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Inside The Wheelhouse: Still confused about Randy Orton

Randy OrtonThis should come to a surprise to anyone on and fans of “The Still Real to Us Show.” It is a couple days after RAW during the Road to WWE WrestleMania 26. What am I talking about yet again this week? But of course, Randy Orton‘s match for WrestleMania 26! The only exception to past blogs is that this match has become official now.

At WrestleMania 26 live in Glendale, Arizona we will be seeing a Triple Threat Match between Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase. Yep, that’s what booking has come up with for this year’s WrestleMania with one of their biggest stars in the company from the last six years. I did not see this final result coming at all and I’m starting to think TNA is booking this angle.

Is Randy Orton really a face? I have no idea. He didn’t come off as a face this week on Raw when he took on Triple H. But then again he’s now teaming with Triple H next week on Raw to take on Sheamus, Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes. This is by far the most confusing angle so far going into WrestleMania 26. You know what; it’s the only confusing angle heading into WrestleMania 26.

I have spent too much time breaking this angle down the last couple of weeks but that’s how mind boggled I have become by watching it week after week on Raw. I really feel like that this Triple Threat Match is setting up other angles now that could have lead up to WrestleMania not be featured at WrestleMania. This Triple Threat match could have been done at a Royal Rumble or Elimination Chamber because now it’s clearly setting up the rocket ship for not only Ted DiBiase to be a break out star but for also Cody Rhodes to become a break out star.

[adinserter block=”1″]For weeks and months we have been hearing rumblings that Ted DiBiase was going to be a face and become a breakout star within the WWE. For that to happen he needed to break away from Orton & Legacy to become that star. It appeared that’s where they were heading following Elimination Chamber but obviously those plans were derailed.

I would have to wonder if WWE has lost faith in DiBiase becoming a big major star and that they feel that Cody Rhodes who seemed to be always the third wheel in this Legacy angle for the past two years can also become a top star. So to scrap the entire Orton/DiBiase deal they make it into a triple threat match where you have to figure some sort of swerve is going to take place to solidify Randy Orton back as a heel. Sorry Orton fans this temporary face/tweener deal with Orton is not going to last.

At WrestleMania 26 I still see Orton walking out as a heel no matter what, he walks alongside with him following the match is a whole different story. Creative wants the fans to believe that Legacy is going to work together in this and turn a Triple Threat match basically into a Handicap match. That’s not going to take place one way or another as the booking of the match happens.

I have been booking what WWE hasn’t been booking the last couple of weeks for this angle so take this obviously with a huge grain of salt. I see Orton alongside a member of Legacy (at this point flip a coin but I’d have to say Rhodes more then DiBiase) will beat down the other member of Legacy (I would guess DiBiase) and let Orton get the win. In essence creative has broken up Legacy, given a fresh face singles push to either Rhodes or DiBiase and created multiple feuds with the new face (DiBiase or Rhodes) vs. Orton & the member of Legacy who turns its back on the other at WrestleMania.

As I would have liked to see this angle take place at a Rumble or Elimination Chamber I can kind of understand where they may be taking this. Following WWE’s April PPV Extreme Rules, there will be another WWE draft. As we all know that is the night where we see stars go to another brand to become fresher singles stars (i.e. Morrison to Smackdown, Miz to Raw). For one of the members of Legacy to break off and become a bigger star they will have to receive a fresh start following this brief feud stemming from WrestleMania.

[adinserter block=”2″]I still like Ted DiBiase in the role as the face coming off of all of this. Give him a quick angle at Extreme Rules with Orton and/or Rhodes and then let him get drafted to Smackdown. Let Rhodes get more of a spotlight put on him now that he is the only one teaming with a heel Randy Orton and set up an eventual turn on Orton months down the line.

The future sees that eventually DiBiase and Rhodes will become stars in the WWE. Whether it is upper mid-card or Main Event material they will eventually get some sort of singles spotlight in the near future. I can see both of these guys a year from now being involved in WrestleMania 27 with their own angle.

While this angle’s setup has received much confusion from me, I hope the end result pans out well for Rhodes & DiBiase. Orton doesn’t need it at all, he’s already there as the established top star. He needs to give eventually both of these guys the same rub that wrestlers like Chris Benoit and The Undertaker gave to him to build him up as an established star in the WWE.

This has the potential for being an intriguing angle at WrestleMania, while I feel like the stage for the angle itself isn’t necessarily the best I can also understand that you never know what can happen with WWE creative. They have been firing on all cylinders this year heading into WrestleMania 26 and have done a great job with the overall booking. As I continue to write these blogs regarding this angle week after week it’s also another friendly reminder why I don’t book wrestling shows, especially for the biggest wrestling company in the world.

While I am confused and have been confused I am still intrigued by what can take place at WrestleMania 26. I hope when I look back at this entire thing to write some sort of post show blog I can finally say the confusing doesn’t compare the execution that took place at Glendale, Arizona. We can only hope right? And as for this angle I hope this is the last time I have to write about this until AFTER WrestleMania 26.

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