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Will WWE make Mark Henry a legitimate WWE World Champion?

Mark Henry ChampionDon’t get me wrong, I like the idea of Mark Henry as a World Heavyweight Champion. It’s different, it’s not the same repeat talent holding the title, and for the most part, I think was unexpected by many, which is good for wrestling fans. WWE creative did a good job of making Henry look like a legitimate unstoppable monster by taking out Big Show, Kane and even picking up and throwing the sound technician on an episode of SmackDown.

On the September 19 episode of Monday Night Raw, I was excited when it was announced that Jim Ross was going to interview Mark Henry in the ring, just like it was done in the old school days of both WWE and WCW. Much to my disappointment, creative had Henry choke out JR, and then turn to Jerry Lawler and slam him through the announce table that apparently didn’t collapse correctly, thus causing Lawler to be legitimately injured during the angle.

[adinserter block=”2″]Yes, WWE got what they wanted on Henry, heat from the Cleveland crowd with chants of “You Suck, You Suck…” What disappointed me the most is that if you are going to have a character deemed as the world’s strongest man that has been an unstoppable force over the past several months leading up to his win at the Night of Champions 2011 Pay Per View, why would you have this so called monster of a champion take out the helpless announce team? Yes, Jerry Lawler is technically a wrestler, but on Raw he is of the main talent on the announce team.

I am not a fan of the announce team getting involved in storylines such as what we witnessed during Raw on September 19, even more so, a new World Champion with what caliber Mark Henry is billed to have and has been supposed to have been portrayed as over the past several months.

By no means do I consider myself one of those arm chair quarter backs or a dirt sheet booker, but having your new World Champion come out on television the night after his big win and beat up and man handle the announce team really makes Henry look more weak and not like a legitimate unstoppable heel. It only makes him look like a bully with a belt.

Now with the Hell in the Cell Pay-Per View coming up on October 2 in New Orleans, I hope that WWE officials don’t have Henry drop the title so soon and give it back to Randy Orton. Orton doesn’t need a belt to get over with the fans. Having new talent who has never held a title belt to keep things fresh and new is what WWE needs right now. WWE should have Henry hold the title as least until the Royal Rumble so he can showcase what he can really do to be a heel champion that can be taken seriously.

[adinserter block=”1″]With Big Show, Kane, Undertaker out, Kevin Nash preoccupied with Triple H and CM Punk, and Sheamus feuding with Christian, there really is no one talent at the moment, other than Randy Orton that Henry can feud with.

Mark Henry has been patient and waited 15 long years for the right opportunity to be given a run as a WWE World Championship title holder. I know Henry will continue do the best he can with what he is given by creative. So far, I think he has done a good job leading up to Night of Champions. Let’s just hope that WWE creative doesn’t ruin what could actually be good for Henry’s career given his age and the little time he might have left before he hangs up the boots for good.

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  1. The on-stage antics of Mark Henry send a very bad message. His attitude only gives white people another reason to hate blacks. He comes across as a "ghetto thug"…an angry, uncontrolable black man who could care less about other people. People see that in the newspapers and on TV every day. Call it silly if you llike, but think about it.

    • Wrestling has used stereotypes to push characters and angles for ages but this isn't an example of it.

      Henry is a 400 pound monster. When I see him wreak havoc my first thought is not "Hey, look at that angry black man" it's "Wow, that man is huge and he is angry". His color makes 0% difference.

      If you actually paid attention to the storyline, his character is angry for having a rather uninspiring 15 years, not because he is a black man or even a thug. His promos are methodical and actually juxtapose his physical actions. He's not dropping slang.

      Bully Ray plays a "white thug" over in TNA. Does he give people another reason to hate New Yorkers?

      I do call it silly.

  2. The benefit to having him rough up the announcers is to further the cement his aura of unpredictability. Not since Sheamus – at the height of his heel run – or even the Nexus, has there been a destructive force that demands your attention and makes you wonder when and where they will strike next.

    The best we can hope for is that he will put over someone who needs it. Not Orton. Not Show. Not Kane. Recent history has shown that WWE will eventually drop the ball on this, so enjoy it while you can.


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