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Win a WWE Survivor Series Prize Pack

WWE Survivor Series 2009 World Wrestling Entertainment presents the 22nd annual WWE Survivor Series on Sunday November 22, 2009. The Survivor Series is what is known as one of the “Big Four” and is the last of the big WWE pay-per-views for 2009. To celebrate this extravaganza, will be giving away a special WWE Survivor Series Prize Pack here on the website.

The contest is free to enter. Simply post here in the comments section your favorite WWE Survivor Series moment and why it ranks at the top. Write as much or little as you want. Think hard because I would like a little effort from you in your comment, although that won’t impact your chances of winning. There is a three sentence minimum. The contest will run through November 23, 2009. On November 24, I will randomly pick a winner using the email addresses provided in the comments.

The WWE Survivor Series Prize Pack includes:

1 Survivor Series anthology DVD. Click here for more information on the DVD.

1 Survivor Series 2009 t-shirt

1 DX Skull Cap. Click here for more information on the cap.

Visit the official site for all the Triple Threat Match details by clicking here .

Good luck!

WWE Survivor Series Trailer

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  1. When the Undertaker defeated Hulk Hogan in 1991to win the WWF Championship it made me very sad. However, it was my favorite moment because it motivates me to be the best daily.

  2. My favorite WWE Survivor Series moment was the final showdown, consisting of Shane McMahon's WCW Alliance vs. Mr. McMahon's WWE. I'd say this moment could've changed, the WWE's future sport and entertainment spectacle forever. Let's say if Shane McMahon's WCW Alliance def. Mr. McMahon's WWE, then WCW would've taken over Monday nights, would have been known as WCW Raw, this is a rank that I believed because the feud between Shane McMahon and Mr. McMahon began in 1999, and has been going on until after the 2001 WWE Survivor Series, and also because the McMahon family are my WWE fan favorites. The 2001 WWE Survivor Series Winner Take All match, resulted in Mr. McMahon def. Shane McMahon's WCW Alliance. There are two things, that struck my undivided attention during that Winner Take All Match, Kurt Angle blind sided Stone Cold Steve Austin on behalf of the WWE, for Shane McMahon's WCW Alliance loss and had stolen Austin's WWE championship to give to Mr. McMahon. The night after the 2001 WWE Survivor Series Mr. McMahon decides to cut a celebratory promo with Kurt Angle, and he decides to attempt to strip Stone Cold Steve Austin's WWE championship, except the Nature Boy Ric Flair intervenes and retakes the WWE championship, he also makes a statement that struck my undivided attention, when Ric Flair stated that he referred to himself as a consortium, by his successors Shane and Stephanie McMahon as Mr. McMahon's business partner. There was another moment live on SmackDown the same week, after the 2001 episode of WWE Raw, when Shane McMahon admitted that he lost to the better man, his father which struck my undivided attention. These were the moments that I simply enjoyed watching.

  3. My favorite Survivor Series moment has to be the ending of Survivor Series 1990. The concept of a "Grand Finale Match of Survival" was an awesome one, in which the winners of all the elimination matches were split into two teams to compete in one final elimination contest. It was a cool idea that generated a fun match pitting The Ultimate Warrior, Hulk Hogan, and Tito Santana against Ted DiBiase, Power & Glory, The Warlord, and The Model Rick Martel.

    To the surprise of few, Hogan and the Warrior were the only two men to survive the match, but seeing them work as a team was a truly memorable moment. Hogan and Warrior had crossed paths earlier in the year, most memorably at WrestleMania VI, but this was the first time on WWE pay per view that they were ever seen as allies. Seeing them posing and celebrating together was truly a moment in time and hinted at the following year's SummerSlam, when they would team together against Sgt. Slaughter and company.

  4. For me, it would have to be the tag-team elimination match at the very first Survivor Series. Just seeing that many people around the ring, including the multitude of managers on the outside, was exciting for a 10 year old. I was perhaps the only person whose favorite tag-team was The Islanders, so it was cool to see them really get a chance to hang with all of the top duos of the time. They could have been so big, with their athleticism and savagery, plus having Heenan as their mouthpiece, but alas it was not meant to be.

