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WrestleMania 30: The New Era of WWE Wrestling is here

A couple of months ago, Mark Madden proved to be the wizened columnist of wrestling. He stated that professional wrestling, whether the WWE, ROH or TNA – all three non-competitive in nature – was at the lowest in its popularity since as long as anyone could remember. Madden, a controversial sort in his comment and demeanor, hit it right on the head with the state of the “business” we have come to know and love.

[adinserter block=”1″]Let’s just face facts – at this very moment professional wrestling stinks. We want what we cannot have and we want ti now. We are a too-quick society that wants to relive the past, pray to the wrestling gods that another Stone Cold Steve Austin will materialize and that another Attitude Era can save the WWE Universe from pile driving itself through the masses of tables the Dudley’s left upon their exit to TNA.

When will we all learn that the 1990s were two decades ago? This is the new wave of wrestling – slow, methodical, hair pulling and mainly dull. The truth hurts sometimes, everything is cyclic and we have to get used to the idea – are you listening Vince McMahon – that this was created because McMahon and his family bought WCW and never really worked on brand extension.

Here’s the kicker, however – WrestleMania 30 could in fact change all this.

As hard as it to see this happening, we are witnessing another “era” before our eyes. We see Triple H in the Vince McMahon role, Daniel Bryan trying to be Stone Cold, The Wyatts calmly trying to imitate anything related to Kevin Sullivan and The Shield making the Fabulous Freebirds proud.

At any time, Roman Reigns could become another “Rock”, CM Punk could come back to reprise the role of Randy Savage and someone named Dolph Ziggler needs to step up like Shawn Michaels. This is “Our” wrestling era right now. The fact we have been cheated because the earlier generations and eras were better is not our fault, only our burden to deal with. I thought the same thing in the early 1980s when wrestling between Ric Flair and Jack Brisco turned into Ric Flair and Ron Garvin. I thought it was unfair when Roddy Piper and Greg Valentine in dog collar matches turned into Sting and One Man Gang in chin matches. I could not believe I was watching what should have been Magnum TA and Wahoo McDaniel for the United States Title when it was really two weak wrestlers in Nikita Koloff and Lex Luger.

I too have been cheated and yes, I have learned to live with it.

WrestleMania is not what it was when it first made a lasting impression on the business and sports entertainment. It has in fact gone back more to “Wrestling” which Gordon Solie referred to many times over as being the name on the marquee. Undertaker’s streak, John Cena’s potential last stand, a new hero emerging from the Andre the Giant Battle Royal and a potential new divas champion being crowed (take that to the bank) have me thinking of new era, new time, new chances for expansion for greatness. But until that happens, wresting still stinks. I think Mark Madden would agree.

[adinserter block=”2″]Disclaimer: For the next 30 days, this will be an ongoing series of stories as we move down the Road to WrestleMania. Follow Camel Clutch Blog writer/blogger David M. Levin as he talks about the history, the pageantry and the success and failures of the past when it comes to wrestling’s biggest events. The views of the writer are not necessarily the views of Camel Clutch Blog, and this series is intended to ramp up the excitement that is associated with WrestleMania XXX and the Crescent City of New Orleans. Please enjoy this new feature and any comments are most welcome.

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