OFF THE TURNBUCKLE: Ultimate Warrior's ex-wife pitches 'tell-all' book

IF there is one thing that I have learned over the course of my years in wrestling, it’s this ... Someone is always willing to do or say something for money.

I present Shari Tyree, a.k.a The Ultimate Warrior’s ex-wife, trying to sell the book rights of her memoir.

The book title "Behind the Paint: My Life with Wrestling’s Ultimate Warrior." Catchy title, but I am more curious about what she has to say.

Thanks to, they had the pitch for her book that I was able to pull a few things off of it.

She talks about his steroid abuse ... shocking like no one could tell that one. She talks about his abuse of pain medication, anti-anxiety drugs and his double life that messed up his marriage. The best part is that she talks about how that double life makes her doubt his fidelity and even sexuality.

OK, no new revelation about the steroids and, as I have talked about on the road, boys will be boys and Terry Taylor’s famous line on wrestlers divorce rate. The sexuality might raise a few eyebrows.

For a long time, there have been rumors and talk about gay wrestlers, especially during the WWF’s heyday of the 1980s. Who can forget Barry O and his accusations against Pat Patterson? Guess where Barry O ended up and, the last time I looked, Patterson is still involved with the WWE.

I am not saying that the Ultimate Warrior slept his way to the top. To be frank, stuff like this goes on. The WWE is a billion-dollar-a-year company, but do anyone think that this stuff doesn’t go on? They are no different than any other corporation. The people have to work close together, travel together. Relationships are formed. Whether they end up as friendships or something more is purely up to those individuals.

Which brings me back to the Warrior.

If any part of this is true, I would be quite curious to see if any names are brought to the forefront and who they are. Patterson was named by a few wrestlers over the years as having to put pressure on wrestlers to sleep with him. Some may have, some may have not. I just find it quite curious that those that he may have slept with are around. Continued...

The best part of this is the Warrior has been making speeches throughout the world about being anti-drug and anti-gay. The anti-drugs are a joke. When I saw him break a bench over his leg in New York state because his match with Savage didn’t end well, I wonder where his anti-drug ideals were at that point? Oh I know, in his wallet.

If it does come to fruition that Warrior did swing on both sides of the plate, I highly doubt anyone will be paying him money for those speeches. Instead, maybe he can pick up a few bucks about trying to dispel what was written about him.


The parents of Nancy Benoit had their lawsuit against Hustler Magazine dismissed. The lawsuit was filed when it was learned that Hustler was going to publish photos of her when she was young.

The judge ruled that the photos being published fell under Freedom of the Press as her murder was a “legitimate matter of public interest and concern.”

Apparently, good taste does not fall under the realm. What people will do to make a few dollars.

TNA dollars and dense

At the beginning of my column, I stated that wrestlers will do anything for money.

Word through Internet sources is that Kevin Nash has signed a new contract with TNA. The problem is that Nash is telling people close to him that he has not signed anything. The big problem is the percentage he is going to get on merchandise sales. I think that Nash is saying that to squeeze TNA for a little more cash. Maybe the base of his contract isn’t what he hoped for and the only real way he can make is up is through gimmicks.

Gimmicks are a big part of an independent wrestler’s livelihood. Workers can sell pictures, usually for a buck back in the early 1990’s and make some extra cash for the weekend. Continued...

So for Nash to want maybe a percentage or two more is not unreasonable, but the reality is that he certainly doesn’t want to go back to WWE with that work schedule, even though the payday would be worth it.

I think that it is just a ploy to get some money.

Meanwhile, Sting has agreed for a new contract through next year. The hope is that Sting and Flair (when his non-compete clause is over) could rekindle their feud of the late 80’s and 90’s.

I don’t want to see that, and I really hope no one else does either.

That was a great feud in wrestling history. Let it go at that.

It’s all about the green

I have to share this story about how wrestlers will do or say anything for money.

Several years ago, I wrestled Virgil at the Lorain Palace Civic Center. I ended up going over, but that is a different story for a different day.

I was in the back with a buddy of mine and things are a little hectic. Workers are going back and forth getting their gear together so they could get back.

Virgil was part of the N.W.O faction in WCW and was wearing a hooded sweatshirt when the night started. Continued...

The show was over, but Virgil and some other workers were selling their gimmicks.

Ten, 15 minutes go by and Virgil comes back saying, “Those fans love the N.W.O. I sold my sweatshirt for 50 bucks.”

My buddy saw through the line that we were being told, so he went to the autograph area and asked some fans what happened to the hoodie.

Well, to no one’s surprise, the story that was relayed to me is that someone asked him to take off the sweatshirt and pose for a pic.

Someone else grabbed the sweatshirt with Virgil yelling at them. Finally, who ever took it threw him like 10 bucks and said thanks.

Like I said, a wrestler will always try to sell a gimmick.

Rumor has it that the infamous “Mad Dog” ended up with that very sweatshirt.

Ripple effects

As the economy struggles, the WWE found it in their infinite wisdom to promote the fact that they only lost seven percent of their stock value as compared to the S&P.

I know that JBL’s character is largely based on his success on the market. I see that they have taken some steps to show that he is taking a pounding, much like everyone’s 401K. I will be interested to see how far they take that angle with him, especially if things continue to spiral downward.

Stone Cold’s back (for now)

Stone Cold Steve Austin is set to appear at WWE’s Cyber Sunday as a guest referee. That just happens to be right of the middle of shooting of his new movie, Damage. Internet sources are stating that people shouldn’t expect him to be on television after the pay-per-view, so the return will be very short-lived.

Sandman’s retirement

The Sandman, an ECW original, has announced on his MySpace page that he is hanging up his boots after 20 years-plus years in the business. His gimmick and ECW were a perfect combination that worked well for years. Some of his matches in ECW with Sabu, Shane Douglas, Catcus Jack , Raven and Terry Funk to name a few are legendary.

Five count

1. Brett Hart talked about the Montreal incident. Basically, he said that he had to hit Vince and that it was one of the best things he ever did as a human being, not a wrestler.

2. SportsTime Ohio delivered a new episode of PWO TV last night at 11. On tap, re-live Gregory Iron vs. Johnny Gargano’s hellacious Last Man Standing battle at Wrestlelution.

3. ROH will be running a show in Edison, New Jersey on Oct. 25.

4. TNA will hold Bound for Glory. Headlining the event is Sting taking on Samoa Joe. Also Jeff Jarrett will take on Kurt Angle with Mick Foley as guest referee.

5. WWE just signed CMLL Heavyweight Champion Dos Caras Jr. and appears to want to sign a few more. Shades of Vince raiding territories years ago.

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