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Top 10 Worst WWE WrestleMania Events

When you hear the name “WrestleMania” you think of the biggest event of the year for the WWE. A culmination of a year of well thought out feuds and rivalries and a card that will leave you awestruck when you watch it. Let me tell you, that is not the case with the WrestleMania events you are about to read about.

In the paragraph’s that follow you will be reading about some of the most mind numbing and boring WrestleMania events of all time. These WrestleMania shows were so bad for the most part that it made me want to watch Mae Young give birth to another hand to take my mind off of them. Now sit back, grab your Alka Seltzer and get ready to read about the top 10 Worst WrestleMania Events of all time.

WrestleMania 25

Reliant Stadium
Houston, TX

[adinserter block=”1″]Talk about a match overshadowing your main event. The Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels was an all time classic match between two of the best performers the WWE has ever seen. Too bad it went on before the main event of HHH vs. Randy Orton for the WWE title, which was very anti-climatic considering the months of build up the match had. I did enjoy the Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy Extreme Rules match, even though in the WWE nowadays nothing can be to extreme thanks to the god damn PG rating they have. The MITB match also entertained me a little and they did work it right having Punk win for the second time as it spearheaded his recent amazing heel turn. Some of you may be surprised at this, but just watch it again and then get back to me.

WrestleMania 24

Citrus Bowl
Orlando, FL

I loved the Shawn Michaels vs. Ric Flair match where if Flair lost he would have to retire. This matched saved the show from being almost unbearable to watch. The emotion in this match was like what the old WWF used to put on in the good ole days. When Shawn mouthed the words “I’m sorry, I love you” to Flair before super kicking him, it made me get goose bumps. Now the rest of the card was just not that good at all. I didn’t want to see Cena fight Orton and HHH for the millionth time, and having Undertaker wrestle for a World title at a WrestleMania is pointless because you know almost for sure that he was going to win. This took away from Edge’s moment of headlining his first WrestleMania. The WWE just does not get it these days and it’s sad.

WrestleMania 23

Ford Field
Detroit, MI

There seems to be a trend here doesn’t there? This is one of the more recent WrestleMania’s, and also one of the worst. This event had a very good opening match with Mr. Kennedy winning the Money in the Bank ladder match. This match had very good participants and is in my opinion the second best MITB match ever. Kennedy cut’s an amazing promo at the end which adds even more to the match. The fact that this match so good and the rest of the show was like watching early 1990’s WCW doesn’t sit well with me. The Undertaker vs. Batista in a match other than a Hell in a Cell does not appeal to me, and seeing John Cena defeat another better wrestler then him for the second straight year in Shawn Michaels, pissed me off royally. I know they were trying to shove Cena down our throats, but come on seriously, enough is enough.

WrestleMania 13

Rosemont Horizon
Chicago, IL

It saddens me to put this WrestleMania ranked so low because of the fact that it had arguably the greatest WrestleMania match of all time in Stone Cold vs. Bret Hart. If you have not seen this match go buy the DVD right now and look at how a feud is supposed to be. But then I look at the rest of the card again and realize that I would rather watch an episode of Sunday Night Heat then to have to go through the pain of watching it. The main event of Undertaker vs. Psycho Sid was horrendous, and HHH faced Goldust and Rocky Maivia faced The Sultan. Enough said.


Madison Square Garden
New York, NY

Some of you are probably thinking I have lost my mind rating the first WrestleMania this low. The only reason this WrestleMania ranks this high is because of the fact that it was the very first WrestleMania ever. The historical significance of this event cannot be overlooked. If it were not for that it very well could have ranked as the worst WrestleMania of all time. There is no one match on the card that is very good or stands out at all for that matter. Seriously, name another match. The main event was entertaining because of the fact that Mr. T was in it, but it really should have been Hogan vs. Piper. This would have had the ultra baby face against the bastard heel with Piper trying to cheat his way the entire time to win and Hogan coming out on top in the end.

WrestleMania XV

First Union Center
Philadelphia, PA

This WrestleMania would also rank even lower if it were not for the Stone Cold vs. The Rock match for the WWF title. This was a WrestleMania where the WWF just tried to stack as many people onto the card as possible, and they came up really short. Shane McMahon vs. X-Pac was mildly entertaining, and Stone Cold vs. The Rock was very good, but other than that the rest of the card was bad. The Undertaker vs. Big Bossman Hell in a Cell match was the worst one of its kind I have ever seen. How you make a Hell in a Cell match with The Undertaker bad back then is beyond me. While I like the fact they pushed the envelope with hanging Bossman from the cage, it was actually quite idiotic in retrospect.

