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WrestleMania 29 WWE Axxess Review and Recap

This was my first time ever going to WWE Axxess and I have to say for my first try, it was alright, just love the fact that I got to experience it.

[adinserter block=”1″]To start things off, I had to be there early morning right before 8 AM, it was freezing cold and the lines to get into the Izod Center were huge. Once we got inside, all the big names who were there for signings and photo ops were taken, I checked to see if the Daniel Bryan and Paul Heyman lines were available, but there was no way we’d be able to get in, lines were already full and if you were going to meet them, you were going to have to wait a good 45 minutes or more to get that opportunity, which would take up most of your time being there.

While fans had to wait for their turn, they distracted us with some in-ring action by having NXT matches be presented to us, they also did fan competitions were pretty fun and cool to witness. There were some loud ECW chants for Paul Heyman when fans were waiting their turn to meet him; his section was probably the loudest of all. The NXT matches barely got any reactions but it was cool to see WWE promote and expose their newer and younger talent to fans that may not be aware of them.

I myself expected to meet tons of talent from WWE when I entered the Izod center, but I was only able to meet three because of how crowded that place was, many people were disappointed by the fact that lines had to be cut and even if they were on line, they weren’t guaranteed to meet the superstar they were originally waiting to meet as they would switch it up every hour or so, which is how long some people had to wait on lines. For example, on one line people waited to see Matt Striker and they replaced him with Hunico and Camatcho, which was hilarious!

To conclude my experience on Axxess, basically I would say I didn’t have the chance to do everything I planned to do there because of how crowded it was and time was running short, so I would recommend to those who haven’t been to Axxess before and are planning on going in the future, to not get your hopes so up because reality is you won’t be able to enjoy it the way you planned on enjoying it unless you arrive super super early, and if you’re patient enough, you could walk out of Axxess meeting 2-3 stars like I did.

[adinserter block=”2″]I met Rosa Mendes who was very cool and down to earth, Damien Sandow who was also cool, and Christian who was very laid back and relaxed! Make sure you also bring extra money with you because everything there is expensive, unless you’re very rich haha! Most of your axxess will rely on you waiting in lines to meet superstars, honestly. Unless you have VIP tickets or bought tickets for every Axxess which gives you time to enjoy the attractions, but that’s it. That’s it for my review guys, hope you enjoyed!

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