WrestleMania Rematch Set for WWE Night Of Champions


randy orton triple h john cenaThe main-event is set for WWE Night of Champions. The main-event will feature a WrestleMania 24 rematch. John Cena, Randy Orton, and Triple H will wrestle for the WWE championship.

The WWE Night of Champions tournament concluded last night on WWE RAW. Triple H and John Cena completed their trilogy in the finals. Triple H beat MVP, while John Cena beat Miz in the opening round to advance to the finals. The match ended in a no-contest due to interference from the Legacy.

WWE Guest Host, the Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase made an executive decision. DiBiase stated that since nobody lost the match, both would wrestle Randy Orton at Night of Champions. Randy Orton was not very happy as you could imagine.

The match itself was pretty good. The entire show was taped and overdubbed. This made the show feel a little weird at times. It was especially bizarre in the main-event when the announcers were shown simply watching from ringside, yet they were going crazy on commentary. Equally, crowd noise was overdubbed and seemed very out of sync at times.

This is a rematch of the main-event from WrestleMania 24. It seems like it was just yesterday that this match took place. The match is a blatant sign of the lack of talent depth in the WWE. At last year’s show, Triple H and John Cena wrestled in the main-event. Randy Orton is desperately in need of headlining opponents.

In a sign of the future, Randy Orton did wrestle Ted DiBiase Jr. last night on WWE RAW. DiBiase Jr. is pegged by many within the WWE as the next big star. I don’t see it and this match didn’t help. DiBiase could have done big things by having a blow away match with Orton. The match was good, but it was nothing what you’d expect.

On the bright side, it was great to see the Million Dollar Man back on WWE television. DiBiase even brought back his old Million Dollar Man belt. DiBiase was in prime form and was immediately the best promo on the show. The only disappointment was no Virgil.

He was probably booked at a convention somewhere signing for millions.

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