veteran backstage. I’ve ranted before that Triple H has something against Jericho and such, and if that’s true, now Triple H has more firing power to use against Jericho. Jericho was one of my picks for the Rumble match, and now going into the Rumble, I may reconsider choosing someone else for the Rumble [as mentioned before, I am writing this piece before the Rumble. To be honest with you readers, I am writing this before 10am central on Saturday].

[adinserter block=”2″]As a huge Jerichoholic, I really feel I cannot defend Jericho’s actions. Dave Meltzer, Bryan Alvarez, and Lance Storm all discussed on their different podcasts for the Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Daily, they all feel that they were drunk, wanted to do a drunk wrestling match in the backseat of a cab, and the cabdriver got nervous on what to do, so he pulled over at a gas station and called the cops to have them come and help out, and whatever happened, happened. I am saddened that this did happen, because like said, I am a huge Jericho fan, and I am neutral on Helms and Hardy. Well with Hardy and Helms, I really never got behind them and if they were stupid enough to let something like this happen, it should be on their head, as well as Chris Jericho.

But to conclude this piece, I want to say that we shouldn’t hold this against these men’s in-ring work. We should leave what they do in the ring in the ring, and what they do outside there. Like for Ric Flair, he lost a lot of respect to a lot of people. Me, I still think he’s great. I do not hold what crap he has done since WrestleMania XXIV to his 36 year career beforehand. So let’s try our best on do the same with these men and let’s hope they don’t get possible pushes that was planned before hand. This is Eric Darsie from Minnesota, enjoying listen to the song “Wormwood” off the “Chasing the Grail” album of Fozzy, goodbye!

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