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Worth the Risk: 5 Teams that Need Vick

Michael VickNow that Brett Favre has decided (we think) to stay away from football for good, the spotlight is back on Michael Vick. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell partially reinstated Vick back on July 28th. Vick was informed that he could immediately begin taking part in training camp, attending team meetings, and even playing in preseason games. The only negative term of reinstatement for Vick was that he could not play in an actual game until week 6.

With that out of the way, it’s time that the questions fans have been asking for 2 years be answered. Has he changed? Is he truly sorry? When can we expect to see a tearful Vick answering questions from Barbara Walters during 20/20? Most, importantly, is there an NFL team willing to take a PR hit for signing a guy that has always been a difference maker on the field? That final question is yet to be answered, but here’s a few teams that need to attack the PR hit head on and sign Michael Vick.

Minnesota Vikings – I mentioned earlier that Brett Favre has possibly decided to retire. We’ve learned over the past few years that you can never say never when it comes to Brett Favre. The guy obviously just can’t stay away and he’s damaging his legacy and reputation in the process. There’s a Brett Favre-Ric Flair parallel here somewhere. Days after Brett Favre informed the Vikings that he wouldn’t be making an NFL comeback, their apparent starting QB front-runner Tavaris Jackson goes down with a sprained MCL.

[adinserter block=”1″]The Vikings say that Jackson is fine however and shouldn’t miss any time. The Vikings signed Sage Rosenfels in the off-season to challenge Jackson for the starting nod. The fact here is that the Vikings have a very solid team except for their quarterbacks. Jackson and Rosenfels are mediocre at best and can’t be relied upon to lead them to the promise land. Jackson is a career 58% passer with a career 76.5 QB rating. Rosenfels is barely better at 62% and 81.5. Vick’s career numbers aren’t much better, but this is a guy who is still a huge step up over Rosenfels or Jackson.

Even if the Vikings signed Vick as a backup and used him out of the Wildcat formation. There isn’t a defense in the NFL that would want to see Vick and Adrian Peterson in the same backfield. If the Vikings need further proof, all the need to do is check the highlights on Vick’s game against them on December 1, 2002.

On that day, Vick ran for 173 yards on just 10 carries which included one of the signature highlights of his career on a run that sealed the game during overtime.

Washington Redskins – The Redskins are the one team that could sign Vick and have him embraced by the majority of the fan-base from day one. Michael Vick is a Virginia Tech legend and is still loved by that area today. In fact, his home town of Newport News, Virginia was recently planning a large celebration for his NFL reinstatement. Dan Snyder is known for making decision that other owners don’t have the audacity to make.

There are many reasons for the Skins to make this move. First, 2009 is undoubtedly a make-or-break year for Jim Zorn. Second, Jason Campbell is in the last year of the contract and to say that the Skins have been impressed with his abilities would be a flat-out lie. Clinton Portis has been one of Vick’s most public defenders since this whole thing went down. Put all of these together and add it to the fact that Snyder is still steaming over the fact that his team lost out on USC QB Mark Sanchez in the draft. This makes the Skins a perfect fit for Vick.

San Francisco 49ers – The Niners have been longing for the next Joe Montana or Steve Young since they both moved on. While Vick isn’t a Montana or a Young, he sure as hell isn’t a Smith, Dorsey, Hill, Huard, Davis, or O’Sullivan either. Dorsey and O’Sullivan have since moved on and the 49ers will now rely on Alex Smith, Nate Davis, Shaun Hill, and Damon Huard.

Yes, Damon Huard. Alex Smith has been in the league only 4 years and you can already find his face on the list of biggest draft busts right next to Ryan Leaf. Shaun Hill was actually pretty good last year, but he’s not a franchise quarterback that you can build a team around.

The main reason why Vick would be a great fit for the Niners if because of head coach Mike Singletary. He’s a guy who knows how to handle players. Many players have stated that Singletary is a solid motivator and a fantastic mentor. They are the two things that Vick needs now more than ever.

The 49ers have a young, improving defense and an offense with Frank Gore and the highly-touted Michael Crabtree. Add in Michael Vick and the 49ers could be a playoff contender in what was probably the worst division in football last year.

St. Louis Rams – The Rams once were known as “The Greatest Show on Turf”. Those days are long gone. If there is one guy who is known for putting together memorable performances on turf, his name is Michael Vick. If there is one guy who is known for always being on the turf, it’s Mark Bulger. Bulger has been awful since getting his large extension. Bulger is never healthy and is as injury-prone as possible.

If Bulger even makes it to the regular season, my bet is that he’ll be hurt by week [adinserter block=”2″]3. Once this happens, the Rams will turn the ball over to Brock Berlin or Kyle Boller. Brock Berlin is young and untested while Boller is just terrible. The Rams went 2-14 last year and are currently in line to repeat that same performance. Adding Vick to this team add’s 4 more wins. The defenses in the NFC West division are not good. In fact, no division in football allowed more points against collectively then the NFC West.

Cleveland Browns – Let’s settle the Derek Anderson-Brady Quinn argument right now. Trade Quinn while he has some value and keep Anderson as your backup to Michael Vick. My reasoning on this combo is simple; Who doesn’t want to see Vick as the face of the franchise for a team that has a dog as the face of their franchise?

These are just a few teams that would be a good fit for Vick. If you think your team could use Vick, shoot me an e-mail at and tell me why. Maybe I’ll include your reasoning in my next piece.

Brett Clendaniel is 25 and married to an awesome girl named Tashia. Brett has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Marketing. Brett currently works for QBC-TV2 of South Jersey and 1240AM WSNJ. Sports are his passion and Philly teams are what he religiously follows. Brett is also a big fan of the Red Sox and the Cincinnati Bengals. Brett also have great passion for professional wrestling and mixed-martial arts. Brett loves to talk about any of them all the time. “I am flattered to be asked to share my opinions with all of the loyal readers of the Camel Clutch Blog! I hope you enjoy my articles.” Please e-mail him any time with questions, comments, or feedback of any type at

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