With The First Pick In The NFL Draft, I Select Brandon Marshall


Brandon MarshallWide Receivers – Men as big of an enigma and as odd of a character as any on the face of the Earth. Wide Receivers – Men with egos twice their body size, and as sleek and strong as a Cadillac. Wide Receivers – The ultimate NFL love/hate relationship. A great one is gold one second and torture the next. Now I ask you, how many of you NFL guru’s out there would take a player like Brandon Marshall over a first round unknown college kid? The answer so far is: No One?

The Denver Broncos placed a tender offer on Marshall that makes him easily available to any NFL team willing to take a chance. The cost is a simple first round pick, and of course working out a new contract with Brandon Marshall. The thing that makes very little sense is why any one of the NFL teams would not jump at this chance. Let’s face the facts, any kid you draft in the first round will be an unknown and you will have to sign him to decent money and bonuses anyhow, so why not a proven player like Brandon Marshall? The Seattle Seahawks, St Louis Rams, Chicago Bears, and well just about any team in the NFL can’t tell me that top WR prospect Dez Bryant is worth that while Marshall who has racked up over 300 catches the last 3 seasons isn’t.

[adinserter block=”1″]Ok I am well aware of all the arguments against the move. Brandon Marshall is a problem child, Marshall’s ego is too big and he has off field issues. Well now, every word I just said also is rumored to be true about Bryant, and was the same label as the likes of Randy Moss, Terrell Owens, and countless numbers of wide outs in todays game. None of which have done on the field what Marshall has over the last 3 seasons. He makes his own space with his large body and great speed. He has terrific hands and a nose for the end zone. Still, no team sees him worth a first round pick? To me it reeks of a true bargain. Face it people, don’t we all love a good bargain?

No, I will not sit here and praise some of his past behaviors. I dont see his run ins and bad temper as a great asset. However, the first few picks of NFL drafts have seen the NFL bring in guys like Tony Mandarich, Ryan Leaf, Todd Marinovich, Heath Shuler and countless others whos careers were not worth one second of highlight time. The Detroit Lions alone used 3 straight drafts to use top 10 selections out of WR’s Charles Rogers, Roy Williams and Mike Williams. 2 of the 3 are not currently in the league and one is, well not really worth the money. So why would you not take a guy who has proved his worth?

Receivers are the big money guys and they do infact put the fannies in the seats. A wide receiver is a guy with a big mouth that makes opposing fans sic, and the hometwon fans giddy with a, “what will he do next” flare. Hey I’m a die hard Eagles fan. I loved T.O.’s weekly parade when he was here, and used to get sick to my stomach watching him act up in Dallas. I can say honestly that I would take every bit of Marshall’s attitude to watch him parade down the field, plow over corners and make those one handed miracle grabs that he showed us on a world-wide stage this past Thanksgiving. You can’t buy publicity like that, and you can’t get that kind of play-making out of just any old player. Brandon Marshall is a marvel, period.

I took a second to type in some, “why nots” as to which NFL team could really use Marshall:

Pittsburgh Steelers: Good QB, normally solid defense. Their top WR over the past bunch of years, Hines Ward is well aged and picking in the middle of the draft means they most likely would not find anyone of Marshall’s talent.

Washington Redskins: A punchless offense, and a team starving to win. If they re-up Jason Campbell, it would only be fair to get him a prime target. They cut alot of dead contracts so they have the money. Plus, Dan Snyder loves spending cash.

Cleveland Browns: Who are they paying to play here anyway? I can’t imagine Marshall liking it here, but if he agreed to play here it would be worth a shot. They are losing fans faster then Britney Spears. Watching eight home games featuring Brandon Marshall would get these people excited, and actually give whatever QB they use a prayer.

Dallas Cowboys: No cap is no problem to Jerry Jones. Heck, he took flyers on T.O., Pac Man Jones, Roy Williams and so on. Marshall would make Dallas scary, and if and when they lock in Miles Austin one of the top WR tandems in the league.

[adinserter block=”2″]Chicago Bears: They have gone nuts so far this off-season anyway. QB Jay Cutler has worked with Marshall before so he knows how to get him the ball. A team desperate to win, and a big market city could be a paradise for Marshall. Coach Lovie Smith has a way with players. Also the space Marshall can open for speedsters like Devin Hester and Johnnie Knox could actually make this a high flying offense.

Tennessee Titans: They may not have a pure downfield passer, but this team has not had a big time WR since Derrick Mason. We all know Chris Johnson makes the ground game top notch, so why not add a ball catching threat too?

Oakland Raiders: Is it me or does this guy have Al Davis written all over him. Davis and his crew lost touch on how to run an NFL franchise years ago so why not? Yes they would surrender a high draft pick, but don’t the Raiders do that every year anyway? Or do Raiders fans really like JaMarcus Russell, Mike Huff, Darrius Heyward-Bey, and Darren McFadden? If any team and its reputation benefit from Marshalls circus, it would have to be the Raiders.

Denver Broncos: Umm, oh yeah, they are trying to unload him.

Long and short of it is that every NFL team would be better with the superior talents of a player like Marshall. Every owner and coach complains about attitude and morale, but let’s face facts, when you’re winning it all seems to work itself out. Marshall can go to 28 of the 32 NFL teams and easily catch 100 passes. Teams with QB’s in question or teams that have problems matching up against defenses suddenly have the game changer. Any team that takes him on will pay him the huge money that will make him happy, and if they bring him in will be more then geared towards making him a focal point of the offense. Getting the ball, getting paid, possibly winning, isn’t that what Marshall has wanted all along?

With the exception of a few guys, like Larry Fitzgerald or Andre Johnson, WR is seen as the ultimate “prima donna” position. Marshall is just business as usual when you compare him to an Ocho-Cinco, Moss, Owens, Roy Williams and a bunch of other guys in the business. The only difference is none of these guys has caught as many balls as Marshall has the past 3 seasons and all of these players have won the same amount of Super Bowls. Owners will drop armored cars full of cash on a guy like Julius Peppers off of a reputation from a few years ago. Heck Nate Burleson cashed in! Has the world gone mad, or is what Marshall said in the past true, that everyone seems “out to get him”. It almost feels like a conspiracy theory that the most gifted receiver possibly in the game today is ignored so greatly.

I take my print seriously and make no fear of typing predicitons. So here is one for every reader to praise, trash, throw in my face or applaud me for: Brandon Marshall will get a big contract, be happy at least in the beginning with his new club, catch at least 100 passes and make the playoffs his first year there, it’s a lock! Or at least a strong opinion.

( At the time of print for this article, Dez Bryant has rejected to work out at his teams “Pro Day” for NFL scouts, and due to his NCAA suspension has not played a game since September 19th of 2009.)

If you’d like to hear anything else from me on topics or ideas I can be reached at phillyphan1971@yahoo.com

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