  5. My favorite Survivor Series moment is from SS 99. It is the debut of Kurt Angle. For a few weeks the WWE ran those vignettes about how great Kurt was and his gold medals. We were lead to believe that Kurt would be a super-babyface (like Rocky Miavia.) When Kurt got on the mic and cut that promo, I knew that Kurt Angle would be a star.

  6. My favourite Survivor Series moment would have to be November 17, 2002 when the WWE first created the elimination chamber. For me that Survivor Series will always go down as when the HeartBreak Kid would defeat Chris Jericho, Triple H, Rob Van Dam, Kane and Booker T to become the World HeavyWeight Champion only to lose it to Triple H at Armageddon in a two out of three falls match.

  7. My favorite Survivor Series was 2006. It was seemingly the last Pay-Per-View that still held true to the Attitude era before the WWE entered in the bland, PG-type programming.

    If you look at the Pay-Per-view chronology, the next ppv in dec 2006 was the awful December to Dismember in Augusta, GA. There was a considerable drop-off in quality between those two pay-per-views; in only a months time.

    We can only hope the WWE will recapture the interesting programming they once had.

  8. My favorite Survivor Series moment would definitely have to be when The Undertaker defeated Hulk Hogan in 1991 to win the WWF Championship. Undertaker had just debuted one year prior at Survivor Series 1990, so for him to win the championship in his first year in the company was pretty unheard of in the promotion at that time. Especially in his early days, Undertaker was just such a great character and one that obviously worked to a level that gimmicks rarely get to.

    So not only did you have this fresh, still new badass character winning the championship, he did so by defeating Hulk Hogan. Watching that as a young kid on pay-per-view, and especially not being a Hogan fan, was rather unforgettable. Hulk Hogan just did not lose, especially when the title was on the line. But to lose his title to this big evil dude who has only been in the company a year, AND do a stretcher job in the process? Just unheard off at that time in regards to Hogan.

    Even going back and watching it now, it's still pretty sweet. The reactions and look of concern on all the little kids and women's faces, always gets a chuckle out of me. That whole event was pretty solid though.

  9. Many people will say the screwjob of 1997. My biggest Survivor Series moment would actually be the first Survivor Series itself. The reason being not only it had a big impact on how wrestling PPV's would go as far as the market goes with the WWF being in more homes. It also was pretty much the downfall of Jim Crockett Promotions. JCP would have Starrcade 87 that same day on Thanksgiving as they did previous years. Starrcade was the biggest show in the year for the NWA and JCP so it wasn't a surprise that they would have it as their first PPV.

    But Vince threw them a wrench for their plans and said to the cable companies that if they don't carry Survivor Series they would not be able to carry Wrestlemania which at that point was already considered the big event as it is now. So that move pretty much killed the PPV buys for Starrcade and pretty much cause JCP to be near bankruptcy and was force to sell to Ted Turner in 1988 changeing the landscape of wrestling for the most part.

    So to me in my opinion the first Survivor Series was a big deal for it's impact on PPV wrestling.

  10. This one is simple, my favorite moment would have to be the most infamous of incidents that ever occured at Survivor Series: "Montrael Screwjob". Seeing it live and being as young as i was when it occured it never dawned on me what had actually happened, the more i saw on WWF/E programming the more i understood that it was an actual Real Life situation. Or was it? To this day that incident is the most discussed incident on Pro Wrestling Radio & Pro Wrestling Radio Online. The massive collection of conspiracies that have piled on about this incident rival only the Kennedy Assassination, its that deep. And to this day since this quote, unquote "Real Life" incident occured the way we look at in ring incident changed forever. Now with the internet readily available to everyone, incidents are no longer brushed under the rug. What really occured that night will always be a mystery, but so many have doubted it being an actual incident. If it was real, why were there documentary cameras following Bret? If it weren't real, why did Bret throw jabs at WWE the night of his WCW debut? If it were real, why was Vince McMahon not sporting a shiner from the suposed knock out punch? The Montrael Screwjob is by far my favorite Survivor Series moment since it keeps you guessing and thinking and discussing once the meer though is brought up, wether its real or not. Eric, you know my email so is it cool i just leave it privite? I'll post no problem.


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