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Updated: Wrestlers Rescue Threatens The Camel Clutch Blog…Yes Me!

gavelI wrote a blog a couple of weeks back about the situation between Wrestlers Rescue and Kamala. After writing the blog I received an email from someone who worked with the group in the past in which I posted as an update. As far as I was concerned, it was a dead issue. That was until today.

I received a series of fun emails last night from Vinny DiBenedetto or as he is known on Facebook, “Vinny the Guido”. This indy wrestling character claims to represent Wrestlers Rescue and sent me several emails ranting about the blog I wrote about Wrestlers Resecue with “proof.” Proof of what I don’t know because I never accused them of anything other than being poorly mismanaged. I approved Vinny’s comment below and blew the rest of his emails off. This is where the fun begins.

[adinserter block=”2″]Vinny proceeded to send me several emails threatening to sue me for slander if I did not remove my blog about Wrestlers Rescue. Poor Vinny, you should know better than to threaten a blogger. That is gold to a blogger like me! Vinny claims to represent Wrestlers Rescue and is a little angry with your humble blogger.

Normally I would blow this stuff off, but this was just too much fun. For starters, if he would have taken the time to read my blog he’d see that I was actually took one of the only empathetic opinions regarding Dawn Marie and her charity. Nowhere in the blog did I accuse them of anything but poor organization. Yet for some reason Wrestlers Rescue got a bone up their behinds today and didn’t appreciate my empathy.

I sent some of these emails around to some friends of mine and they all seemed to really enjoy the exchanges. Why should they get all of the fun? I think everyone should have the opportunity to see what this charity is doing with their spare time as opposed to raising money or awareness. Bullying or at least trying to bully bloggers was apparently on the agenda today.

The reason I am going to post this email exchange is because in all seriousness, I think it is important to see what this charity is up to. This organization that claims to be so giving is instead more interested in having their minion sit on the Internet and send threats over Facebook. I don’t know what happened with Kamala, I don’t know what happened with Jerry Lynn, but I know that I would have no interest in giving money to a charity that operates this way.

Keep in mind that when Irv Muchnick’s blog questioned the work of this charity he was never sued. Yet they have no problem threatening a blogger with a lawsuit. To me, that is a bully. I don’t like bullies and a charity should not be bullying anyone around. I am sure you will be surprised to read that once the bully got some pushback he called the whole thing a “misunderstanding.”

One final note before I post the email exchange. I may come off as a bit of a jerk here. I can accept that but keep in mind I was just having fun and never took this goof seriously. With that said, sit back and enjoy the fun.

Vinny DiBenedetto
Please scroll all the way up to the top of these e-mails. I just sent you 3 links that you need to take a look at so you can have a better understanding so you stop talking about things you have no clue about…….thank you.

Vinny DiBenedetto
Are you going to respond to me or not ?

Eric Gargiulo
Checkmate? I didnt know we were playing a game. I dont need you to spam me. Sorry but I dont sit around and respond to my Facebook email every 5 mis. Don’t spam with me with this crap. I gave an opinion, I never stated anything I wrote as a fact. Maybe if you read that more closely rather than looking for an argument you’d see that. There are plenty of people that wrote a hell of a lot worse about WR than what I wrote. What do you care anyway about my “clueless opinion”. Quite frankly I couldn’t care less. I’ve moved on. It was last week’s news. Send me something I care about like fantasy football rankings.

Vinny DiBenedetto
I see, that would be different if you were a fan on a social media like Facebook or Twitter, but you are a journalist on a news website, so people are looking up to you to post facts. You either change your story with the truth, or remove any post you have on your website regarding Dawn Marie or Wrestlers Rescue or we will be forced to sue you for slander. Your choice sir ? We already printed your statements on your website as proof for slander. So I am asking you very nicely to change the news to facts, or remove it completely before we take you to court…..thank you.

Vinny DiBenedetto
Also, if you were just posting other people’s statements like other websites do for news, that is one thing, however you gave your opinion which is slander. Other websites are not giving there opinion like you did sir, and they are not searching for answers like you clearly are doing. I sent you proof which is something i thought you were looking for, for closure. You simply were going by hear say and allegations and you formed a slanderous opinion based off of that. So as I said before and I am going to ask you nicely, update people with the truth, admit that you were wrong, or remove anything on your website regarding Dawn Marie or Wrestlers Rescue, or we will be forced to sue you for slander. Again, that is your choice sir ?

Eric Gargiulo
Wait a second, you are going to sue me slander? I am giving an opinion and I allowed you to publish your comments. You are welcome to print a retort. Quite frankly if you read my blog hard you will see that I was empathetic to Dawn. I will absolutely not remove my post. As a matter of a fact I will post this email so people can see what kind of bullies you people are. It is funny that I offer opinion and you are threatening to sue me YET people REPORT negative stories about Wrestlers Rescue as NEWS and you don’t go after them?

You really need to read stories before you go around threatening people. I only offer my opinion of what is posted in the video that Dawn posted herself. I never said that Dawn didn’t have government paperwork, I said that as a general statement. Sue me for slander and I will countersue you for any legal fees I incur for a baseless lawsuit. Your move.

Vinny DiBenedetto
Did you even look at the links of proof that I sent you ? It proves that whoever told you information lied to you and have no clue of actual facts that I presented to you. Everything you stated in your opinion is not true and indeed slanderous and you will lose in court. Just thought I would inform you. If I were you, I would talk to a lawyer, because you are going to need it if you do not follow my request.

Eric Gargiulo
If I were you Id Google search for the definition of slander. How come you guys didn’t sue Irv Muschnick? Because you guys are bullies. Please understand the definition of slander before you throw it around. I dare you to sue me. A) The public relations hit your charity would get is something youd never recover from B) My blog would get more sympathetic publicity than I could ever buy.

