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With Tag Team wrestling nearly non-existent in mainstream professional wrestling, it makes me wonder if a promotion can run solely on Tag Teams. The genre has gone the way of the dodo in recent months, leaving a void in the hearts of wrestling fans everywhere. Some people may think Tag Team wrestling is just a niche, but a lot of great wrestling has come from it.

In many instances it has provided a good backbone for certain promotions during their hot periods. I mean how awesome was the Dudleyz vs. Hardyz vs. Edge and Christian Feud? Who didn’t love the New Age Outlaws? Where is the love for Billy and Chuck? A Tag Team promotion could be the shot in the arm needed to cure this bleak period of wrestling, so here is my vision for this Tag Team based promotion.

[adinserter block=”2″]Different Forms of Tag Championships- Every promotion needs a goal to work towards, so I would have your main world heavyweight Tag Champions, a Secondary Tag Championship and maybe a women’s version. I also think it would be interesting to have titles that are centered around specialty matches. Maybe a Hardcore Tag Title, Iron Man Tag Titles, Mixed Tag Titles, the combinations are endless. I think variety is what will keep certain fans of tag team wrestling interested.

All Genders Are Welcome- Why not have Tag Teams of all kinds. Men, Women, Mixed. I think people love Tag Wrestling and will appreciate variety. This can round out the promotion and make the pairings interesting.

Cool Tag Team Names- The one thing I can’t stand right now is the lack of great tag team names. I remember when names like the Killer Bees or the twin towers struck fear into the hearts of their opponents. I don’t think the name Air Boom intimidates anybody. Go back to names that were cool and unique and wanted to put on a t shirt. No more wrestler A and wrestler B, I want names!

Singles Matches will still play a role- Before tag team purists jump down my throat; I have a logical explanation for this. While the promotion would be based around tag teams I would still have singles matches on the card to further feuds between tag teams. This way a story can be told for the teams feuding and singles matches could be like Tag Matches in mainstream promotions like WWE. They will play a part but would still take a backseat to tag team wrestling.

Two Refs- This might be a stretch but I think it would enhance the tag team concept. Why not two refs. Have one referee focusing on the outside and one on the inside. You could have one crooked referee and one clean referee and they would have to work together to officiate the match. The ref on the inside has total control of the ruling inside of it and the referee on the outside has full control of his area. This could lead to clashes, false finishes, count outs, heel refs vs. face refs and all kinds of shenanigans to make for an interesting dynamic

Freebird Rules- Why not pay homage to one of wrestling’s great teams with the approval of Freebird Rules. Stables could exist from this, thus making matches interesting. What two members will represent the team? The questions surrounding that would interest fans.

Legendary Tag Teams should be featured regularly- While I would like to see a promotion of new young tag teams, why not honor the teams that came before them. Bring in Tony Atlas and Rocky Johnson, The New Age Outlaws (Road Dogg Permitting), Road Warrior Animal, The list goes on. Hell, why not even implement some of these teams into some matches. It would be a good trip down memory lane for fans of tag wrestling and it could be a good way to make new teams relevant.

Divisions- This goes with my championships idea. Have different forms of tag wrestling. You can have your brawlers, your high flyers, your technical wrestlers, and everything in between. This way the promotion can have diversity and have something for everyone.

[adinserter block=”1″]These are just a few of my ideas. There are so many things you could do with this. The promotion could run a tournament, it could have a different take on stables, all kinds of things. If you would like to continue this discussion or have any ideas for it. You can leave a comment here or email me @Surena6189@gmail.com. I encourage any and all feedback.

If you agree with me or have something you want to see email me @Surena6189@gmail.com or leave a comment here.

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  1. The Motor City Machine Guns don't seem to be doing a whole lot for TNA right now..they'd be a good 'get' for your hypothetical promotion. Maybe you could get Jerry Brisco or Animal to serve as the Commissioner.

  2. The two refs is a good idea, and I agree with you on the whole tag team name thing. 'Legion of Doom', 'The Rockers', 'The Dudley Boys/Team 3D'..those were names that put asses in seats and struck fear into hearts.

    "I don’t think the name Air Boom intimidates anybody."

    That's what happens when you let eight year olds name your tag teams. Somewhere along the line they confused 'family friendly' which is fine, with 'catering to children' which isn't.

  3. I think this idea would be very cool at first, but it could end up being too much of a good thing eventually. I would rather see a promotion where the tag titles are promoted as being equal in prominence to their World title. It would be a "WORLD Tag Team Championship" after all. The tag title matches would headline many ppvs, as they did back in WCW when Bill Watts was in charge.

  4. I love this idea. Especially the 2 refs idea. When I read that I could see in my mind 2 refs arguing over a bad call from the heal ref and total chaos in the ring between the 2 teams. It would be beautiful. Lol


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