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Inside The Wheelhouse: 2010 MLB Postseason Predictions (World Series edition)

New York Yankees World SeriesWell we have finally made it. The last installment of my 2010 Major League Baseball preview for will end with the 2010 MLB Postseason Predictions blog. I have built you up to the point the last week previewing every team, every division, in every league. Now who will reign supreme come October? Let’s take a look at the teams I see being in the World Series and who will be World Champions in 2010 as I wrap up the 2010 MLB season preview series.

World Series Prediction:

St. Louis Cardinals (NL Champions) vs. New York Yankees (AL Champions)

There is no doubt that these two teams are part of the top five franchises and ball clubs in Major League Baseball today so it really shouldn’t come as a shock that I would have these two teams playing in October for the World Championship. And what a star studded World Series we would have should this come to fruition. The St. Louis Cardinals and the New York Yankees are two of the most popular franchises in Baseball, both having a solid foundation of a great history.

[adinserter block=”1″]The St. Louis Cardinals are lead by the best player in Baseball in Albert Pujols while the New York Yankees are lead by their Captain, Derek Jeter. How these two teams have avoided each other in the postseason in the last decade boggles my mind as both of these teams were dominant in the 2000s. The best part of these two teams avoiding one another until, I believe, this season, is that both of these teams may be putting the best team they have put on the field in the last ten seasons.

That says a lot as these two teams won three championships in the decade (Yankees: 2000 & 2009, Cardinals: 2006) with amazing teams in each of their respected Championship season. But when you really look at the two teams that both franchises have put on the field in 2010 it’s very hard to argue that these teams may be better then the teams that helped raise a championship banner. Those intangibles right there make it pretty easy for me to see these two franchises playing Baseball with a World Championship on the line come late-October.

I’m not going to repeat myself as I have discussed the improvements both teams have done for their franchises in the offseason as we enter 2010. The Cardinals have a solid front to back lineup with a great 1-2 punch while the Yankees’ lineup got younger, as well as more improved and have a great 1-5 rotation. Now let me breakdown these teams and give you my 2010 World Champion prediction.

Looking at the offense anytime with Albert Pujols is a dominant force in the offensive end of their ballclub. Add Matt Holliday to the mix and you have actual protection around “The Machine” that will help inhibit him to see better pitches as well as make the players around him better. Come October I expect to see players like Ryan Ludwick and Colby Rasmus to be more improved players thanks to being in the same lineup as guys like Pujols & Holliday.

Then you have the New York Yankees lineup. Their lineup 1-9 is one of the better, if not the best lineup in all of Baseball. The Yankees have at least 6 to 8 players in the starting lineup could be All-Star players in 2010 which says a lot for the offense they put on the field this season. You can not also count out one of the best “heart of the order” in Baseball when you have Rodriguez, Teixeira and Cano. It’s a dangerous offensive lineup that can hit, launch homeruns and get on base.

That being said there is no question in my mind that the New York Yankees lineup is better then the St. Louis Cardinals lineup. The Yankees have seasoned players in their lineup while the Cardinals have young players in there that are continuing to improve as they surround big time players like Albert Pujols & Matt Holliday. The lineups are close and are close simply for the fact that Albert Pujols and Matt Holliday are in the lineups. They are two of the best hitters in Baseball and quite possibly all in the National League. But the Yankees lineup is just so much sounder from top to bottom; you just can’t beat it right now going into the 2010.

The way the Cardinals can combat the Yankees good lineup is with their pitching. The Cardinals are surrounded with two of the best pitchers in the National League and potential favorites for the National League Cy Young Award. When you compare that to the Yankees in the World Series, the scenario reminds me of the 2001 World Series when the Arizona Diamondbacks shut down the New York Yankees on the arms of two pitchers, Curt Schilling and Randy Johnson.

[adinserter block=”2″]Essentially the same thing could happen again if these two teams meet in the 2010 World Series like I am predicting here. The Cardinals do not have the rotation depth like the Yankees have so the success of their pitching would rest on the front 2. The Phillies rested their pitching on Cliff Lee last World Series and he came through while the rest of the rotation did not and the Yankees exposed that weakness.

But you have to consider the longevity of an injury prone pitcher in Chris Carpenter and a young guy like Adam Wainwright. They are not a Schilling/Johnson combination but can do the same thing to the Yankees like the D’Backs did in 2001. Special things happen in the World Series.

As for the New York Yankees they will be entering the 2010 campaign with an actual starting rotation. After Chien Ming Wang went down early in the 2009 season and Joba Chamberlain wasn’t being effective as a starter, the Yankees essentially rested on three starting pitchers. They used the same theory on starting pitching and brought a World Championship to the Bronx with a three man rotation, making their weakness of a pitching staff very impressive when you look at how they did it on three arms.

When you look at the depth and the hope that the Yankees get decent pitching from new additions to the rotation in Javier Vazquez & Phil Hughes and you have to give the Yankees a slight edge. The Yankees improved upon the team that they put on the field that won a Championship in 2009 and you can take away how impressive that is for a Championship team to do. Just like the lineup, the rotation is close to the Yankees rotation in how good it is. It’s just that the Yankees have a better sounding rotation right now.

After breaking down the offense and pitching for both teams, I think it’s safe to say we have a prediction in who I think will be World Champions in the 2010 season. The Yankees going into the 2010 season are the clear cut favorites to be Champions this season. Obviously midseason moves will help make teams improve and make them have a better chance at contending for the World Championship. Look at what the Phillies did in 2009 when they made a deal for Cliff Lee and that deal basically sealed up the National League Championship.

The Yankees are the favorites for the 2010 World Championship and to repeat as Champions. The Yankees and Cardinals will have a decent series and going into the 2010 season these are the two best teams by far. It’s been a lot of fun doing these blogs for the last two weeks and I can not wait to bring back the blog series at the halfway point of the 2010 season. Let’s hope I don’t have too many mistakes in my preview! Thanks for reading these last couple of weeks.

Prediction: New York Yankees win series 4-2 and win their 28th World Championship

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