Vinny DiBenedetto
I just find it funny how you gave an update where you spoke to someone who gave you false information and you made it seem in your opinion that it was true. Now I give you facts and proof, yet you won’t update that. Why is that ? If anything, by posting that you now got the facts and proof of the situation, it actually might make you look smart. Did you ever think about that ?

Vinny DiBenedetto
I was not trying to bully you, I was trying to show you proof so you can see the truth side to the story. I only threatened you because you got nasty with me and took it the wrong way. I am sorry if you took my links on the original set of e-mails I sent you the wrong way, that was not my intention. Please feel free and call me and lets start over. We both got off on the wrong foot and we both handled it wrong. My cellphone/business number is ——-

Eric Gargiulo
No I did speak to someone who sent me an update. I wouldnt make that kind of stuff up. I’d be happy to produce that email and witness in a court of law if I had to. You give me facts? I don’t even know who you are. I approved your comment with the link. That is more than I should give you. I have no desire to speak with you. Other than the sheer entertainment I really have no interest in continuing this dialogue. You threatened me as a representative of Wrestlers Rescue. Have fun defending that and good luck with the rest of your “charity” work.

[adinserter block=”1″]Now that you have read our email exchange, check out an email this same Vinny character sent to my good friends over at In short, this same Vinny the Goof tells that he and his fiancé cancelled a check they made to Wrestlers Rescue for James Harris after this mess surfaced and sent money directly to Kamala himself instead. He also claimed he was walking away from Wrestlers Rescue to “cover his a$$.” You can read the entire email and article here.

If you would like to send donations to Kamala you can him at Maybe they can finally sell those items donated for Jerry Lynn that they kept to pay for some legal bills.

Update: I received yet another email from Vinny the Meatball last night.

Vinny DiBenedetto
“Well that someone who gave you an update lied to you jackass. Our proof and evidence makes you look like a moronic idiot. You are a joke to call yourself a journalist. Have a nice day you stupid mark !”

Eric Gargiulo
I am a mark yet you call yourself “Vinny the Guido” and have an avatar that looks like something my 5 month old created in day care?

Didn’t you write to about your concerns about WR? Didn’t you go on a radio and bash the company? I can’t wait to call you as MY witness!

I’ll worry about your lawyer when you understand the definition of slander.

You are doing a terrific job at media relations by the way. You have ruined all of the relations with the media for Wrestlers Rescue. Tremendous!

Update #2: Unfortunately my Facebook love affair with Vinny has ended. Vinny sent me a final email and blocked me from responding. Typical bully move wouldn’t you say? As the bigger man (and by the looks of his page I think I am twice his size), I will allow Wrestlers Rescue Media Relations representative Vinny the Guido the final word.

Vinny DiBenedetto
First of all, I said that I was stepping away until Dawn showed me the proof which she did send me wiyhing 12 hours after I sent that to Nickla. Secondly, Dawn Marie showed me all of the proof from the past, so I made several public apologies to Dawn Marie, and I was asked to be apart of (Wrestlers Rescue – Pro Wrestling Relief) by Dawn, Michele, and Jimmy Snuka & his wife Carole Snuka. Jimmy & Carole Snuka are dear friends of mine. So I decided to help and be apart of it from here on out. I wouldn’t expect you to understand because you are a stupid f#$king mark who is ignorant anyway.

And so it ends.

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  1. All you need to do is look up their charity registration with the state and Feds. I bet they are not registered or filing the proper disclosures of their books as a charity. Start bringing that up and they will likely shut up

  2. You don't come off as a jerk. It's pretty funny to read what you wrote back to him, and see him get so pissy about it. And if it's written as an opinion, like an editorial, I'm pretty sure you can't be sued for it. Either way, this was some funny reading this morning.

    On another note, it's pretty sad that this organization was supposedly created to help the wrestlers, not screw them over. I hope whatever is going on there either stops the fraud, or shuts them down entirely and a new, honest organization pops up to help out the wrestlers.

    • Thanks Heather. I am confident that there is nothing that puts me in any legal danger here. Not for a second did I think so. To be safe I did have two attorneys look it over who agreed.

      It is sad. Instead of sending threatening emails to blog they should be spending time reaching out and trying to raise money for these wrestlers they claim to care so much about. Instead, they are spending their time trying to bully people around. I hate bullies:)

  3. "Send me something I care about like fantasy football rankings."

    HAHA. Vintage Garguilo!

    But in all seriousness, what's up with that guy's penchant for posing non questions with a "sir" at the end, followed by the disjointed question mark? One thing's for sure, I certainly won't be taking Vinny in my fantasy Troll league this year. Bad mechanics, man.

    Sweet exchange, Eric ?

  4. It's no secret everyone calls him Vinny The Autistic Goof because he is a piece of Sh#t.

    Rob From NY former Pro Wrestling Radio Caller.

    • Couldn't log in but I kinda think your right about "good old vinnie", what a nice piece of C–p, talk about stupid shake down guys, this moron goes to the top of the list.

  5. You're the man Eric! Obviously this chump charity is scrambling and grabbing at whatever straws they can to save face. The got so much bad press on the other mess that they come after you thinking you're not informed enough and will back down. Bully bullshit tactics that j/o's like this think work. Funny, it seems to me a charity might be more forthcoming and try to be proactive in its retort and try to clear up the situation, or ask nicely for an edit or update to your post. Threatening doesn't seem like charity, seems like intimidation.

    Maybe we should start a real charity and run it right, what do you think, I'm down.

    Great work E!!

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