WrestleMania IV

Trump Plaza
Atlantic City, NJ

Kind of ironic that the fourth worst WrestleMania ever is actually WrestleMania IV isn’t it? Here is my problem with this WrestleMania. While I do personally love the idea of a tournament for the title, this show just did not work for me. Most of the matches were boring and ended rather stupidly. The Rick Rude vs. Jake Roberts match should have had a winner and he should have faced Bam Bam Bigelow in the Quarterfinals instead of having the One Man Gang beat Bigelow and then Gang get a draw. Sounds like something WWE would book these days by having Santino beat Christian and then get a bye after Edge and Jericho go to a draw in the other match. I personally would have had Dibiase win the WWF Title instead of Macho Man, and have Hogan try to help Macho out so they could still form the Mega Powers afterwards. I would then have had Hulk Hogan beat Dibiase at WrestleMania V. It’s not like Macho’s title reign was that good after this anyway?

WrestleMania IX

Caesar’s Palace
Las Vegas, NV

From the bad choice of venue, to the announcers wearing togas, all the way to Hulk Hogan stealing the limelight once again, this WrestleMania ranks up there as one of the worst of all time. I will give this WrestleMania one good review about it, the opening match between Shawn Michaels and Tatanka. This was a very good match up until the ending that made me want to shut the television off. Have Michaels at least cheat to win, just don’t have it end in a disqualification. This WrestleMania also had one of the worst mania matches of all time in the Undertaker vs. The Giant Gonzales. I wanted to poke my eye out with a rusty fork when I saw this match, that’s how bad it was. The Lex Luger vs. Mr. Perfect match had a lot of potential, but they botched that one up completely. While I do enjoy watching Hulk Hogan in a lot of the WrestleMania’s to follow, they just should not have taken away from Yokozuna winning the WWF title the way they did. No one wanted to see Hogan on top at that point.

WrestleMania XI

Hartford Civic Center
Hartford, CT

[adinserter block=”2″]I really wanted to make this the worst WrestleMania of all time, I really did. The only thing keeping me from making this the worst WrestleMania of all time is the Diesel vs. Shawn Michaels match for the WWF title, other than that the entire card was unwatchable. You do not, I repeat, you do not put a retired NFL player and a washed up wrestler as the main event in the biggest event of the year for the company. You have Bret Hart regulated to having a mid-card match with a wrestler from the late 1970’s in Bob Backlund, and you have your opening match as Lex Luger & The British Bulldog against the Blu Brothers. They could of done so many things with this WrestleMania such as have a rematch of Bret Hart vs. Owen Hart, and that would have at least salvaged this god awful WrestleMania a little bit.

WrestleMania II

Nassau Coliseum
Long Island, NY

This has got to be the worst WrestleMania of all time. It saddens me to know that part of it took place in my own backyard in Long Island, N.Y. Whoever thought that the idea of having the matches take place from 3 different arenas was a good idea had to be clinically insane. The only watchable match on this card was the British Bulldogs vs. The Dream Team for the Tag Titles, and it was not even that good. The main event was Hulk Hogan vs. King Kong Bundy in a Steel Cage match. While on paper this might seem like a good idea, the match was atrocious and not done well at all. There is not one historic match at all on the card, or even a very good one for that matter. This mania even had Randy Savage put on a bad match, which is about as hard to do as the WWE putting on a good edition of RAW these days.

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  1. Macho Mans title run was hugely successful and resulted in a great financial year for both the company and Macho(He earned over $1,000,000 that year,the first wrestler besides Andre and Hogan to bank 7 figures in a year). So to say it wasn't that great is nonsense.

  2. I guess I disagree with, um, most of the list.

    25 was dull, IV was dull, XV is easily the worst ever.

    24 is one of the best shows the company has ever run. Flair/Michaels was only the third best match of the night, behind the excellent Taker/Edge and the amazing, best celebrity match ever Big Show/Mayweather match. Plus fun Batista/Umaga and JBL/Finlay matches, and a good MITB. An amazing show.

    23 had a very good Cena/Michaels match (and, btw, Cena had a TON more good matches in 2007 than HBK did) a fantastic Taker/Batista match, a good MVP/Benoit (I know, I know, but the match was good) match, and the fun Vince/Trump stuff.

  3. Where in God's name is WrestleMania 27!? Not only was the main event mediocre, the entire event was! And for the record, WrestleMania 24 should not be on this list. Edge vs The Undertaker was a great match and rivalry even if it wasn't the best match of the night. And if you're rating the worst WrestleManias and not the worst WrestleMania main events, then 23, 24, and 25 should not be on the list. Also, the main event match of WreatleMania XV wasn't bad either. The rest of the card wasn't that great, but the main event was nonetheless.

