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World Central Kitchen Set Up on Ukraine-Poland Border by Chef José Andrés

The world is on the brink of war amid the Russia Ukraine crisis ongoing at its peak. After Russia invaded Ukraine, the demography and the political situation of the country have drastically changed. Many countries are extending their support to Ukraine in several ways be it defense or political. Among the helping hands, one of them is of famous Chef José Andrés.

José Andrés is stepping up to provide relief to the people of Ukraine during the ongoing crisis with Russia. The Spanish-American chef, 52, started his nonprofit organization World Central Kitchen is on the ground at the Ukraine-Poland border to assist with the refugee issue following Russia’s incursion earlier this week.

Jose, 52 is a world-famous chef with the recipient of many popular awards too. A Spanish-American chef and restrainer Jose has also won The Courage and Civility Award, which came with a prize of $100 million. The award is given by famous businessman Jeff Bezos. Jose has also expressed how distressed and saddened he is by the ongoing crisis that is going on between the two countries.

It’s not the first time that Andres has hit the arena of helping people in need. Several times in the past Jose has done such work during the disaster time strikes. After Donald Trump supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol building, he brought 120 pizzas to the National Guard and police personnel in the nation’s capital.

Andrés and World Central Kitchen supplied food to families in need during the coronavirus outbreak. He teamed up with DC Mayor Muriel Bowser in September to provide more than 35,000 meals from locally-owned eateries to first responders and frontline healthcare workers in more than 30 locations throughout the country.

The news of the charitable act broke in when Jose shared a post on his official Twitter account. He tweeted “People from around the world… Like you, I’m disturbed by the invasion on Ukraine. We must get together as a positive force! He further added that @WCKitchen is distributing meals near the Polish border tonight—Romania will follow soon. In addition to your financial contributions… I’m pledging my support for Ukraine with the Bezos award.

Along with the tweet, Jose also attached a video of him speaking on the same issue. In the video, he urged his fans, supporters, and people from all over the world to extend their help to the suffering people of Ukraine. “Here’s a fight, and we’re going to make sure no one goes hungry and that they get the attention they deserve, he stated.

He further added that “But, once again, it’s not about permitting individuals to believe they’re on top of the world, or that they’re awful people who bring out the worst in humanity. We must be a positive influence.” People admire Jose for the work he does and for his inspiring journey.

Jose came to New York with just $50 in his hand. At the young age of 21, he had no knowledge of the city and his career. For several years Jose worked as a chef in various famous restaurants including The Quitted Giraffe. Finally, in 2003, he started his own minibar and never looked back since then.



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