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WrestleMania 27 Rumor – Game Over for Triple H?

The Undertaker vs. Triple H is a hot WrestleMania 27 rumorFor the past few weeks, speculation has been running rampant as to who will face the legendary Undertaker at WrestleMania 27 in April. We’ve heard the WrestleMania rumors; Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar, Undertaker vs. Wade Barrett, Undertaker vs. Sting, .and the latest to surface from the rumor mill today…Undertaker vs. Triple H w/Shawn Michaels as the guest referee in a Streak vs. Career match.

I can honestly say that I am at a loss on this potential match. In my mind, two potential matches are being sacrificed for WrestleMania if this road is traveled. There is already a story established for a match between Triple H and Sheamus & The Undertaker and Wade Barrett. Let us not forget that it was Sheamus who put Hunter out of action. You would think that Hunter would want to seek retribution against the man who put him on the shelf; what better place than WrestleMania. Months in the making, you would have King Sheamus vs. “The King of Kings” Triple H.

[adinserter block=”2″]There is history between The Undertaker & Wade Barrett. It was the Nexus, under the leadership of Barrett, that cost Taker the Buried Alive match against Kane last year. With Barrett, Heath Slater, & Justin Gabriel now on SmackDown…the home of the Phenom…one would think Taker would return to his old stomping grounds to take on The Corre (Barrett’s new stable). Each week leading up to the big event, he could systematically take each man out of the equation until he gets his hands on Barrett at Mania.

These are two conflicts that should, in my opinion, be resolved before making this match. Is there story for an Undertaker vs. Triple H 2? Of course. The two faced each other 10 years ago at WrestleMania 17; Triple H became #9 on the extensive list of those defeated by Taker at professional wrestling’s Super Bowl. The Undertaker also defeated Triple H’s best friend, Shawn Michaels, to end his career at last year’s event. With HBK as a possible guest referee, for all intents & purposes, the match being laid out looks like a handicap match on paper. HBK has the motive to cost Taker the match, making Hunter the man who breaks the WrestleMania win streak. I have to admit that here, the drama is a nice touch.

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So why now for this match? It’s no secret that Hunter is being groomed to take the reigns of WWE when Vince McMahon is no longer running things. If you are going to end your in ring career…win, lose, or draw…you want to go out with a bang on the grandest stage of them all and get the “thank you” that is so rightfully deserved.

[adinserter block=”1″]So who wins in all of this? I don’t see the streak being broken any time soon, especially due to interference. If the streak is ever broken, whoever goes over the Dead Man should go over cleanly. I certainly don’t see Hunter going out as a heel. In fact, I think he’s probably past the point where it would even be possible to make him one. When the dust settles and all is said and done, Triple H will not only be #9…he will also be #19. Come the end of WrestleMania 27, the in ring game for Triple H will be over yet the eventual running of the game will progress even further.

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