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WWE In Review: 01/18/2010 to 01/24/2010

Triple H & Shawn MichaelsThis past week in the WWE, we saw Don Johnson be in the corner of DX and Hornswoggle when they faced the Miz-Show (the Miz and the Big Show), and Napoleon Dynamite, er, I mean Jon Heder.

To be dead honest with you guys, I am starting to get tired of seeing DX in the main event of Raw every week. The reason why I am is because they keep getting victories after victories that I feel that they don’t need. They are already over. They are the unified tag team champions. I guess this week they needed something to do when Jericho is finally off of Raw and they cannot make him look like a fool any longer. Thank you WWE Creative. As a huge Jericho fan, I’m tired of seeing Jericho lose every week to DX in a “if Jericho looses again this week, he’s off Raw for good” for the who-knows-the-number-of-times-they-did-that-crap!

Anyways, at the end, we saw Big Show squashing Napoleon and Hornswoggle doing the Tadpole Splash onto the Big Show, then the Big Show “rolled” off of Napoleon and then Hornswoggle picking up the victory.

At the end of Raw, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, John Cena, and the Big Show all stated that they are entering into the Rumble match itself. This year, I hope Triple H and John Cena get entered into the Rumble early on and get eliminated early on as well. After each passing week, my hatred towards both men strengthen, for Triple H has a lot of political power for being the bosses son-in-law and Cena is the company’s boy, they will never put him down. I find that to be a lot of totally bull crap.

And over on SmackDown, Rey Mysterio and the Undertaker had a face-to-face meeting. It ended with Batista attacking Mysterio. Big deal.

Nothing special with ECW other than Santino was the special guest host of the “Abraham Washington Show” and ECW Champion Christian defeated William Regal by disqualification. That pisses me off as well, why hasn’t WWE Creative put the stupid ECW Championship on William Regal yet? I bet ECW would get more ratings with Regal as Champ. Regal as Champ would help bring in people to watch it because Regal can pull off one of those champs that people pay to see his opponent put him to the limit and try to take the title off of him. They should do that! People may want to watch ECW. I may stop going to volleyball every Tuesday night to watch so if Regal gets the strap!

I don’t know, I really feel like nothing to special news wise came from the WWE this week, which is unusual, especially with the Royal Rumble is just around the corner in six days. But we’ll see, I guess. But for now, this is Eric Darsie from Minnesota, taking a break from doing the homework, goodbye!

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