  4. There's no such thing as a bad Wrestlemania. Some are better than others sure…but, as long as they featured great wrestling and the kind of glitz you only get at Wrestlemania then I enjoyed it. I especially disagree w/ your listing WM2 as the worst. Bundy vs Hogan was epic. Piper vs Mr. T is classic. And, the battle royal featuring the greats of the gridiron is exactly the kind of cross over promotion that make WM unforgettable. I've been a fan of Wrestling since before I could walk…you know nothing of what makes a show great. On one final personal note…every moment featuring CM Punk Is a crappy moment. I hate that piece of crap. He should die. Soon.

  5. Pretty good review. For some reason though I have always enjoyed 'Mania 2. I definately do not think that is the worst. There was some half way decent matches not to mention a Sh*t load of matches. Also had classic moments-nfl battle royal, bobby brain's pants fall down in the main event/steel cage, big time celebrity involvement, rowdy roddy's racial slurs, wrestler gets choked out by Damiem, Dynamite kid, Macho Man, Ray Charles America the Beautiful, etc. What sucked was the idea of 3 dif. venues for sure. Also boxing match was mildly retarded…No…full blown retarded. The worst one ever in my eyes is 'Mania 11 without a doubt..

  6. I thought a little after i wrote about how great the first Wresltemanias were, then I remembered when i was younger, Morton Downy (yeah, that Piper's pit was HORRIBLE, BTW) had Pro Wrestling as his topic for one of his shows, I remember i watched cuz Joel Goodhart mentioned it, he talked for a sec at the end, i still have it on vid, a lot of older people in the audience were saying how Wrestling sucked now and how it was so fake now and how it went downhill, and I was thinking, "What are they talking about?" I'm becoming one of those old people that thinks everything was better when they were young, ya know, I'm 33, so I remember my first times with wrestling as THE BEST… so whenever you started watching it is probably gonna be your greatest memories of it, ya know? This was confirmed when, i get WWE on Demand, I love watching the old stuff, and it was BEST OF WWF Vol. 3, which is a while ago, I guess this is where they were turning George The Animal Steele into a good guy, Albano is there and this docror was there with McMahon interveiwing, it was hiralirous, they give Steele shock treatment and he says, "How now brown cow" ha… so it's all relative, ya know? Everything has been done before in any genre, nothing's new, I'm talking about anything, look at history, we deal with the same stuff all the time, this new concept of "Generation ME" with kids these days and instant gratification, it's always been instant gratifaction, for adults too, I'm lucky to be a survior of gen x, SO ENJOY… for the guy who said wreslting is too fake now… get in the ring, you would get your ass kicked, you have no idea HOW REAL it is.

  7. The whole tournament was awful except for the final match. You have a bunch if scrubby matches that made no sense and then you have Roberts and rude go to a draw, one man gang of all people get a bye…hogan and Andre go to dq…it was just long and dragged out…the undercard was horrible to…warrior vs Hercules…that's like watching Khali vs Batista now, just awful

  8. I cannot bring myself to watch this anymore! Wrestling used to be good back when Andre the Giant was still alive. Now everytime i watch it, or try to, it makes me feel weird because i see all those greased up hard bodies and they are always trying to suck each others cocks or bury their hand in the opponents ass. It's not funny, just the other nice i could SWEAR that i seen The Hulk grab on Ric Flair's cock, and Ric SMILED!!!!

    I'm sorry guys, but it's all too fake these days. i mean c'mon they carry fake blood splat bags on them, and they don't even punch eachother in the head, it looks funny.

    I'm just too upset, and i don't know what i want to do with my rage…ah you know what? I know what i want to do, i want to go down, and see Howard Stern and suck his cock!!! Atleast that would be real and give folks something to talk about for years.

    Aha Go Ahead…!!!!!!!!

    Cheers everyone!!!!!!

  9. A few things:-

    Wrestemania V should be here as, besides the main event and Hennig/Blazer, you had two pointless segments (Run Dmc's Wrestlemania rap and the Piper's Pit with Morton Downey) and a majority of matches that the notorious audience didn't care about and by and large were completely crap.

    I disagree about WM 24 as overall it was the best Mania in terms of match quality since X-7 imo(though WM 19's not too shabby).

    Also whilst I personally didn't care for Hogan's impromptu title win at WM 9 look at that audience reaction and tell me NO ONE wanted him as champion at this point.

  10. Great article. Although I do not agree 100% with this particular order, considering a man who just started watching wrestling in 2005 wrote this, is impressive. Good work Dick.

  11. WM 23 had two awesome main event matches and a great Money in the Bank match. The rest of the card was so-so, but there's no way that it's anywhere near one of the worst WM events. WM 24 really wasn't that bad either, but other than that I agree with much of the list.
    .-= Paul Zummo´s last blog ..Tourney Time =-.

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