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UPDATED – Congratulations to techyone@gmail.com for winning the DVD. Check back soon for our next WWE DVD giveaway. Thank you for participating.

Win a brand new copy of the WWE Best of SmackDown 3- disc DVD set. The new set counts down the top 100 moments and matches in WWE SmackDown history. Everyone from Stone Cold Steve Austin, the Rock, Brock Lesnar, Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, Randy Orton, Shawn Michaels, to the Undertaker are featured in the collection. CamelClutchBlog.com is giving one copy away and winning doesn’t get much easier than this for WWE fans.

The contest is free to enter. Simply post here in the comments section your favorite WWE SmackDown moment and why it ranks at the top. Write as much or little as you want. Think hard because I would like a little effort from you in the choice. There is a three sentence minimum. The contest will run through September 30, 2009. On September 30, I will randomly pick a winner using the email addresses provided in the comments.

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Disclaimer – World Wrestling Entertainment is in no way affiliated or sponsoring this contest. You must be a resident of the United States to enter. Winners will be chosen randomly using the email address provided in their account. No more than one entry per email address. Comments and entries are subject to blog guidelines. Winners will be notified with shipping instructions 24 hours following the contest. If a winner does not respond within 7 days, the DVD will be given to a runner-up.

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  1. Fave WWE Smackdown moment was when Edge cashed his money in the bank and took the title from the Undertaker. What a shocker and surprise that turned out to be. The way the Undertaker rarely loses, it was quite the upset!

  2. My #1 choice is obvious, it's the 9/11 tribute show that aired on Sept. 13th 2001. WWE was the first entertainment or sports entity to hold a public event since the

    devastating attacks, something I don't think they received enough credit for doing. The raw emotion that was shown by all the great athletes of the WWE was something that I for one know I needed at that time. I also needed a release from the stress that was caused by 9/11. I don't think that night will ever be topped in SmackDown history. Houston, Texas was awesome that night.


  3. Hey

    One SmackDown moment that sticks out in my mind is the wedding of Billy and Chuck. WWE always knows how to make their weddings controversial and especially when this one is a same sex marriage. Yet, that was not even close to what makes this one so memorable. It starts with Billy, Chuck, Rico, Stephanie McMahon, and a very shifty priest in the ring conducting the ceremony. After some speeches and a video montage they are asked to take the vows. At that point we learn that they are not in love with each other and it was just a publicity stunt set up by Rico. While Billy and Chuck argue with Rico, the priest starts preaching about love and says it could last over different periods of time, including three minutes. At that point we realize he is not an old shifty priest but rather Eric Bischoff in disguise once again invading SmackDown. Rico turns on Billy and Chuck and Three Minute Warning invades the ring. The pure shock of seeing that priest take off the makeup and was actually Bischoff was a complete shock and makes it one of the most memorable SmackDown moments.

    Thanks for the opportunity.


  4. Smackdown did a tribute to Eddie Guerrero in 2005 that really sticks in my mind. I admired the respect that they showed him in that episode. When Undertaker and Batista had a Steel Cage Match on in 2007, it was awesome when their feet touched the floor at the same time. Thats also a top memory. Wow, there's so many.

  5. My favorite SmackDown moment was when the entire roster came out to be part of the national athem after the 9/11 attacks. WWE could have easily pretended that it never happened (like how the show continued after Owen Hart's tragic death). It wasn't one of the most entertaining moments but, in my opinion, one of the most powerful moments. Wrestling is meant to entertain but it did a great job showing how many were affected or cared about the horrible events. God Bless America.

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  6. My favorite Smackdown moment would have to be Batista's return to Smackdown, last week. It was a no holds barred match against Randy Orton. Randy has put a lot of superstars on the shelf and he deserved everything he got, plus so much more!

    Thank you for this opportunity to win a very historic DVD.

  7. Figured with all the Smackdown! memories being tossed around, i'd toss in mine…Eddie Guerrero vs Edge in a Ladder Match to cumulate their long running feud had to be one of the best matches i've ever seen. Even with Eddie being the obvious heel at the time, the end of the match seen the fans all up off their feet offering a standing ovation in appreciation to the incredible work those two professionals put forth. A classic moment and also a testament that WWE fans DO enjoy good, old fashioned…WRESTLING.

  8. There has been alot of memorable WWE moments.The most recent that comes to mind in which my sons talks about all the time is when Jeff Harty lost his match with C.M punk and has since stopped wresting as the agreement made before the match.My 6 year old son had been heart broke every since.He has every since watched faithfully every night that wrestling is on to see if he comes back rather its smackdown,raw, or tna…I really do hope he comes back as a bigger and better character.

  9. All the promos by C.M. Punk on smackdown have been great! The whole Jeff Hardy storyline to real life has been great. This should boost his character up!


  10. Hi Eric,

    Thanks for the opportunity to win this great-looking DVD. Here’s my entry:

    One of the most memorable Smackdown moments for me that comes to mind is when Big Show was feuding with Kurt Angle some years ago & grabbed Kurt & threw him down off a balcony down to the bare concrete floor causing Kurt to split his head open & a small pool of blood started forming which scared me because for a moment I thought Kurt was hurt bad for real. Another memorable moment for me was when MNM wrestled the hardy boys & the one member of MNM got hurt real bad on the PPV & on the following Smackdown they confronted each other.

    Thanks again for the opportunity.

    Tom from N.E. Philly

  11. Hi Eric,

    Thanks for the opportunity to win this great-looking DVD. Here's my entry:

    There have been a lot of great moments and matches in SmackDown's ten-year history, so it's a very difficult choice to make, from The Undertaker being Chokeslammed right through the ring by The Big Show, to the tag team Buried Alive match. After racking my brain, I have decided that the most memorable moment that sticks out in my mind, is when The Big Show was Superplexed off the top rope by Brock Lesnar and the ring gave way. Obviously it's no secret that this was part of the show, but what a way to cap that particular edition off. When shows are supposed to go out with a bang, you can't get any more punctual than the ring emploding under the sheer weight of two titanic Superstars. It was a total shock-and-awe moment that came out of nowhere, and completely maximised the execution of the move tenfold. Not only would it have been pretty darn cool to see Brock Lesnar Superplex The Big Show anyway, they went the extra mile and delivered a true moment for fans to behold. The way the ring just buckled and emploded was pulled off extremely well, and referee Mike Chioda's facial expression was priceless. The crowd were as surprised as I was watching at home, and their craziness just added to the spectacle of the moment. Out of the broken ring spots we have seen over the years in WWE, all of which to my knowledge have involved The Big Show, that was by far the best.

    Thanks again for the opportunity.

    Adam Stephen Kelly


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