Thanksgiving wrestling memories – WWE Survivor Series 1993: Inside The Wheelhouse


For some reason when I think of Wrestling and Thanksgiving I immediately think of one event in particular. I don’t know why I think of this event when it comes to Wrestling and Thanksgiving but I do. Now most of you are probably thinking of a historic Starrcade or maybe the first Survivor Series. While they all had their moments on Thanksgiving there is one event in particular that stands out in my mind when it comes to Thanksgiving & Wrestling to this day.

For me the event I speak of is the 1993 WWF Survivor Series. The event was held on Thanksgiving Eve and was headlined by “The All-Americans vs. “The Foreign Fanatics.” Now you may be asking yourself, as you should be why does this event stand out to me the most when it comes to Thanksgiving Wrestling traditions?

The event itself wasn’t all that great. The matches weren’t over the top amazing and left us with any “Survivor Series moments.” But for one personal reason I will tell you why this event stood out to me.

[adinserter block=”2″]Being born in 1986, yep I’m showing my age here and don’t expect me to do this kind of stuff when I get older, it was my first Wrestling Pay-Per-View I could watch live. I was seven at the time and any other time I would watch Wrestling PPV’s it would be on VHS a couple months later. But this was my first time being able to watch a Wrestling PPV live.

I was heartbroken when Owen Hart got mad at Bret Hart because families aren’t supposed to fight on Holidays! How could Owen do this to his family on a Holiday? Would he be at Thanksgiving? I would only find out years later that family’s fighting on holidays is actually the number one tradition in most households.

Oh and by the way here folks, wrestling at the time, was still real to me…damn it.

I didn’t understand why Shawn Michaels was leading “The King” Jerry Lawler’s team at Survivor Series that night. As time grew on and thanks to Google & Wikipedia I would later find out how much Lawler was legally in at the time. Talk about awkward foreshadowing as the history between Bret Hart & Shawn Michaels was well documented up to Survivor Series 1993.

I enjoyed the Four Doinks vs. Bam Bam Bigelow’s team. Seeing Men on a Mission and The Bushwhackers in Doink makeup was fun for a seven year old to watch. Looking back at it the match was horrible but the execution was great for a young kid. Now at 24 years old I realize that “Evil Doink” was actually a really cool character and could have been ahead of it’s time in the edge factor if they kept going with the gimmick.

Finally the show was wrapped up with “The All-American’s” led by Lex Luger taking on “The Foreign Fanatics” led by the then WWF Champion the late-great Yokozuna. While the team names were extremely corny, I was hyped for the match. It would be the long awaited rematch of Luger and Yokozuna getting back in the ring since Summerslam 1993.

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When you look back at the Luger/Yokozuna feud it really was a let down, even more so that Luger really never got his revenge back at Yokozuna and never became WWF Champion like it appeared he would eventually be. While Luger first appeared to be the new Hulk Hogan that Vince McMahon was looking for, it quickly turned into what would be Luger’s downfall in the WWF. This Survivor Series was the start of the end of the rise of Luger in the WWF.

The event in actuality didn’t continue the Luger/Yokozuna feud as it fed us The Undertaker/Yokozuna feud and the Ludvig Borga/Lex Luger feud. While Yokozuna and The Undertaker was successful in one of the early memorable moments from the Royal Rumble, the Borga/Luger stuff never really developed as Borga was out of the WWE months later. It was a tough transitional period from the Hogan era to the “New Generation” for the WWF.

[adinserter block=”1″]At 7 years old I was too young to know that Hogan wouldn’t be back in the WWF until 2002 and that the WWF was under the microscope of the Federal Government. All I knew then was that I was excited to watch the Survivor Series live and that it would be my first wrestling pay per view live. It was a big moment in my young wrestling fan life.

While it may have not been the best show in the world at the time I was excited to be watching the show and to this day it holds a memorable spot in my life some 17 years later. Who knows maybe I’ll pop in the Survivor Series ’93 DVD some point this weekend.

Happy Thanksgiving to all the readers of!

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